How did you know your home was "the one."

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DoubleD :  I don’t think I would say our Home is ‘the one’, nor did I really get this magical I have to have it feeling. It just made sense at the time. It had some key elements that we were looking for, was in the right location, and was under budget! We did get a ‘fixer-upper’ which I go back and forth on regretting. My husband is really handy so the pros are we’ve saved so much on labour and practically tripled the value of our house and everything he’s completed is the way we want it, with the materials we want it done with.

Con, lots and lots and lots of renos and things almost done. 

One thing I found helpful was to stop looking after you close! And, we did see a couple houses that looked nothing like the pictures, so take comfort in that if you do find the ‘perfect’ house online. 

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I never felt like our house was “the one”, just thought it was a very nice house. A year later we still love it, and it’s fantastic for our family. Pictures and sites like helped me tremendously, but you HAVE to do a walk through, sometimes several times, to really be sure it’ll work.

We live in a city where the housing market is pretty hot. We’d made two offers before we found the third house, which we purchased. I am very, very grateful the other two didn’t work out. One was just too small, despite some great renovations and a great location. The other we backed out of, because there were red flags on the work that had been done to the house. Cosmetically the house was beautiful. But the work was underneath was sloppy, and an attempt to cover up other issues. My parents and our realtor helped us realize that – we were too inexperienced to know. I was grateful for their expertise, because I would have proceeded with the sale, and it would have been a huge mistake.

It helps to have someone who is a cooler head, like a parent or family friend, who can look at it more objectively. They can help point out when you’re compromising on things that will bite you later on. 


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DoubleD :  Before looking at any homes, we made a list of things we needed, and a separate list of things we wanted.  That helped us keep our focus and not be swayed when we saw the homes.   Once we made our decision, it really helped to know we had found a home which met our needs, as well as one we loved.   

And don’t go by photos!!  We found a home that looked perfect on the realtor’s web site – and in person it was in horrible condition – they had put particle board on the living room walls and painted it.  Couldn’t tell from the photo!!  LOL

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Like PPs, we never had that “the one” feeling where the clouds parted and the sun magically shone down on the front door. We had made offers on 5 or so other homes before ours and each time, we loved the place and could see ourselves living there and starting a family there. But in retrospect, there were a couple we probably loved less than the others since we weren’t too upset when our offers weren’t accepted for those.

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DoubleD :  Identify your top priority. Is it location? Size? Lot size? Amenities? Once you know for sure what’s most important, it really helps narrow the field. 

For us it was lot size. We found the largest residential property to build on we could. Our yard is about double the size of any other house in our development. Plus we’re next to a wooded 2 acre plot that can’t be subdivided, to the west. 

We made compromises on other things to get that benefit. We cared most about privacy, so that’s where we focused our attention. That way of narrowing results really helped us feel confident when we found the right spot, it was the best choice for us.

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I absoutely did not want to walk into any house, and become head over heels in love with it. However, when we saw this one, it honestly felt like “home” to both of us. I don’t remember really getting that feeling with the others. I was prepared to walk away, if we couldn’t get the deal we wanted though, and we threatened to do that at one point. At the end of the day, we ended up coming in $26K below budget on price and getting a generous credit from the seller. We don’t intend for this to be our forever home, but it certainly feels nice for the next decade. Plenty of space, in the heart of the city, lots of old charm. 

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We knew ours was “the one” because it was the 8th or so house we’d seen and in the best shape of the bunch, ticking off the top priorities (I would have loved a fireplace but a second bathroom was much more important) and our lease was coming up quickly!  

Pretty much every house that looked great online/in pictures fell short in person. That was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and I decided it’s counter productive to have such fondness for houses before seeing them in person.  Easier said than done, not falling in love with them in advance, but probably for the best. 

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Our last home, I knew as soon as I walked into it.  It had huge bedrooms, large walk in closets in all the bedrooms, and an amazing sunroom.  We were needing more space and it had that, plus some bonuses.  It did need some work, but for the most part, it felt like home.  


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First off, I don’t think there’s a home out there that is “The One”.  I think that’s a really dangerous home buying attitude. You can end up paying more than it’s worth and more than you can get back from it, or end up with a house that has a whole bunch of problems but you weren’t willing to move on. So be careful with that 🙂

That said, my house ticked all of my non-negotiable boxes (price, location, the right size, yard, garage) and most of my “would-like” boxes (big south-facing windows, wood floors, older home with lots of character, garden plot). It just kind of spoke to me and I loved it! But I was 100% prepared to let it go if the inspection showed big problems or something along those lines. Another “perfect” house will come along. 

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We looked for 3-4 years.  Finally as we were driving away from our house, I burst into tears and my husband said that’s the one!  (I don’t usually cry)

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DoubleD :  While our home isn’t exactly “the one”, it’s pretty danged close and miles ahead of the other ones we looked at.  Our neighbor’s new house is actually the one… I told her we were going to start being horrible neighbors so they’d move and we could buy it.  Here’s what we loved though:

Middle of nowhere while still having neighbors – quiet and DARK at night most of the time (there are some hounds I could live without).  Land – 3 1/2 glorious acres including a good sized orchard that needs a lot of TLC, plenty of space for the cat to be outside when she wants and the dog to have room to run and roam.  Water – big need where we live to have irrigation.  We looked at some houses without and in the end having a view was not a better deal to us than having water.  Fantastic cathedral wood ceiling – wasn’t a need but man it opens the place up because….

Bad things: small rooms and not enough rooms – we will definitely need to add on.  No fireplace – there is a propane stove but we don’t trust previous owners enough to actually use it and are planning to remedying the fireplace situation soon.  Fixer upper – not really a bad thing, we’re having a good time with refurbishing the yard and house, but it’s certainly not something everyone would want.  Locale in general isn’t fantastic but it’s where we live and work anyway, so it’s not like that was going to change. We aren’t moving elsewhere without employment! We will be making sure that our kid knows the world is out there, however, so he doesn’t get as jaded as many of the locals.

Houses that weren’t the one:  No irrigation, obvious flooding in one as well as what looked like angry previous owner damage, really stupid layouts/architecture, on a hill that looks pretty dangerous in winter

We were both immediately into the house we purchased, so like our careers, our wedding venue and each other, we did just “know” for the time being, at least.

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We sort of stumbled into the house we currently own and occupy. We’d had tumultuous real estate dealings when trying to buy a house in prep for our relocation so ended up renting for a bit. Then we realized we liked our rental quite a lot, and so we ended up buying it from the owner, which also was a tumultuous effort. We’ve learned a lot about real estate so now realize there are always going to be flaws. 

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DoubleD :  

At my advanced age, I’ve got owned quite a few houses.  I’m also very intuitive and that’s becoming stronger and louder as I get older.  

For me, it’s my heartbeat.  If a house is right for me, my heart will start pounding when I look at the listing.  I could look at and have looked at dozens of listings and suddenly, my heart will start beating faster and I get a feeling of excitement.  That’s the one.  Fortunately, the last time, Dh listened to me and we bought the house.

It happened once when we weren’t even house hunting or planning to move.  I saw a listing in the paper and there it went—my crazy beating heart.  We bought it.  Great house.

It worked when we adopted our quasi rescue German Shepherd sight unseen from out of state.  I started reading her story on a message board and there was that old familiar feeling.  We were most definitely not looking to add another dog at that moment in time.  Dh was quite clear on this.  Need I even tell you what happened?  Naturally, it worked out brilliantly.  We have a beautiful, wonderful dog who is a total daddy’s girl.

Moral of the story:  never underestimate your intuition!

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