(Closed) How did you fit a baby in a small one bedroom apartment??

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Well, DH’s parents had him in a tiny council flat. They only bought their house after he was bigger. Also, I was born in the days where people used changing mats on the floor. They didn’t have tables. My parents say mats are safer anyway, because babies can roll off the tables really easily when you’re not looking.

I also think I’m right in saying that Darling Husband didn’t have a cot at all when he was tiny. They used a willow basket for him. Actually, I’m not sure I had a cot when I was super tiny either. I think I just slept in a moses basket until I was a bit bigger.

TBH, I’m not sure you need a lot of the baby stuff they say you need.

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@lazybee123:  You don’t need a changing table.  We used a mat on the bed and the floor most of the time even though we had a changing table.  There are plenty of options for small cribs.  You could even use a pack n play.  Babies do not care so long as they have a safe place to sleep.  Ikea has great options for smaller baby furniture to create a minimalist nursery.

Here’s a link to a site with some tips for minimalist nurseries: http://www.gingergarner.com/2013/05/22/the-minimalist-nursery-what-does-baby-really-need/

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@lazybee123:  What size is your apartment? Our 1 bedroom is 780 sq. ft. We’ve got a contoured change pad on the top of our dresser and a bassinet next to our bed. We’ll be setting up the crib next to our bed once she outgrows the bassinet. Her clothes all fit on one of the shelves in our armoire too. Her bath stuff and toys all fit on 1.5 shelves of a regular bookshelf and all of my nursing and pumping stuff fits in one cube of a cube shelf. Her swing has a 6 sq. ft. footprint and we have it stored behind the couch when not in use. It’s completely possible to do! Just don’t go overboard with the purchases. When you walk into our apartment, it’s almost not apparent that we have a baby here.

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@lazybee123:  I’m in the same boat you are.  We will be in our 1 bedroom with a newborn for at least 3 months until our house is ready.  I am trying not to buy too many baby things, just the necessities.  I think I will get a regular crib, and a pack and play for when husband needs to sleep and baby can stay in the living room.  I got a glider for nursing/rocking baby to sleep and also will get the car seat/stroller combo.  I won’t go overboard on clothes or other toys yet either.  Baby is due in April.  When is yours due?  I will let you know how it goes… lol.

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@lazybee123:  no kid here, I live in a 400-sq ft NYC apartment and I know the tenants before me were able to keep their baby in here until the baby started walking!! It can be done clearly if my apart is almost half the size of yours! Basically, start vertically stacking everything you own – make sure you have under-sofa storage. Hang up pots and pans. Reduce the stuff you currently own and when buying baby stuff, ONLY get what is REALLY needed. 

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@lazybee123:  Babies themselves do not take a lot of room. You can make it work without changing tables, extra cribs, bassinets, etc. As my mom pointed out to my 10 year old earlier this evening when she was complaining about us living in a 3 bedroom house and having to share a bed, my granny and her 5 other brothers and sisters lived in a 2 bedroom house and shared 3 beds. People did that all the time back then.

You can make it work.

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@lazybee123:  I am sure you can make it work for a little while, but as your child gets older (over 1 year), you will likely want to look for a larger place. 

Also, be aware of federal/state/local laws that might apply…where I live, you can’t have more than “2 beating hearts” (i.e., people) in a one bedroom place. There are even federal laws about it to…that are a little vague (http://homeguides.sfgate.com/many-people-can-legally-live-one-bedroom-apartment-83311.html). 

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I just wouldn’t worry about it! People have lived with babies in even smaller spaces and survived. It’s all about deciding what you truly need and what you don’t. Obviously your child is going to need a place to sleep, storage for clothing, toys to play with, etc., but babies don’t really have to take up a ton of space if you avoid those huge play gyms and other random items that are “must haves.” Here are some tips that I’ve learned through working with children:

-A minicrib is great for small spaces. This is really the only MUST have furniture item that I know of unless you want a rocking chair or glider. You can always clear out a drawer in your dresser or put a small chest of drawers in your closet for diaper and clothing storage.

-A changing table isn’t really that necessary as long as you have one of those pads on the floor. You could always slide that under your bed or into your closet when you aren’t using it.

