(Closed) how did you go *into* labor….?

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stardustintheeyes:  I literally laughed out loud. ๐Ÿ™‚ “You calm down!” “What are you looking at?” ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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amberjayjay:  well, if it’s your first don’t do what I did.. Literally a few weeks before I actually had my daughter (three weeks early) I watched YouTube videos of vaginal births and then I decided I couldn’t do it LOL. 

But, I did, it was great, and I can’t wait to do it again!!! 


To answer your question- I was sitting in my fis recliner undoing diapers from our Centerpieces from the baby shower and got up to go get scissors. Well, I had a cold so I didn’t think anything of it, but I started feeling liquid come out. So I went and got the scissors, then decided I better try and pee. I sat down, nothing really came out, but when I stood up it just came out And I couldnt stop it. So I got in the bath tub and called Fi in and said “FI I think my water broke!” He comes in with his headset on (Xbox) and I said “look” and went to squat, nothing stand up, leaking. Then I called my mom she told me to call the dr lol. I did, they told me to go to the hospital. 

I went, they tested to see if it was my water, it was, and I went to my delivery room. I remember after the nurse told me it was positive I looked at Fi and my eyes got real big and I said “oh boy, no turning back now!”


21.5 hours later I got to meet my beautiful girl. She was worth every ounce of what I went through. 

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My daughter was born at 28 weeks with some medical delay so I could get steroid injections, son was 8 days late and after being induced and spending hours in labour, he got stuck and had to be dragged out in a section. He was not for leaving AT ALL. and it took hours. Don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ the baby at the end makes every little bit worth it all!

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I was induced at the hospital.  Cervidil overnight didn’t do anything.  7:30 am started pitocin and OB broke my water at 8am.

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My water broke at work the day before my due date. I was in the bathroom wasting time because I didn’t want to work and I felt my belly pop from the inside and then a little water trickled out into the toilet. I thought maybe I just peed again but when the trickling started happening on and off my heart started pounding. I had no signal on my phone (internal bathroom in a highrise downtown office building) so I put a wad of toilet paper between my legs, pulled my pants up, and ran to the nearst conference room to call my husband to have him pick me up since I commute via train downtown!!


I hid in the bathroom for 1.5 hours (very low traffic bathroom) until he picked me up. We droce home and contractions started on the way home about 7minutes apart but very manageable. we stayed home for several hours and then made our way to the hospital once contractions got stronger. 

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GFerg:  MrsPhishBee:  I was a true psycho. Seriously. Actually I tried to quit while I was pushing. so my antics went right up until the end lol. they had my feet up in those stirrup thingies and and I had been pushing for what seemed like forever (I pushed for a total of 2.5 ish hours) and they kept lying to me saying “just one more! just one more big one!” and I got sick and tired of their dishonesty lol. So I said “that’s it. Im done. I quit. I’m not pushing anymore. Take my feet down. I’m done!” and my son’s father panicked and went over to my mom and said “mama stardust!!!!! she says she’s done! but the baby is still in there! what should I do?! she’s refusing to push anymore and she doesn’t want me to talk to her!” my mother calmly informed him that I would in fact be pushing, just give it a minute…..sure enough my next contraction came and I was like “ok fine! i’ll push! ugh!” it hurt so much! but more like a very uncomfortable pressure? either way, it made me push.

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Both of my labors started with my water breaking. The first was 5:30 in the afternoon and the second was 4:30 in the morning when I got up to pee. Both happened to be on the weekend so Darling Husband was home with me. While both of my labors were fairly short (6 and 8.5 hours, respectively), I was able to labor at home for several hours both times and there was never any mad dash to the hospital.

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I was only 37w5d and had a repeat c-section scheduled for 39w so I was not expecting to go into labor. I had lost my mucous plug the night before. Around 9pm I started having irregular contractions and by 11pm Darling Husband started timing them. They were coming about a minute apart and lasting about 90 seconds. We timed them for an hour to make sure it was really labor and then headed to the hospital around midnight. My son was born via repeat c-section at 3am that morning!

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amberjayjay:  i have 3 months left and I am hoping all goes well and that I won’t need a c-section, I want to go naturally. I know I will be home. I am actually going on mat leave as of Jul 2. The question is will it happen on the weekend when Darling Husband is home, or during the week during the evening when Darling Husband is home or will it happen while Darling Husband is at work. Either way, I am not nervous about going into labor and being alone, I don’t plan to go to the hospital right away, I am going to wait for Darling Husband to come home (if he is at work), and if he is home, I will still wait to go to the hospital until contractions get closer together. 

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And in my head i see a late nighy water breaking and a rush to the hospital…. Is that realistic?

Yup, that’s totally realistic because that’s exactly how I went into labour, at 36 and a half weeks when I had 2 days left of work. All of a sudden my water broke at 3 am. I was scheduled for my 36 week check up later that day. We hadn’t even packed a bag or anything yet. We got through it. (and my son was born perfectly healthy though early, we joke that he was mucking around in there and accidentally popped his pool)

But everyone is different, there’s no way to plan and no way of knowing how it will go. I will say though next time my hospital bag will be packed promptly at 36 weeks just in case!


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amberjayjay:  I had the late night water breaking rush to the hospital scenario – sometimes it does happen that way!  We had just gotten into bed, and a moment after laying down, I told my husband “either I just peed myself or my water broke.”  As I quickly waddled to the bathroom it just kept coming out, and I knew that was it.  Now, there really wasn’t any need to rush because my labor lasted about 39 hours after that (ugh), but yeah, that’s how it started.

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