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Temping is a good way to learn ~ when you ovulate and you can track things like cervical mucus as well.  I also use opks…. basically, opks can give you a heads up when you are entering your lh surge (ovulation is about to happen) and temping can confirm when it did happen (restrospective).

A ttc cycle for me looks like this. Cd 1 period lasting about 5 or 6 days. From many months of temping, i know that i ovulate on the early side, normally cd 12 or 13.  Because I know this, i start using both the internet cheapie wondfo opks and the clear blue advanced opk (the one with flashing and solid smileys) around cd 9. I also start temping around cd 8 or 9.  Once i get the flashing smiley (estrogen rise) on the clear blue opk, we go at it every day or every other day. The couple days before ovulation are the most important. We go every day when we get the solid smiley (lh surge). Once my temp starts to rise we back off the sex. Sex 3 days before ovulation and the day of may not be enough, but sometimes it is hard to get all that sexy time in.

Temping and opks work for me (1 pregnancy in 2016 and 1 cp in two ttc cycles), but if you are the type of person to over analyze and get stressed by it, it can be overwhelming. Getting to know your cervical mucus also helps, but i find cervical position to be tough to judge. Plus i have had a baby so i always feel open. I also use two apps – fertility friend and im testing out femometer. These do not autocalculate your ovulation day as cd 14, which many do, and instead are based on the history of your cycle.

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 I used fertility friend to chart my temping.  I learned I ovulate later than ‘normal’ at around day 16 or 17.  We had sex every day for the 3 days leading up to ovulation.  That way even if my ovulation day changed by a day or two in that cycle, we should have had a least one chance.  My first month of trying I had a chemical pregnancy, and the second month of trying, I got pregnant again, and am currently 6 weeks.


Keep in mind that if you just came off birth control, it can take a while for your system to balance out and your cycles to regulate and ovulate every month.  We did not start trying until about 4 months after I stopped birth control.

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So for me, temping wasn’t going to happen. You have to be very strict about when you wake up, not moving before temping, and it was too much for me. If it took a long time to get pregnant I would’ve started, but luckily I got pregnant in my first cycle. I used opks the cycle before trying just to see around when I would ovulate. Then the next cycle, beginning the day my period ended, my husband and I had sex every other day. The week where my pregnancy tracker showed I would ovulate was more or less correct, so I would use my opks (twice a day) during that time. I ovulated a bit later than my chart said I would so it was good I tracked. During my “fertile week” we had sex every day, and two days after for good measure. And then to make sure we really really had extra security we went back to sex every other day for a week. Got pregnant on my first cycle trying. Oh, we also had sex at about the same time each time we did it, that way there wasn’t much time for sperm to die before being replaced. All the sex burned us out, but I’m now fourteen weeks along with the sweetest little baby in the world!

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Hitting your fertile window multiple times is the most important thing. If possible, I would try to increase the number of times you have sex around ovulation. I think we hit every day from 0-4 to O+1. I’m 32.5 weeks along now 😊 Every day for that long prob isn’t necessary, but doing it more than you did the first cycle will increase your chances. 

Also, just for the record, temping is easy and you don’t have to be *that* exact. Just try to take your temp before getting up in the morning, in the same 30-45 minute time period each day. I would set my alarm and go back to sleep on the weekends. It’s pretty easy. 

Good luck OP!!

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Have lots of sex lol.

When we got pregnant this time we had sex every day over my fertile windon.

Temping is a great way to get to know your body, look for the other tell tale signs that you’re ovulating as well. The better you learn your body the more you can relax and stop temping. So for example, I feel A-MAZE-ING when I ovulate. I have so much energy and feel super sexy.

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I was charting before my second (TTA until after a trip) but I O’d a day early and we have an O-5 baby.  We had two other months (shortly before this one) where we weren’t careful and we had sex O-3 and O-5 but didn’t get pregnant those cycles.  Once you chart for a 3 months or more you can see when you typically ovulate and you should probably try to have sex 2-3 times in the 5 days before O.  Having sex after O isn’t going to help as much, especially if you know when you ovulate (for example I usually had O cramps that matched up pretty well with my charts).  But having sex after O helps if you are not accurate in your charting.  I temped and charted for over a year in between my kids (I also used OPKs to help my chart out) so i had plenty of time to learn what was normal for me without stress or anything since I was TTA.

FWIW, you should have sex every couple days anytime you have fertile cervical fluid and that should be enough without charting, opks, etc.

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* I’m not pregnant yet

Use opks, chart, have lots of sex. 

Also remember healthy couples only have a 20% chance every month so don’t stress that it hasn’t happened the first month. From what I’ve noticed most bees are pregnant within 6 months. 

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Like pp, I temped and used OPKs (the clinical guard cheapies from Amazon worked well for me and were like $12 for 50), and we just had a bunch of sex in my fertile window. I always O’d between days 12-15, so We’d start BDing around day 8 and continue every day until my temps confirmed I’d ovulated. I think BDing every other day is just as effective fwiw. 

The cycle I got pregnant with my sticky bean, I’d also started taking coq10 (for egg health), baby aspirin (may prevent early MC), and red raspberry leaf tea (strengthens uterine lining). 

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MrsGirlyGirl :  haha, yea, we definitely  were not using the blutooth test. Just plain oldpee on astick.  It is totally fine to stick with the internet cheapies as opk. They work too, I just would get frustrated deciphering whether or not a test was positive. I have a short lh surge, which I always seemed to miss with the cheapie opks. 

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