(Closed) How did you guys say “I Love You” for the first time?

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Such a cute story!  And I love how he said it just as you were preparing to do so! 


fizicsGuy first told me he loved me as we were climbing up Mt. Adams (near Seattle), about 4 months after we began our long distance relationship.   He first told me about his 4 year long crush on me in Patagonia, so I guess it was keeping with the theme of awesome settings.  I had actually had a really traumatic experience on Mt. Adams the previous year…seriously the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me in the outdoors.  So this was a scary climb.  We were near the place where the incident occurred, and we somehow got separated.  Not too far (could still see or hear each other), but some steep terrain between us.  Well, it ended up that I had to do a steep snow climb on my own.  In and of itself, not terrible, but given what happened before, numbingly terrifying.  He watched me from above and talked me through it.  But when I got to the top I just burst into tears.  (I know, "There’s no crying in mountaineering!"  But such it was.)  I was sobbing, "We got separated, you were gone."  And he looked at me and said, "I would never leave you."  Me, "How do you know?".  He replies, "Becasue I’m in love with you."  Then I started crying more, but for a totally different reason 🙂

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Awww that is so sweet…and you are still sentimental to this day!


We had never kissed or said I love you but had been seeing each other for a few months. It was my birthday and J surprised me by taking me out to a mystery place. I had no idea where but when I told him I was going to wear my white skirt he looked a little concerned, even though he was dressed up, so I was very much in wonder.

When we arrived at Waikiki beach, J walked up to the beachstand and dropped his slacks…to reveal boardshorts underneath. J then proceeded to  get us both in an outrigger canoe with a steersman guy wearing shades and headphones sitting all the way in the back, that paddled us around the shoreline. J looked really nervous and I thought something went wrong b/c he didn’t say a thing until the canoe made a uturn, so that Diamond Head was in the backdrop of me  looking at him  while he faced me.  At that point, the sun was setting and J took out a koa ukulele, hidden in a large bag and serenaded me for the first time ever …to a beautiful lovesong by Tim McGraw–but I didn’t know that, I thought he had written it for me because I had never heard it before.  My heart was going to burst. When he finished, he told me that the ukulele was custom made and was symbolic of our relationship and compared us to the the strength of the koa wood and the uniqueness and beauty of the design.   He said this was my gift (I had told him I had wanted one when we had first met but they were too expensive).  He whispered I love you and I said it to him for the first time too. Then we had our first kiss!

Months later, when we scheduled our wedding at a favorite Waikiki hotel, we realized -after the fact- that the canoe was passing by this hotel at the same time we said I love you and kissed for the first time!  ONLY God!

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I said it first, it kind of fell out of my mouth about a month and a half into our relationship. I said it as he was on his way home and I meant to say goodbye and I love you came out. He called me on his way home and told me he felt the same.

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He ended an MSN conversation with it, and quickly signed off (a couple days after we started dating). I said it to his face a couple days later, when we were exchanging goodbyes in the hall at school.

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I have such fond memories of that moment because it was not a very romantic setting at all but so us none the less.  We were out at a club with a bunch of our friends for my birthday, a couple months after we got together.  Basically it was loud and we were drunk and I said it, almost by accident, but he didnt hear me.  So he was like, "What?" and I said back "I think I said I love you" and of course he said it back!  I made him promise to say it again when I was sober but luckily I remembered the next morning and felt so blissful. 

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Ours wasn’t really romantic… I first said I love you to Mr. Joe online… we were arguing about something, but I dont remember what. We hadn’t met yet, but we both really liked each other. We didn’t consider ourselves dating since we hadn’t ever met, but neither of us were really interested in anyone else (we both turned down other people). So, I said it, to try to reassure him about whatever it was we were arguing about, but he wasn’t ready to say it to me, and I didn’t expect him to anyway. So, the first time HE said it, is when he came to visit and we finally met. He had to go soon to go back home so we were spending out last bit of time together cuddling and such, and I think I was crying since he had to leave soon and he whispered into my ear that he loved me. This meant the world to me because I know how seriously he takes those words (a girl once told him she loved him and he told her "maybe you’ll grow on me" lol…) but yeah. You guys have more romantic stories lol

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i honestly can not remember!  we say i love you at least 10 times per day (when no one else is around we are an extremely lovey dovey couple) but i cant remember who said it first or where

of course i wont ask my hubby – because if he remembers it just one more thing he has in regards to teasing me about my bad memory



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I’m not sure who said it first… he might have, but I was so far gone that I probably said it a BUNCH before he did.

