(Closed) How did you fit a baby in a small one bedroom apartment??

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My husband and I live with my parents, so it’s a bit of a different situation, but we basically have 2 rooms total to work with – one is a bedroom, one is a living area (with closet).  We have been discussing our plans now for the past several days, and are going to be making our bedroom closet into a crib alcove (removing the double doors), but also will be *kind* of co-sleeping with a softsided bassinet thing that goes inbetween our pillows on our bed.  I’m honestly not sure how much use the crib will get for the first couple of years, but we are getting it for free, and we think we can make it work, so that’s what we’ll do.  The living space room house our clothes in the one closet.  Right now that’s pretty easy because most of what I own is from pre-pregnancy and either doesn’t fit, or won’t soon.  My few bigger sized tops and my maternity stuff will easily fit in with my husbands minimal wardrobe.  

We are building extra storage areas in both rooms to take care of the stuff we’ll need for the baby, and we are still deciding on whether we’ll use a changing table or not (my SIL donated one to us, so we have it already if we want it).  It’ll be cozy, but I think it’ll work well for us!  <3

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Totally doable!! We have two girls in a two bedroom townhouse. Our youngest is turning one this week! Tear…

We are lucky to have a large bedroom. If you drew a diaganol from the door to the far corner that is how our room naturally splits. Baby’s crib, changing table/dresser, glider/ottoman, diaper pail and toy bin are in her triangle and our bed, lamp, desk, nightstand are on our side. The only crossover is our tv is on her side but we use the bottom of the stand to store her books. My husband and I share the large walk in section of the closet while half the pocket section is for our Dear Daughter. It’s nice because there are double shelves in there so I can hang her dresses, rompers, LS and coats. Her clothes are so short I can fit her hamper in the closet too. We co-sleep with her most nights. Works out great!

Some tips to make it work:

buy a crib with a smaller footprint, the mattress is always the same size but grand sleigh cribs are bulkier and take up more room. There’s even mini cribs!

Purchase a dresser with a cabinet. Ours has three drawers And a cabinet. Works perfectly to store cloth diapers and clothes in the drawers, bedding, blankets, towels and burp cloths in the cabinet. 

Be conscious of your limited space when registering for gifts and shopping. We didn’t register for the bouncer, the jumper, the swing, etc because we have no room! I returned four towels and kept two because she only needs two, etc. 

Roll with it. Embrace the closeness. Your baby just wants to be loved and close to you so your home is perfect. Embrace your baby and snuggle close. They grow fast and will be hiding out in their own bedroom soon enough so enjoy!

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it is 100% doable.  We live in a tiny apt. and our area is also quite expensive and i worried and worried about trying to find a bigger place in our budget finally we had to figure it out!

We use the Arms Reach Co-sleeper. It is awesome and small and fits next to our bed which is now pushed against the wall. We stacked our bedside tables, we use the dresser for a changing table and we investedin an expedit (Yay ikea) for everything else baby storage.  We got most everything off craigslist to save $$.  It works 4 us and we use the livingroom for anything overflow. It was an adjustment and some things had to go and we had to pack up stuff into bins for storage so we could borrow dresser space for the baby. 

Babies really don’t take up a ton of space and they do need stuff ( i won’t lie) some things that people said we didn’t need we REALLY needed — i’m looking at YOU wipe warmer! but for the most part with some creativity you can do it.. and you can’t be type A about bins stacked in a corner.. it is what it is you have a baby in the house now people get it.

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A lot of the must haves they say you need for baby are really not all that necessary.  The only true necessity is the carseat (if you even own a car).  Other than that, baby really doesn’t need very much except for a few changes of clothes, clean diapers, and mommy or daddys arms (oh and food: formula or breastmilk).

When we had our 1st son, I moved into hubby’s old room (with my il’s) and we fit everything for baby and us in that tiny room (and I had everything for the baby as he was our first).  You just have to get creative with your organization.

