How did you know your SO was THE One? How did you know it was THE ring?

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My DH had always been so open and honest since day 1, and I felt so comfortable talking with him about the most personal things…we kept taking words out of each other’s mouths, we were so similar in so many ways. There were many signs that he was The One, but the day I knew without a doubt, was during one of my favorite memories when we first started dating: We were in the car together when he sheepishly asked: “Do you want to hear something kind of cringy? I was looking through my playlists and found one full of old emo songs I used to be into. Want to hear what angsty teen me liked?” Without skipping a beat, I answered yes. He shuffled the playlist, and the first song that played happened to be one of my guilty pleasure favorites. I couldn’t help but admit: “Is it bad that I still listen to this kind of music all the time?” and suddenly all the tension in the car lifted as he smiled like an idiot and said: “ME TOO!” So we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around town listening to angsty emo music and singing together without any lick of shame. 
We were both thinking we’d have to change for someone, and hide our true–perhaps somewhat cringy–selves…but the day we learned we didn’t have to hide anything was the day we knew for certain that we’re soulmates.

I’m not too familiar with “THE ring” idea…for me, the ring he gave me was “THE one”, purely because he gave it to me. I suppose since we’re so similar, he couldn’t really mess it up by giving me something I’d think is tacky, because we both have the same tastes. He did take me window shopping to get a feel for the type of style I like, but when it finally came to the proposal, he ended up giving me a ring that he picked out himself in a different style than I was originally leaning towards. I didn’t even realize I liked cathedral settings until he got me one…and it’s perfect. 

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The first time we met, we only spent 3 hours together and couldn’t stop stealing glances while we played cards with mutual friends. That evening he found me on Facebook and we were casually talking about mutual friends and discovered that I had actually lived with him 18 years ago when I first moved to town. My mom and his mom were friends from high school. I was only 6 at the time. I hadn’t seen him since we moved into our own house. I always kind of wondered what happend to him. It was so strange finally reconnecting! It’s funny – our first picture together was from when I was 6 and he was 10. It’s of my arm and his leg at my brother’s birthday party.


We didn’t stop talking for a week straight (and haven’t stopped since). A couple weeks later we went on a date, became exclusive and he told me I’d be the woman he married. We moved in together four months later and two years later we’re engaged. 


We got the ring second hand after previously planning to set a stone into our own setting. Based on the listing, the ring was exactly my size, in our budget, the color gold I preferred and just felt right. He purchased it from the previous owner, and proposed that night. 🙂

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