-Babies really don’t need a ton of large toys, and a lot of them go to waste. The one baby I work with LOVES his jumper, but he hates this little rocker thing they got him. That rocker just sits in the living room taking up a good 2-3 ft. of space. If you have any friends who can lend you some of these bigger things to see if your baby actually enjoys it before you buy that would be ideal.

-There are a TON of organization systems out there that could fit a lot of toys and help them to blend seamlessly into your existing furniture. You could tuck one of those cube organizers into a corner and fill the little baskets with toys: blocks, Little People, rattles, etc. 

-When it comes time for baby to sit at the table with you instead of buying a full size high chair you can buy one of the small boosters that comes with a slide off tray and attaches to one of your dining chairs. When the baby gets older you can take the tray off, and the baby can eat at your table.

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In our 1 bedroom apt in the Bronx, my parents fit three boys, me and them.  I slept with my parents in the “living toom” that had french doors on it, my brother’s got the one bedroom.  I stayed in a crib on wheels, so when they had parties they rolled my crib in my brother’s room, until I was 3.  They only bought a house when kid#5 came along. 

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Most of the so called “must-have” items that you are told that you need are marketing ploys to get you to spend more money. The only things I think that you must have is a car-seat and stroller. You can use a baby-carrying system to wear on your body in place of a stroller if you want (my son was too heavy). Baby clothes are so small that they can fit into a drawer or even a tote bag. You can also use space savers that hang over the door and foldable storage boxes/ottomans and stack them to use less room. 

My son did not have a crib. He had a pack n play or playard as they are called now. He played and slept in there. I also had a changing pad to change him on the bed or floor. When he was big enough, we switched to a small and cheap toddler bed. He now is in a twin bed; he is 5. I think that kids need toys as well, but only a few when they are small. He had a bouncer that he loved, too. I was in a bedroom in a house at first and then a one bedroom apartment, and he was in the livingroom in his own space. 

The price of a convertible crib was so expensive. The playard, toddler bed and mattress, twin mattress and bed combined were still cheaper then the cribs I saw back then. Just remember that hundreds of years ago, most of these items were unavailable and babies were born and raised just fine without them!

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@bmo88:  I had no idea there were laws about how many people could be in a place that is facinating! 

Around here it is not uncommon for multiple famlies to share 1 or 2 bedroom places. Our house is right around 700 sqft, its pretty small but we are in the process of rearranging things to make it work. We have plans for an addition but will likely wait until the summer after this one just so we have more time to save. My sister and her new son live in a place the same size as ours in down town Chicago she has been able to offer me a lot of tips as far as organizing baby goods goes. 

Look for organizational methods that go up instead of out. Those cube shelves are great if you can get the skinny tall ones  and don’t forget the side/back of items that are not typically for storage. My SIL has all of her babies clothes and small items like burp clothes etc stored in an over the door organizer. you can’t even see it when her bedroom door is open. Bath items/ baby toiletries and diapers are stored in something similar on the bathroom closet door. The baby slept in a basinet next to her bed for a good 6 months before they ended up getting a crib, and they went straight for one of those that converts in to a toddler bed so they woudln’t have to purchase multipule pieces of furniture. 

We are going to have a baby in a tiny space here soon too, let me know if there is anything else you have found that is brilliant and too good not to share! good luck! 

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@lazybee123:  you can totally do it, I lived in two apartment roughly ths size of yours until my daughet was 4. we just moved to a 2000 sq foot house and it’s almost too much space, but we have another on the way so i’m sure we will come to love it! my daughter slept in our room until she was two, and the second place we lived had a small railroad style second bedroom off our bedroom, there was really only enough space for her crib and some toys. you don’t ned a changing table, I had one but never used it so I got rid of it pretty quick. I had a small swing for her when she was a baby and then we used a bumbo with a tray instead of a high chair, which worked because we usually ate cross legged at the coffee table ( no room for a table!) we got some storage bin type thing from ikea to keep her toys in, and in general just kept extra crap at a minimum

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I live in a Victorian triple decker with two small bedrooms that don’t even really equal the size of one proper bedroom. Our upstairs neighbor has a little girl, around 7 or 8, who I believe has been in their aparatment since she was a toddler. You really don’t “need” as much space as you think… if there’s an out of the way nook or cranny, you can close it off with curtains or bookcases. Get creative! I see tons of wee ones in the Boston area, and I know not everyone owns a huge luxurious condo, so I belive you can do it and I’m wishing you luck! 🙂

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