(Closed) How did you feel during your first trimester?

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I’m in my second trimester and I have had hardly any symptoms. My very first inclination that I was pregnant were the crazy vivid dreams I started to have. Took a pregnancy test about 5 days before my missed period and found out I was pregnant! The only other thing I felt was a little more fatigue than normal and have been a little bit more emotional. My boobs grew but I didn’t feel any pain, maybe a little sensitive.  Literally no nausea, no food aversions, no weird cravings, etc. I still love all the same food thank goodness lol. My doctor said if I haven’t experienced anything yet then I probably won’t the rest of the pregnancy. I felt so weird because I always thought pregnancy looked a certain way. I didn’t realize how different it could be for each person.  Congrats on your pregnancy!

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wifeyprice :  Oh my gosh, about the crazy vivid dreams, me too, now that you mention it!! However I usually get very vivid dreams right before my period too, so I didn’t think much of it! But I’ve been getting them every night now, they have like, seriously detailed plots and scripts and I wake up convinced it’s real, wish I could remember more! I’ve always written down my dreams when I remember them, even if it’s just a scrap, just a sentence or two but sometimes more. 

Congrats btw 🙂


Blech, my new doctor cancelled on me today and now I have to wait til next Thursday. 🙁 I know I don’t neeeeeeed to see a doctor when I’m only 21-ish DPO, but I was looking forward to all this feeling more “real.” :p It’s my first pregnancy and I’m insanely excited, but I have irrational worry that I’m not really pregnant despite the 5 unmistakably positive pee tests! :/

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cmtttc1717 :  Felt extremely bloated weeks 4-8 or so, along with breast tenderness. Fatigued the whole time but better now at week 12. Also have had a lot of food aversions since early on. I still try to stay far away from chicken and broccoli (staples in my diet before). Protein/meat in general just hasn’t been appealing. I’ve had little appetite overall, and I could only eat pretty small portions without feeling bad.  

Nausea (no vomiting) weeks 6-8. My mom and sister both had bad morning sickness during their pregnancies. My sister even had to be hospitalized for dehydration from it during her 2nd.  

Aside from the lingering food aversions, able to only eat small portions, I don’t really even feel pregnant and I’m 12 weeks.  


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Depends on the day. I’m roughly 7-8 weeks along (have my u/s today so will hopefully have a better idea from that as to how far I am.) If I am indeed 8 weeks, then my symptoms has been as follows:

Week 5-6: sore boobs. They just felt heavy (and I’m a DDD so they are usually heavy to begin with). The pain radiated in the sides, close to my armpit. It was worse at the end of the day. This was basically my first indication that I was pregnant.

Week 6-now: Nausea. This comes and goes every 3 days or so. Thankfully I’ve only thrown up once though. And it does not happen just in the morning either! I’ve had a few food aversions but this is usually when I’m already feeling nauseous. For instance, one night we had tacos for dinner (which I absolutely love) and I couldn’t eat them because I was feeling nauseous…The next day for lunch, no problem! 

Week 8-now: Tiredness. Every day I come home from work tired and I’m ready for bed by 8 or 9pm. I just see it as an excuse to nap. I also haven’t had the energy to workout either and that’s horrible since I teach a fitness class once a week.

Week 6-now: acne. Mostly on my back so it’s not really seen but it’s there. And the really deep, painful kind. 

Headaches: I had one in week 7 and one in week 8. Pretty sure the one in week 8 is what caused my vomitting. 

Week 7-now: bloating. Thankfully it’s not too noticeable yet in my clothes as I recently lost 18lbs before getting pregnant and hadn’t gotten any new clothing yet so my old things still fit for the time being. 

Seems that each week I have a different symptom. Most of them come and go so I have some good days and bad days. 

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I never got morning sickness… my boobs grew which was my first real symptom then at 7-8 weeks the hunger and cravings hit

in the second trimester I went from a size 6-8 to a size 16, its like nothing could stop me eating

I dropped down to a size 12 not long after giving birth though… it was easy on easy off then over time down to a 8 everywhere but my hips which are still 12 but I never got down to a size 6 again

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Like death warmed up….

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cmtttc1717 :  Congratulations!  Lots of positive vibes your way!  Can you call your regular doctor?  Before I was able to see my OBGYN I just asked my usual PCP questions.

My first trimester was during my summer vacation, so I was tired all the time but I didn’t have to work through it, which made a ton of difference.  Being able to nap anytime was so nice!  

Weeks 4-5: Light cramping, tender boobs

Weeks 5-9: Nauseous all of the time but never got sick, had an appetite but mostly just wanted carbs and fruit. At week 9 I was given Diclegis, which worked wonders for me!  Boobs still super sore, and lots of bloating.

Weeks 9-13: Still tired, but no more nausea (thanks Diclegis)!  And boobs.  Lol.

