(Closed) How did you know he was “the one”?

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when I felt comfortable going to the bathroom without shutting the door.

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He fought back with me.

 Really… I have a *very* strong personality and every other guy I’d dated kinda did a "Ok, you’re mad, let me leave you alone"thing and FH actually fought back. It was a slap in the face, but I realized that if he respected me enough to NOT walk away, he was a keeper.

 This was like 2-3 months after we started dating =)

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My story makes me feel like a cheeseball….

We were just friends and he was leaving for 3 moths to HK. Weather was icy, some other friends were driving him. I barely saw him when he left….just said "see you, bye"…seeing half his face at the door…5 minutes later I was walking around my living room, restless…went to my room, turned the news channel…focused on the weather and started crying!!! At that point I didn’t know why…I cried for hours.

It felt like part of me was missing and lo and behold…I was missing him like my heart had gone on the damn plane!!!

When he came back…I made the first move…we’ve never been apart for more than a month since then.

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Awww these are sweet!

I realized it one morning in college (after a "sleep over") when we were both brushing our teeth and staring at each other, lost in thought.  I felt so comfortable and happy.  I have no idea what he was thinking then… probable something like "look at her boobs jiggle when she brushes her teeth"!  Hahaa!

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I knew on our first date that this was someone who was going to change my life.

Four years later, he has, in innumerable ways.

He deserves a medal for putting up with me, that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure there are times when he wonders who the hell let the Tasmanian devil loose in his house, but he’s still here. And we’re marrying in 44 days  : ) 

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@ hulafish: that is hillarious!  my guy has ADMITTED thinking that when i brush my teeth.  good to know he’s not the only one!

back on subject.  my story is incredibly sappy, but my life is like that too!  i went through a prolonged illness a while back and my Fiance and i were just dating when it began.  he would come see me and spend hours sitting by my bed, literally, holding my hand and keeping me company.  one day he told me he was in love with me, and i got REALLY scared and freaked out.  i was SO young, and i asked him not to bring it up again.

a few weeks later though, i was aching all over from my sickness, so i turned on the radio and got in a hot bubble bath, and stevie wonder’s "i just called to say i love you" came on.  for no reason, i started crying and crying!  the tears wouldn’t stop!  all of the sudden, i just knew i was in love with him too (even though i was freaked to admit it) and i couldn’t ever be without him.

that was only three months into the relationship (craziness!), and at the time i knew i was in love, but we didn’t talk about marriage for a long time.  it sort of came about naturally, and we both confessed as soon as we realized we were in love, we knew we wanted to marry each other, but were too afraid to talk about it!

it’s been almost three years since then and i can’t wait for our wedding day!  wow.

anyhow, the moment i "knew" was pretty amazing, and the two of us feel we’re forever indebted to stevie wonder.  hmmm.  maybe i should invite him to our wedding in india!  if you’ve got his contact info, let me know asap.  lol.

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I realized it when we were playing golf at Golfland one day and he accidently said "I Love You" it was the first time, but I already knew then.  And as if I wasn’t already sure enought I just found out he did this yesterday: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/please-help-3


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He’s never given up on me.  The night he proposed, as he watched me putting on makeup and fixing my hair, he asked me why I was getting all dressed up.  I responded "because we’re going to dinner and i want to look nice for you."  Again, he asked why – and commented he’d seen me at my worst.  

He was right – he’s seen me at my very worst.  That boy and I have been to hell and back, and yet he’s still right by my side.  Either he’s a major masochist or he REALLY really loves me.

 If I had to pick a moment, it was when he left for Denver on a three month assignment (we’re from New Orleans)  and I actually cried when he left. 

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@ nicole – same here!  My previous boyfriends had been pushovers, which was fun for a year but got old quickly.

Other than that … I just, knew.  I always thought people were making it up when they said that when you found the one you’d know, and all the sudden I realized they weren’t making it up.  It was slightly surreal, but I love it (and him!).

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I new my Darling Husband was the one on our third "date" (we knew each other for a year and a half before we got together) when I met his children.  I knew I was a goner when I saw him holding his son and could actually picture him holding our children.

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I think for me it has been a bunch of little things. The first was when he told me his job might transfer him to Winnipeg (we live in Utah) and I burst into tears. We had been dating for 6 months at that time.  Also when we discovered that we have very similar and weird sense of humors. When my office mate overheard us having a very silly conversation, she told me that we were lucky we found each other – I couldnt agree more. Now it is 5 years later and we are getting married on Saturday!

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The one, I can’t remember a specific moment when I things changed to feel that. I think it built up through time.

I knew there was something special right when I met him, and so did he because we both felt so comfortable with each other. We had never met and yet we could be ourselves.

We went through 2 years of long distance relationship (an ocean in between) and not seeing each other for month at a time, and yet we never gave up on each other. He loves me for who I am and supports me and I do the same.

I was scared to get married, but when came the time to go back to France I realized that I was more sad about being away from him than scarred of marriage, so we got married and I stayed, and now we’re getting married more formally and I love that we are doing it with both families and our own way and that I get to tell him I do, again.

 I should have realized he was the one when I spent 8 months away from him and was as miserable as I’ve ever been in my life. But I think I wasn’t ready to admit it yet.

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My FH and I started seeing each other almost two years ago (February). We went through a lot of pain and adjustment times as I had just finished my Masters and was "in the real world" and he is late finishing school (due to being in Iraq with the Marines).


It was really hard–trying to adjust to all the huge decisions of "adult life" and basically being in two different stages of life. We eventually broke up and I went out with other guys but what drew me back, time and time again, was that I knew I could never find anyone like him who was ALWAYS there for me and who loved me like he did. 


I am truly content and truly happy to be with him. I think you know he is the one when you just have a settled feeling in your heart and soul and know that you don’t want anyone else. As FH and I always say to each other, "there are times when I don’t like you, but I always love you." 


When you know, you know. 

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That I could be MYSELF, and not have to fake a personality.  I dated a guy for 5 years before my fiance, and never got to that "comfortable" stage.  Right away I felt that with my fiance.  I can sing really loud even though I suck, I cook him food even though it may be gross, I can burp and do not so lady like things (that all ladies do), I can do all of these things..and know that no matter what he loves me.  🙂

 SAPPY!  🙂

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