(Closed) How did you know your house was the one?

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We looked at all the available houses in our budget ($160,000 range) and none of them felt like ‘home’. I think we looked at about 20 or so. For us it was the floorplan that was a major factor in how a home ‘felt’. A lot of the houses just had too much work or too many problems to even consider and were ‘nos’ right away




Basically, we knew this was our home when we walked in and it just felt so comfortable. It felt like we could relax there and it felt so familiar – like going into a best friend’s house or something. The decor wasn’t our taste at all and it needed new carpets and lots of updates (it was a total 70’s/80’s theme aha) but even past all that we could just tell that it was meant to be our home. I knew that I wanted to raise our kids here someday and it just felt so peaceful and just right. I don’t really know how else to describe it.. we just knew right away. We could picture all our furniture in it and I was immediately planning in my head how I would arrange everything aha




It was a private sale and I was so reluctant at first, because I had wanted an old house (like 1800’s and this house was built in the 1960’s), we drove up already hating it and discouraged about the backyard because it wasn’t as big as the others we had seen.. and then we actually walked in the house and it felt exactly like home. It reminds me a ton of the house I grew up in (lots of wood finishes, similar floor plan, bungelow, etc) so it could be that’s why I was attached so fast, but even my Fiance said it felt like home right away.




Even though I loved this house, I was nervous that we would miss out on something better in a few weeks or in a month or two. We bought our house in the spring and everyone was saying ‘don’t rush, tons of houses will come up for sale in the summer’. We had exhausted all our options and I was worried that I only really loved the house because there weren’t really any other options.. and the funny thing is – NOTHING ELSE CAME UP. I looked in the papers and online for about four months after we bought our house, thinking that I would find something that we would have liked better (I think trying to make sure that we made the right choice) and nothing else in our budget or preferred location has come up.




My advice: if you are ready financially and if the home feels right, somewhere you could see yourself living, and just all around comfortable -don’t hesitate. There are always going to be things about a house that aren’t ideal (i.e. the bedrooms in our house aren’t as big as I would like them to be, but the general floorplan and what we get for our money definitely make the smaller bedrooms worth it). At some point you have to stop looking and trust yourself. I definitely think it’s a good idea to look at lots of homes to get an idea of what is out there, but I don’t think a final decision should be based on how many you went to see before you picked one (:








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Can you imagine yourselves living in it?

If it has most of your requirements and you feel comfortable enough in it so that you can imagine yourself living in it, then its probably going to be right for you.

We saw houses that had the right qualifications, but we couldnt imagine living in them. The one we decided on we could see a future life in.

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On the contrary, I only really loved our house because there weren’t really any other options…

And it’s totally working for us. With a fast-moving market and such limited options, we jumped right in and made an offer as soon as we saw it. We let go of our ~dream house~ vision of perfection the first day we saw houses with our realtor. 

The coolest thing about owning our little house is that the longer we live in it, the more I love it. 

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It fit my needs! (I owned before Darling Husband and I met).

Big kitchen, lots of windows, right price.

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It’s kind of like a wedding dress, I think!  You might see other houses after you buy that you also like, but you can do a lot more with a house to make it feel like home.  And for us, as soon as we walked into the house, even though it needed a little work, had gross carpet, and boring beige walls, it felt right.  And the price was reasonable, while leaving some stuff for us to do to make it our own.

Now, we’ve had our house for a year and a half, and I still love it, but do see some things becoming bigger issues eventually.  We don’t have a garage, our basement is a little weird, the kitchen needs some help… but for right now, it is perfectly fine.  It’s amazing what you can live with!  But having this home has helped shape our future must-have list, so when we do decide to move we’ll have a better idea of what we’re looking for.  

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I walked in prepared to hate it.  It was comfree and the other comfree houses we saw were horribly overpriced and not houses we would have liked even if they were reasonable.  I started picking apart everything as we walked in.  There were people veiwing the house so we started upstairs which was unusual.  By the time we got to the master bedroom the positives were showing over all of the things I was being really picky about.  The kitchen was usually the room that made me instantly say no, as a big kitchen with lots of cabinets and counter space was high up on my list.  The kitchen was one of the biggest we had seen in our price range, especially in this neighbourhood.

