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It took me awhile and I’m still in school working on my PhD and I don’t have a super clear idea of what I want to be. I am very much a Type-A person, so once I figured out my personality type, the life I wanted, the things I enjoyed/cared about I was able to make a list of possible careers. Don’t be bummed, just try and think about it from a slightly different perspective!

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When I went to college I took classes that were interesting to me and classes I knew I would do well in.  I ended up with a degree in Psychology which is pretty useless unless you go to grad school.  I took the GRE and the LSAT with the intention of applying to grad school based on which exam I did best on.  I nailed the LSAT so I went to law school.  Being a lawyer suits my temperament as well as my strengths and interests.

I recommend going to college and taking 1 required class and 1 interesting elective class each semester.  See what you’re good at and what interests you.  An enjoyable career is one that challenges you but also allows you to be successful because you’re so interested in it that you do what is necessary to be good at it (or if you’re really lucky you are naturally good at doing it but you won’t know unless you try.)

If you go the non-college route you will need to volunteer to gain experience.  The best part of volunteering is that in most cases you are under no obligation to return unless the volunteer work interests you.  All you need to do to get involved is identify some activity or event that sounds interesting to you and get in contact with the organizers to find out if they need any volunteers.

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i’m a vocational counselor, so i have tons of resources as far as interest and ability aptitudes. send me a PM if you want to try some!

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I’m 33 and still trying to figure that out.

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I was conditioned as a young child for my career field. I went into college declaring it as my major without actually knowing what it was. thank goodness I fell in love with it 😛

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I’ve been in that boat for a few years now. I haven’t been able to afford school until this upcoming year. My hobbies change on a whim and so I can’t go by that. What I’ve done is assess my strengths. My work had us do this test that is apart of a book, Strengths Finder 2.0. The results were scarily accurate. It gives you your top 5 strengths based on your answers and tells you what directions you may thrive in and how to more effeciently utilize them. My top one was Empathy and another was Restorative. So I’m emotionally driven and I like to fix things. This has given me a lot of insight.

So my advice to you is instead of dwelling on what you’re not great at, figure out what you ARE good at. They may be hidden or not known to you, but they’re there. 🙂


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I kinda always knew I wanted to be a lawyer since I was about 9.  I just did law related stuff in HS and really liked it.  I majored in Psychology in college because I was interested in it and wanted to do something different since I knew I was going to spend 3 years in law school (and didn’t want to do Poli Sci – what’s the point? You can major in anything before going to law school, so I wanted something that interested me).  Now, I’m 28, been a lawyer for 3 years, and often question if I made the right decision (mainly b/c of the debt). 

There are those personality tests you can take online that list what kind of jobs you would be good at or you can start volunteering at places to see what kinds of things you like to do. 

What is it that attracted you to nursing?   

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Sometimes you just have to try things out.  I never knew how much I loved biology until I took general biology in college.  I decided to major in it but couldn’t find a job. 

I had taken 2 years of chemistry for my degree so I ended up with a job as a chemist (you know…lab coats, beakers, etc.).  It was okay but wasn’t my “thing”.  After 10 years doing that I got a job with a defense contractor providing expertise to the Army on WMDs.  I use my chemistry background but no longer work in a lab.  I had no idea that I would end up doing this but I love it. 

In college I had a friend that I took an American sign language elective class with and he loved it so that he became a teacher for the deaf.

Just try a couple things and see if anything sticks.  🙂

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If helping people is important to you, then nursing or some other human services type job might be a good route.

Don’t let your emotional side discourage you. It’s okay to cry, and honestly, it takes that kind of compassion to truly be good at a job like nursing.

Also, don’t let your highschool grades discourage you. The science classes might be tough but there are so many resources available in higher education to help you out. The very best way to ensure a good grade is to form study groups with your classmates. Not everyone who goes into nursing is good at science. But I guarantee that every good nurse has that same desire to help people. 

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@s.renea9:  I’m still looking for what I want to do. I just posted yesterday about how I am in a good job (career) but am frustrated since I don’t enjoy the work. The nice pay doesn’t make me happy.

I am trying to turn my hobbies/passions into a business, but I am struggling. I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to focus on. I’ve flip flopped from perfume to making jewelry to making bath and body products to candles etc. Ideally I’d love to have my own brand w. all those things one day, but that’s obviously easier said than done! Currently I am saving money towards starting my business. I am taking a jewlery making course next month to see if I am any good at it. I’ve done a fair bit of research and experimentation in the bath/body field.

I suggest not rushing into anything. Trying volunteering somewhere you find interesting. Just be wary of sinking a lot of money into something you’re not too sure about. There must be something you’re passionate about or good at. I was good at English/literature like you.. and I got the Bachelor of Arts in English. It landed me a nice job, but sucked up years of my life, and I am not happy career-wise. I don’t regret getting the degree, but I hated the process, and like I keep saying, don’t love my job. I do something semi-related to my degree w. a lot of communications type stuff, developing training etc… but I find it very dull.

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I was a TA (Teacher’s Aide) in high school and fell in love with it, so deciding was easy for me. 

I second the volunteering idea. Internships, if you can find one, are also great opportunities. 

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