I get wanting to buy all the lastest and greatest stuff for baby but just go through a list of only what you need for now and then as baby grows, get rid or or store up what they have outgrown and get the next size up/bigger stuff…instead of getting all you need at once.  For example… only set out or get clothes for newborn to 3 months now then as the baby grows, you can go from there.  Or why set up the crib right away (we didn’t even get a crib for our 4th and he had his own room)… set up a small bassinet until he is old enough, then around 6 months set up the crib.  Or forgo he crib altogether and get a pack and paly that can grow with the baby and has a changing table attached (thats what we opted for ).  Good luck.

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We have a 2 bdrm, but currently we are sleeping in the nursery. So we go days without even going into the other room. Basically just a crib, bed, lingeire chest and amoire in the bedroom. Changing tables are a huge waste. I have a travel changing pad and use it on the couch. Easier. Plus by the time they roll over, which could be as early as 2-3 months- you really can’t use the changing table anyway. Our place now is smaller then I’m used to and the key is TALL or nothing. if furniture is using floor space and is storarge – it should be as tall as possible. I actually have her clothes in my old lingerie chest. It’s perfect – small drawers, small foot print. In fact I think everyone should use them for baby clothess I barely use my glider, I replaced a club chair with the glider, so it didn’t make things more crowded, it just replaced a stationary chair.  Use what you have well. We have storage in the basement- That’s helpful. Just figure out the functions you need and how to double up as much as possible.  Also – I’d only buy 1 thing for baby to sleep in. If hubby needs quiet – he will prob sleep on the couch. Fact is in a small place its not like he wont hear the baby. I though Darling Husband could use the other bedroom some days. He never has. I started her of in the crib right by us and she never had an issue with it. It’s all shes known

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Baby is 3 months now, and it’s working really well in our 1 bedroom apartment. Our unit is a bit larger though at almost 850sqft and open concept which helps for fitting baby related items nicely 😉

In our bedroom Baby sleeps in a full size bassinet on my side of the bed. This was handy for middle of the night feedings, which are rare now as baby is sleeping through the night for the most part now. We also purchased a tall boy dresser for her clothes to save on space, and I cleaned out half of the closet for her stuff as well. We purchased a large wardrobe for hubby from Ikea and it’s placed in the entryway to our apartment. We keep the stroller in the car, no need for it inside.

In the bathroom we purchased hooks and when were not using her bath, bath kneeler and toys we place everything on the hooks inside the shower, out of sight for when guests arrive and those items are wet most of the time so they can drip dry while hanging up in the tub. All her bath toys and care items are in a basket on the shelf amongst our stuff. 

You can really tell a Baby lives in our place in the living room. We have a glider and ottoman for rocking baby, full size swing, bouncer, floor gym mat, space saver high chair and cube shelving for toys and other baby related items like the Bumbo etc. While this seems like alot, every item has it’s place, and it’s not cluttered. The swing at times can get in the way, but it easily folds if I wan’t it hidden. We also purchased a soft leather top bench and we now use that as the coffee table. This will be better for when baby is crawling and walking, safer if they fall, but it’s also super light as opposed to the massive coffee table we had before. I can easily move the bench and get down on the ground with baby for tummy and play time. The space saver high chair is awesome! You strap it to a dining chair, easily reclines and you can adjust the height and converts into a booster seat when the time comes. That saves alot of space as high chairs can be massive and take up alot of room. We also don’t use our dining room table, so we use this as the diaper changing station. I bought a change pad and keep all the diaper boxes under the table out of sight and keep a cube box handy with lotion, butt paste, diapers and wipes.

In the kitchen we emptied out a cupboard for just baby related items like her bottles. We have a galley kitchen which sucks for counter space, but we have a bar ledge too and this is where I keep the kettle and formula for her bottles. 

A larger apartment or home would be ideal, but it can certainly work. 

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lazybee123:  I am just reading this now (just over 3 years later)  How did it go.  What ended up happening?  We are heading into a similar situation (small one bedroom) We LOVE our location and place….  So hard!

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lazybee123 : When we were still newcomers in Canada, me 10y.o., my parent and 2 sibling (baby + toddler) all lived in a 1 bedroom apt. It really sucked but we somehow made it work. The bedroom was fairly large and both cribs fit there along with a Queen sized bed but it was tight. I was in the dining room on a day bed and my desk and book shelf beside the bed, the kitchen was eat it so we ate in there.

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