(Closed) How did you know your SO was THE One? How did you know it was THE ring?

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Aww!! I love reading happy love stories!! I’m a bit of a romantic!! 

I met my partner online, I had been online dating for 4 years and never really clicked with anyone. There were the usual idiots, but also a couple of men I liked but who didn’t seem at all interested in me…i would get upset when they never messaged me back or left me hanging. 

Then I saw my partners profile and instantly loved his smile. He looked so friendly (still does look friendly ;-)) so I messaged him….I wasn’t sure if he would respond as I am 8 years younger than him, but he replied. I knew when we were messaging that he was different to other men I had messaged (sounds soooo corny but true). He seemed really interested and asked me a lot of questions. I remember telling him I have nieces and he replied ‘I love children’…instant hit for me, as I love kids too. We arranged a date for the weekend coming. I was sooooo nervous. I woke up feeling a bit sick but didn’t want to cancel. We always laugh about how awful the first date was….I wasn’t very well, we ate a disgusting burger in a very crowded bar, he’s quite short and I was in heels so towered above him. We carried on messaging and then I went to see him in his little town for the 2nd date. We kissed in his car as he drove me home.

3 years later we now live in a flat in that town and I’ve opened up a business in his nan’s house (she sadly passed away a few months ago). 

We aren’t the richest of couples but are very good at saving. I’m not a materialistic person and to be honest know nothing about engagement rings. I don’t know what is an expensive or cheap ring. I can’t tell a real diamond from a fake one. I knew my partner couldn’t afford a real diamond…and to be honest I’m not fussed about diamonds…so we chose an antique garnet ring. I put it on and fell in love instantly πŸ™‚ 

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I don’t believe in “the one” as far as people OR jewelry goes. I am sure there would be thousands of people I might be compatible with, and I sure know there’s lot of jewelry I like! But I did know immediately that I felt differently about DH, and things moved pretty quickly from there. I definitely wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone! Congratuatlions on finding the right person and the right ring for you!

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Aw so nice to see some happy gushing!!! So happy and excited for you πŸ™‚

How did I know my now DH was the one? I’ll take the opportunity to gush πŸ™‚ 
Well we actually met on an online video game! Got talking in the chat there and doing missions together (sigh we are so nerdy), and eventually started voice calling. I started falling for him pretty fast because he seemed so unlike other men I had dated or liked before. He was kind, considerate,super romantic while not being too sappy, funny as hell, and never judged me for my past. He doesn’t have a manipulative bone in his body (like all the other men I’ve known).

He was keen to let me take things at my own pace. We didn’t send photos or video chat until about 6 months after we “met”, which also let me know he wasn’t interested in me simply because of my looks, and I wasn’t interested in him simply because of his. So we got to know each other’s personalities looong before there was anything physical thrown in to confuse things. Finally we decided we should try meeting to see if what we felt through the internet and long phone calls would translate into real life. And it did! I spent a month with him and it was the best month of my life, he truly was my best friend and it made my love for him seem that much more real. Also I was pleasantly surprised to find out my faceless long distance friend in real life had the face of an angel and the body of a greek god and we had mad physical chemistry πŸ˜‚.

He knew even before then that he wanted to marry me, but me being the slow moving (and commitment phobic anxiety ridden) girl I am wanted to wait (my initial stipulation was 2 years!!!)

I went back to my hometown for a few months and we were long distance, then I finally couldn’t take it anymore and went back to visit him and pretty much let him know I was ready and didn’t see the point of waiting. Seeing that big stupid happy grin on his face was so worth it. smile

I didn’t have any input in my ring! It’s how I’ve always wanted it. I always used to think that I wouldn’t want to choose my own, because even if SO would pick something that wasn’t my favourite, the fact that he would take the time and effort to try to think of what I would want would mean all the world to me.

So he actually went to a place and consulted with a desinger and had a ring made! And I LOVE IT. It is so my personality and the fact that he managed to capture that just helped solidify again to me how well he knows and understands me, even after our relatively short long distance courtship. It even used my favourite stone, my blue sapphire birthstone πŸ™‚

Anyway we have now been married about six months and I’ve moved to be with him. We’ve also recently adopted our first kitty together and really feel like a cozy little family, and sometimes I still feel myself blinking, like this is too good to be true. It’s not perfect of course, we have little squabbles like anyone, but I have found my best friend and soul mate and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

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This is so cute! I love reading happy stories, and especially the ones where people just impulsively take a risk and it works out for them. I have a friend who moved across the country to be with a guy she had just met on tinder, and it worked out wonderfully for her. I also know a woman who married her husband 2 months after they met, and they just celebrated 15 years together. 

My fiance and I met on Tinder… we matched and started messaging and clicked immediately. We were messaging constantly, then texting, and we had planned our first date for a week out. Well, one day, I couldn’t wait any longer, and asked him if he wanted to meet up that night. He said “Yes please!” And we pushed our first date up…. yeah, we hit it off in person too. We ended up at bar trivia, and were hard core flirting and ogling over each other, and someone at the table next to us yelled “you two should just make out already!”

so we did :). 