All of our needs and strong wants were met.  The neighbourhood is also pretty amazing.

I went back the next day to double check that I really wanted to make an offer and it was better than I remembered!

It was also the first one that Darling Husband and I both liked.  There was one where I liked the house and was kinda excited about it, but Darling Husband brought up the neighbourhood and yard and I agreed.  A house in an older neighbourhood really got Darling Husband excited, but it just wasn’t right for us, there were way too many rooms considering we’re not planning on having kids and the yard was too big.  Then there were 2 in a different neighbourhood, he liked one and I liked the other.  We figured since we both didn’t want to make an offer on either we needed to keep looking and the right house would be one that we both liked.

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My Fiance and I are house shopping right now. Even though we haven’t purchased yet there have definitely been different feelings when we walked into the houses. Some of them I can see us living in and some I just can’t visualize us living there.

 In our price range in our area the houses go really fast. Two of the houses that I was really interested in went off the market before I could go see them, less than 5 days. Now, if a house pops up that looks good I’m going to check it out the same day. I say go for it if it meets most of your top requirements and you could imagine yourself living there. 


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@jackieee:  +1

We chose our house bc basically it was the best option for what is available and we needed to move ASAP. We KNEW we wanted to get into the subdivision, but we kept missing out on all the smaller houses that were on the market in there. We ended up putting an offer in on our house as soon as it hit the market and successfully avoided a bidding war. It is bigger than we want now, but we know we will grow into it. The closer I get to closing the more excited I get! I know we made the right choice even tho it wasn’t what we initially thought we wanted.

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Ask yourself these questions:

1. If someone came along and paid cash for that house tomorrow, would you kick yourself for waiting?

2. Can you close your eyes and picture yourself in that home on Christmas morning? Laying in the family room feeling sick? etc.

3. Can you get this house out of your mind?


We didn’t realize our house was “the one” until later in the day. We went to see it in the morning. Later, as we were talking with friends I kept going on and on and on about this house. Our friends were like, well why haven’t you made an offer on it yet? And with that, Mr. Lk and I were like yeah, we should definitely get on that!

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The space was great, the town was top notch.  Big enough to grow into and didnt break the bank.  It was also the only house on the market in our price range and the towns we wanted to be in that we like (after not getting two other houses we wanted).  I’m so glad we got it though.  3 years later, I still routinely browse for homes, and haven’t found anything else that we would prefer over our house.


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Glad I could help (:

@lovekiss:  I love your second question! “2. Can you close your eyes and picture yourself in that home on Christmas morning? Laying in the family room feeling sick? etc.”

I definitely did that with all the houses we saw! I have an undiagnosed chronic illness and so I can suddenly feel very sick and it was so important to me to find a place that I could picture being “comfortably sick” in, as weird as that sounds 😉 Also, Christmas is my favourite holiday, so whatever house we got needed to have room for a giant tree!

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@cora_123: We put an offer on our current house after going out to see houses only 1 day.  We saw about 5 houses in person and put an offer on one of them.  How did I know it was the one?

This was our list of musts:  

1. Good public schools; 

2. Low crime rate; 

3.  Three bedrooms 

4.  Two bathrooms 

5. Backyard.  

6. Open concept. 

This was our list of wants:  

1.  Pool 

2.  Lake/water view 

3.  4th bedroom would be awesome 

4. Half bath would be awesome. 


When I walked into my current house, I saw it met all our musts, and it also had a pool and a lake view.  I just imagined it empty and completely remodeled and thought it would be an awesome place to live.  Like others have said… close your eyes and see if you can picture urself and your family there.  

I think that when you find “the one” you just now.  I think you should put an offer unless finances is an issue.  If they are, then I say hold off ’till you are more comfortable. 

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Don’t hate me, but finding a house was like porn; you know it when you see it!

But seriously, it’s a feeling you get when you’re there, don’t overthink it. If you can see yourself living there, see other houses and compare them to it, then that’s the house. There comes a point where you just have to stop looking and go with your gut.

Our house is NOT perfect, there have been little “easter eggs” we’ve found from the former owner, but all in all we would pick this house over again in a heartbeat.

Best of luck! 

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