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Every pregnancy is different.  With my first (boy), I was nauseus and sick from 6-13 weeks (morning, day and night) and ended up losing about 9lbs.  I was on Zofran to stop the throwing up.  It slowly went away after about 12 weeks and did not have it any more for the remainder of the pregnancy, however, I did pass out once while I was 16 weeks.  I didn’t start  really showing until about 18 weeks (actually looking pregnant instead of like I ate waaay too much).  Now, currently 13 weeks, I have some morning nausea from time to time, but nothing like the first, have an appetite to rival a college frat boy, and have started showing around 12 weeks.  (granted I’m about 25 pounds heavier than I was with the first anyway).  But I do have constant fatigue, which could be contributed to having a two year old, working a full time job etc.  Congrats and best wishes on your pregnancy.  The first side effect with BOTH pregnancies were really tender, sore and swollen breasts!!!  

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cmtttc1717 :  My last period started January 28th and I’m pregnant too! We are only a day apart. How funny lol I’m excited but a little freaked out because I’ve known so many people who have lost their pregnancies and now I’m afraid to really get excited :-/ As far as how I’m feeling, already at 3 weeks I have barfed once because something looked gross and I’m a little tired. I can only imagine how I’ll feel once this pregnancy progresses. Haha. 

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I felt basically fine. Bloating at night and hungry all the time. If I didn’t eat, I felt sick. But otherwise I had no symptoms and kept second-guessing the pregnancy.

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cmtttc1717 :  my boobs hurt really, really bad for like 9 weeks. But other than that I was pretty symptom free. I might’ve had 1 or 2 days of nausea, but never threw up. I was exhausted all the time, but I’m a teacher and found out I was pregnant the day before school started so I can’t blame pregnancy necessarily. I’m 29 weeks and have been exhausted the whole time lol. 

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I have been feeling like shit since the moment I got my BFP, and I still have about 5 weeks of my first trimester left! cry

I have had breast soreness, extreme fatigue, uncomfortable burping, heart burn, and pretty constant nausea (occasional vomiting) and terrible food aversions. I don’t think I have eaten an entire meal since getting pregnant. I’ve been surviving off of partial meals and snacking all day. Thank goodness for berries and fruit! Oh and I have weird dreams every single night that make no sense. Last night it was something about a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. I don’t even like those lol

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First things first, congrats on your pregnancy! 

Omg I’m in my first trimester now, about 9 weeks, and I feel like I need to be taken out back like Old Yeller and mercy shot uggggh. I had pretty bad bloating first couple of weeks, and really really sore boobs. Thank goodness that’s toned down some!  For the past month I’ve had insane all day morning sickness. I’ve lost like 5lbs b/c I haven’t been able to keep anything down. I’m soooo excited for baby to get here, and I do really feel blessed, but I’m not gonna lie, this being pregnant business is for the birds. I’ve been told it gets better after 1st trimester tho! 🙂

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The only thing I noticed was bloating. I had zero nausea and zero breast tenderness. I kept waiting to get morning sickness and it never happened.

I also did have about a 10 pound weight gain in the first trimester. It was like as soon as my body knew I was pregnant it packed on 10 pounds.

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Even though Darling Husband and I were TTC, we got pregnant on a month we were NTNP. I was starting a new job, super stressed out and not ‘in tune’ with my body. I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks along. At that time I was feeling cramps and constipation. 

At about six weeks my morning sickness kicked in. I was one of those ‘unlucky’ ones who had CRIPPLING all-day sickness! I was throwing up 4-5 times a day and dropped four pounds in a week. I also could NOT stop QUEEFING! It was awkward!!!

At seven and a half weeks I was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and light spotting. Turns out the baby was fine. The pain was being caused by a combination of severe constipation and my abdominal muscles being so tense from all the vomiting. I was put on Diclectin and started doing weekly home-enemas to help keep me from getting so blocked up. If anyone is curious, my nausea finally stopped at 21 weeks. This is also the week I chose to tell my new employer I was pregnant as I felt I couldn’t “hide” my pregnancy anymore…fortunatly he has been SUPER supportive!

At eight weeks we decided to start telling family and close friends.

At nine weeks the queefing finally stopped.

At ten weeks my pants started getting a bit tight. I didn’t look pregnant…I just looked like I ‘really liked my food’. My BFF who lives abroad due to work was able to fly in and see me. Which was really nice because she stayed at my place and ‘babied me’ even though I didn’t need it quite yet :-p

I don’t remember anything noteworthy happening at 11 weeks.

At 12 weeks I had my first ultrasound. It was emotional and beautiful. I also bought my first pair of maternity pants. My sweats still fit, but my work pants and jeans were officially too snug to zip up. I also took my first ‘belly photo’. Again, I still just looked ‘bloated’ and not pregnant.

The whole ‘sore boobs’ part completly missed me! I am now 38 weeks pregnant. This is my first baby.


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