(Closed) How did you get co-sleeping baby to their own room?

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Some parents advocate co-sleeping even for non-sick infants. Being with the parents at such a young age is a very natural thing; it’s being separated from them that is unnatural, although widely done. For co-sleeping parents, they figure the child will move to his own room when he’s ready. It might be hard to make him go back without it being his choice. Can you blame him for wanting to be near his mom? If you don’t want him in your bed, maybe at least let him have his crib in the same room with you? 

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My son slept in our bed for a long time too. To get him off the bottle, I started watering it down or just making water… And I think he learned that he wasn’t getting milk so he stopped walking up.

He was a fall asleep eating baby too. And as he got to be 7-8 months it was harder to get him in bed without waking him. One night I just said ok i give up and put him in bed. He cried for under 10 minutes and slept all night. And honestly, its been that way since. there’s only been 2-3 times I’ve had to get him cause he cried for too long I knew he wasn’t going to sleep. I’m sure I lucked out, but it also believe that at a certain age they learn that crying might get them their way. So consistency is key. Set a time limit… Maybe 10-20-30. At each check in go in and pat his back and tell him it’s okay. After 30 minutes you may need to calm him down, check to make sure he’s not wet/poopy, decide if there’s any chance he’s hungry and start over. For some, going in the room is worse. but if you feel he can connect the crying to getting what he wants, then he is probably ok for CIO. 


Good luck! It’s harder on us then it is them. I also found the video monitor to be helpful cause I could tell if he was rolling around getting cozy or not.

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We moved our baby to her crib at 8 weeks, sleep with the monitor on, and go to her whenever she wakes up crying.  It has worked for us quite well.  You just….do it, and deal with theack of sleep while they get adjusted. 

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Dear Daughter was a very fussy newborn and didn’t want to be put down to sleep on her own. Eventually, we settled into a co-sleeping, breastfeeding to sleep routine.

At 8 months we tried to put her in her own crib, used the Ferber method and was working well, until her first tooth came in. Long story short, she was back in our bed.

2 weeks ago and 6 teeth later, we tried to put her back in her crib again but this time used the Weissbluth method and it worked even better. Now she cries for a minute, plays a bit and falls asleep. She is 10 months old.

For me, I would have loved to co-sleep but had to put her in her own bed for a number of reasons. Darling Husband was sleeping on a couch in our room while Dear Daughter was sleeping with me. Dear Daughter had developed a habit of sleeping at 9pm and waking up an hr later and not falling asleep until 1 am with me in the rocking chair. Dear Daughter would wake up in the middle of the night and needed to Boyfriend or Best Friend to fall back asleep.

We wanted Dear Daughter to have good sleeping habits especially since she is starting daycare soon and I have to go back to work! It was so hard to do CIO but we felt that we had no other options. Now she sleeps 12-13 hrs through the night and is a happy baby when awake!!

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