(Closed) How did you guys save for a wedding?

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I am not engaged yet, but in the process of saving. It really depends when you plan on getting married vs. how much you want to spend and how much you can afford to save. (how many guests, where you want it, etc). If you and your SO can save $800 a month combinded, you will be able to afford ~$19k wedding in two years. They say the average wedding is around 20k (depends where you live though). Good luck!

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We didn’t save… and it was dumb.

Fiance is in an industry that recieves a very large bonus at a certain part of the year that we were banking on using and it never came and now we’re stressing to make it work.

So… don’t be like us is my advice lol.


My rule for saving in general though is to tally up bills and divide the sum into four, and save that amount weekly. Then to look at whatever you have left and decide how much you can comfortably save (and still have spending money or whatever) and put that in a piggy bank. Out of sight, out of mind.

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It’s never too early to start saving. Maybe instead of thinking about it as setting aside $X/month for a total of $X in X years, why not set aside a percentage of each of your paychecks- maybe 5-10%? And/or use part of your tax refund, if you get one, to jumpstart that account?

Some little things I’ve done to save money for our wedding were learning how to groom my dog myself (saved $60/month that we were spending at the groomer), limiting our eating out to just once night a week and packing my SO’s lunches (5 lunches out: ~$75, 5 packed lunches: ~$15)

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While we didn’t start saving for our wedding until we were engaged, I think the sooner you start, the better. We both have good salaries, so we have been saving anywhere between $3-5k a month. 

I would start saving now! No harm in it 🙂 

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oh my I wish I was able to save as much as some of you! my Fiance and I both pay any bills needed then pretty much the rest of what is left goes into savings. Obviously leave money for things like food and gas but we have decided not to go out as much so all that extra money now gets thrown into our savings account. 

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I saved $200/month for a total of 11 months that we were engaged. I also used my tax refund as well to put towards the wedding. Our wedding total was $15,500ish, however our parents contributed about $4000 each to it as well which helped. My husband was also saving as well, however we ended up having some house issues about 3 months before the wedding so his savings went all to that. But absolutely! Start saving now. 

Figure out what you can put comfortably towards saving towards the wedding each month and what your timeframe is (do you want to be married in 6 months vs. 2 years) That will give you an idea of how much you’ll be able to spend with how much you can save in that time. Then start looking at your wedding expenses and ballpark how much you want to spend on each area: catering, venue, flowers, attire, photography, etc. Research some vendors-you might even be able to negotiate on costs as well, and see how that lines up with your budget. We basically had our venue booked, a guest list (which you’ll want to come up with a rough idea so that you have an idea of # of guests you can afford as well), and a budget all made up even before we got engaged! 

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I started saving $200/mo not long after I started dating DH and had about $2k saved up by the time we were engaged. We started combining finances at that point, so increased our monthly savings. I budget based on two paydays a month. Two months out of the year have a third payday, which went straight to wedding savings, along with miscellaneous contributions (bonuses, rebates, gifts.) It’s doable, albeit scary when you have to hand it all over!!

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I started saving when we were at the same point you are, not yet engaged but we’d had the talk. It was still a few months before the official proposal came, but it was nice to already have a head start. I’m an orginizational nerd so I made an Excel spreadsheet where I listed every paycheck between then and our desired wedding date, estimated an easily doable $150 from each paycheck, and input that in the spreadsheet so I could see how much money we’d have by the end. That’s what we based our budget off of so when we met with vendors I knew exactly what we could afford. If we’d needed more money to have the wedding we desired, I would have simply pushed the date back and updated my spreadsheet so I could see just when we’d be able to afford X amount of dollars. Since I picked such a small amount from each paycheck, I never missed a payment to our savings account. When we found ourselves with extra cash after the bills were paid, that excess money also went into savings. 

I’ve also been very strict about not touching that savings account for non-wedding related expenses. It’s hurt at times to cut back on spending (like when we couldn’t go out for my birthday) when I know we’ve got many thousands of dollars sitting in a bank account, but I didn’t want to risk slipping and not having the money to pay our vendors. 


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Start now. Work out what you’re expenses are and where they are going. After essential bills, how much is left? What does this go on? Cut that back slightly and just get used to putting some away each month and thinking if you can live without that and if that money is best places for something else. It doesn’t need to be much, just what you think you can afford. It’s getting the mentality of saving that is key. Then when you get engaged, the saving will probably have to be upped and that’s ok you just scale back on going out and if you’ve done your budgeting you can work out which areas to scale back on. I find it helpful to sit down a few days before I get paid, work out what is going on in the upcoming month (car service, birthdays, christmas, holidays) and how much I will need. So, say I earn 1,000, and I work out I’ll need 600 for bills and getting around. There’ll probably be 200 that I’ll allocate to things I hadn’t accounted for and that leaves me with 200 for savings. I set up a payment to go out on pay day of 200 into a different account that I can’t touch.  If it stays in my account, it’s too easy to spend it and so moving it is really important.

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We kind of just planned how we wanted everything to be (not a great idea I know) before setting a budget, so we took the total cost of the wedding divided by the number of weeks we had left, and that’s how much we put away.

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Cash envelope system! 

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milabeehappy:  it was HARD! We didn’t live together before marriage though, so it was a great introduction to budgeting and saving 🙂 For the year before our wedding, DH saved all of his paycheck and I paid all of our bills.

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We started saving when we got engaged. We created a joint bank account and I figured out a dollar amount that we would each put in the account every month. That amount included money for all household bills and a little extra for random mutual expenses like taking our pets to the vet. After the bills are paid, the remaining money goes to our wedding savings fund. We usually have $1000 a month, give or take, to put towards the wedding. We also agreed to put my Christmas bonus, his yearly bonus, and both our tax returns  towards the wedding savings, which is another $8000. We decided to pay for some things out of our own personal accounts rather than our joint account, such as gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, new clothes for the honeymoon, and anything related to our bachelor/bachelorette parties. I have no idea what he’s spending, but I’ve budgeted a little over $100 a month for those things.

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