I do remember the first time he said it, though. We were sitting on the couch in his parents house, I had my feet up in his lap and we were just kind of hanging out. I think we had been talking, and there was a lull. He turned and looked at me and said "I love you." I sat straight up (I had been laying back) and said "Say that again!!" And then we started to mini-fight over letting "I love you" being something special, not something we say all the time. Hehe.

Now, though, he’s like this big "I love you" and "Give me a hug/kiss/snuggle" puppy. I guess he had some sort of mental block to the saying/showing affection thing and once he got over it he REALLY got over it. Sometimes I have to ask him to stop hugging me or trying to kiss me because I’m doing dishes or something. 🙂

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All these stories are SO cute…

We first said "I love you" on our first date… but on our third time dating. The third time was the charm! (We’re high school sweethearts who "broke up" a couple of times, haha)

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After being "official" for about 2 months, I came down with a terrible cold.  I was so weak, I couldn’t even get up the energy to drive to the store to get soup and orange juice, and vitamin C (vital items for me when I’ve got a cold).  Even though he had a class that day, he dropped by unexpectedly and brought me chicken noodle soup, vitamin C, and Orange Juice concentrate.  He took care of me until he had to leave for class. I looked like crap (it was probably the first time he saw me looking so "non-ready") but he was laying there with me comforting me, and whispered in my ear "you know, I love you". 

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@ Mandalynn–i have a cold right now and my honey is away at kids’ camp with no access to technology. So being that I have nobody around to baby me, I can really appreciate your story of comforting right now.  (cough, cough)

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Your post made me tear just because I remember ours

 I say it way first, we were dating for about 4 months and I had to come back to Chile, on our way to the airport those words where the only ones I wanted to tell him, but I refuse to until the very last minute; told him “I love you” hand him a letter and started walking to my gate while crying (Never felt like that before, I couldn’t even breathe… Horrible) He didn’t say it until we had a phone conversation when I had to tell him I couldn’t go back on the interchange program ( I was seriously thinking about breaking up with him, because we would have to wait another year until I could go) at that time we have been apart for 6 months, I started crying because I told him I did not know what to do and he said “ I love you and I know we’ll find a way” a month after that I manage to go to California and take a 5 months vacation at his house 🙂 Now we say it like 15 times a day

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We had been together for just over a week (!) Having been friends first and knowing each other at our lowest ebbs, we found a lot of peace and calm in each other. I was away at a concert our first weekend together, and he had gone home for May Day celebrations. He came back and we were sat in my room and I was teaching him my party trick (tying strawberry laces in a knot with your tongue…I know…) and I thought to myself "aww, look at the concentration on his face, oh I love you" – I didn’t say it because I figured we’d not been together long, didn’t want scare the poor lad off now.

The next day we had a lecture (both at university together) in the afternoon, and he hadn’t turned up. I text him worried out of my mind about him, he told me he was feeling a bit down, so I said I’d go round and give him a cuddle and listen to him if he needed to talk about anything.

I went around after class and did just that, gave him a cuddle and tried to make him feel better. While I was holding him he said "I love you". I pulled back, looked at him, grinned and said I loved him too. He didn’t realise I would feel the same so soon. Then it started to sink in…"you haven’t got yourself into a tizz because you were worried about how you felt have you?"

It turned out we realised at the exact same moment that we loved each other, he just said it first! He was so worked up, he was terrified I’d reject him. I love him so much and I mean it every time we say it (which happens to be a lot!)

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