I had a hard time telling how serious most of the tinder dates I went on were. But with my fiance, it just worked. I had no anxieties about him ghosting me. I didn’t even want a relationship at first… most guys I had looked for a reason to stay, and with him i was having a hard time finding a reason to leave. We moved in six months after meeting and got engaged exactly 1 year from our first date. :). I’m so insanely happy with him!



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The Ring – I helped pick it out and we hd it customised to be perfect so…. no issues there

The guy – I have never had any doubts, I am constantly happy, supported and challenged with him. It feels so easy with him, just like family. 

I am very lucky, that is for sure.

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I just had a feeling of surety with my SO and my ring. I had no doubts, no cold feet that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I also thought and still think my ring is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It has everything I wanted, which was hard to find.

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With my fiance, we had a strong connection right away and started dating when we were young, and as we grew up together, we just gradually grew to realize that there was no one else we’d rather be with. We both make each other so happy and enjoy all the time we spend together!

With my ring, I had a lot of different styles I liked, but all of them had some characteristics in common that I knew I wanted (solitaire, yellow gold, smaller center stone, low set). We decided to buy online for the greater variety and better prices and I decided on James Allen for the service and the ability to see the real diamonds. I chose my setting because it was a design that incorporated all of my major wants, had beautiful engraving details to make it unique and interesting, and was a good price, particularly because it was on sale!

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I knew he was the one when shit hit the fan in my personal life about 6 months into us dating, and he stayed by my side. 

I knew my ring was the one when I tried it on and the only thing I could say was “oh my God” and no other ring I saw afterward gave me the same feeling. Still true today.

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I wouldn’t say there was a moment when I knew that my fiance was the right man for me. There were several moments (some almost imperceptible) where I became more sure of my choice and, eventually, I knew I wanted to marry him without even realizing I had come to that conclusion.

The first big sign that I was on the right track came maybe 6ish months after we started dating. I was TAing a lab course with a shit ton of grading involved. This class was notorious among TA’s for the amount of work because the lab times were long, you had to sit in and proctor 4 of them, and then grade really long lab write ups. I was “lucky” and the amount of time I needed to finish all the work was *only* 2-3 over our max weekly allowed time as grad students (most people were 7-8 hours over a week). Due to my grading load, I spent a lot of my free time sitting at home and going through lab write ups and marking them up. One day he asked me if I wanted to come over on a weeknight. I told him I’d be over, but I needed to grade. He was fine with that. While I was grading he sat next to me and made me tea and then started adding up the points I had awarded for all the problems to speed up the busy work for me. I figured if this guy was willing to sit with me and help me grade labs as a “date” then he was definitely worth putting in quite a bit of work to make the relationship last.

As for the ring, it was just as simple. I spent a lot of time looking around to see what I liked. I had an idea of likes and dislikes and the two of us discussed what colors we’d want (I don’t like clear stones). We settled on a set of colors and I found a few rings that I really liked. I was going to give him small list and have him choose, but then I saw the one I ended up with on the “suggested” list of the website I was looking at. I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud. My fiance liked it just as much as I did and ordered it a day after our proposal.

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I remember the night I met Mr Summer.   First time I saw him, he had his back to me but later on in the evening I saw him fully and once our eyes met there was a spark of energy between us.   We have had our ups and downs like alot of couples but I knew he was the one when we went through a trying time in our lives.  There has always been a strong connection and it is like we are two peas in a pod.

As for the ring,  we went to a family run jewellers which the guy designs each engagement ring.  I tried on six rings which I let Mr Summer pick out from the display window.  They were all solitares (which is what he envisioned).   I tried on each one but the band was to thick,  to thin.  The cut of stones didn’t seem right for my finger.  However one just stood out from the rest I kept going back to it.  It just was perfect.   Mr Summer said he knew it was the one too because he really liked it (it was his last choice out of the display) and he said my face lit up when I put it on.    The ring was meant to be ours.

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What a cool thread! I used to have what I referred to as “the guy that got away” and I measured every relationship I had to that guy. I never thought I could do better. Then I met my Fiance and I realized that he was WAY better! I kept waiting for his personality to change and for him to become less perfect for me, but it never happened. I knew after about 6 months that he was The One.

After about 10 months of dating he told me to look at rings and send him links to my top 3 choices. I went to a jewelry store with my Mom. I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for. The employee pulled-out several rings and when I saw one of them I started to cry a little bit because it was so beautiful. She told me the price and I gasped. But it was the only ring I had that reaction to. So I sent the link to my then-boyfriend and told him that it was over the budget he told me, but to just find something similar. 

Well, he waited for a few months until that ring was discounted and got it for about $2,000 less than its retail price. I didn’t think I’d be getting the exact ring, so I was obviously very happy!


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