(Closed) How did you lose weight for your wedding??

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Busy bee
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@Reilcal:  I did not lose weight for my wedding, but i lost 25 lbs in three months by simply reducing food intake and counting calories.  I went from 160 lbs to 135 by eating 1200 calories/day.  This was 2 years ago, and I’ve only gained 3 lbs back in those three years (and I was no longer counting calories).  I recently started counting calories again ’cause I want to lose another 10 lbs.  The stuff I eat are by no means delicious, but it is not too bad: quinoa, turkey ground, chicken breast, lettuce, non-fat yogurt, baby carrots…

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Calorie counting, low carb diet rich in veggies and lean protein (eg South Beach Diet), and high-intensity interval cardio + weight training.  Stick to it and it’s basically guaranteed to work.

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Healthy eating, reduced carbs, increased veggies and lean protein.  Also rowing daily on the Concept 2 machine.  Following P90x workout routine as well.

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I lost about 15 pounds before my wedding. I put on weight by eating the wrong things and just being comfortable even though I stil frequented the gym. I was able to lose weight by cuttig out the bad foods and calorie counting. I also started running which helped alot with the weight loss. My wedding was 6 months ago and I have been able to keep the weight off and lose even more!

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@Reilcal:  I lost a bit of weight using Nutrisystem, but I no longer recommend it becuase I put back on al lthat weight and then some.

After the wedding I counted calories with My Fitness Pal, and had I not gotten pregnant, I would still be losing weight. I lost over 25 pounds by just eating properly for my weight and energy and walking.

I would recommend calorie counting with My Fitness Pal. It’s kind of like a Facebook for people who have the same issue, so you will get people that can support you, and it is easy becuase you can eat whatever you want. You just have to account for it. it takes a lot of dedication, but it works. (By the way the worst you can do is starve yourself–some people think a yogurt in the morning, salad at lunch, and chicken and veggies at night is the way to go. While healthy, you do not get enough food from that and send your metabolism struggling)

Good luck!

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I know ho much of a struggle this is.  My doctor kicked my butt into gear last Feburary about my weight (and then I got engaged in June, so even better prep for the wedding)  So far, I have lost 40 pounds using My Fitness Pal.  It’s a free app, and lets you, easily track calories, FOR FREE.  You don’t necessarily need a smart phone, as it’s online too.  I know I sound like a comercial right now, but it has helped me SO much I just want to spread it to everyone.

The number 1 thing that I found out was that I was under eating most days, and then would go out to eat twice on a Saturday, and suddenly eat double or tripple what the daily calorie intake should be for someone at my goal weight for my height.  Knowing that about myself really changed the way I did things. 

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Buzzing bee
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I recently lost 10-15 pounds with Weight Watchers (which I also did like 2 years ago, but didn’t maintain because I thought I could just do it on my own due to WW policies that have since changed; this time around I’ve been in maintenance for about 6 weeks now and hoping to stay where I am), gave up soda (OK, I’ll still have 1-2 a month) and running/walking/weight lifting.

I like WW more than MyFitnessPal because it really helps you figure out what types of foods to eat (lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein, fewer carbs) rather than just counting calories.

I totally hear you on the stress eating; I can binge eat like nobody’s business.

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Busy bee
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Myfitness pal worked initially for  me until I started resenting the app everytime the calorie numbers went into the red and then I overexercised to try to compensate

I try to drink a tall glass of cold water when I think I’m hungry wait a little bit and eat a small snack (low calorie) like a fruit, or side salad if you’re on the go. 

I realized that I was eating until I was “full” not until I was just not hungry which are completely different feelings.

You have to regulate yourself and eat slowly and realize the point or the bite in which you’re no longer hungry and not just finish the plate or whatever’s in front of you cause it’s still there. Eating out will make this very difficult as restaurants serve really large portions and people will want to finish the meal in front of them as it doesn’t taste as good the next day. Always order less, like a side, not a full entree, eat slowly and you will be able to regulate yourself and know when to stop.

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Busy bee
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@Reilcal:  i signed up with weight watchers, i lost 20 lbs in almost 8mts. i didnt work out i cut out all soda. Eating 3 meals a day actuall works! never would have though it! yes you get hungry but if you stick to it it really works. i was 155lbs 5’2 now im 130lbs i want to get to 120 but now i have to work out becaue my fat is in my belly, so i just started that last week. i also do stress eating, but i would walk to the kitchen then walk out of it and go do something else…. i would put in my head “i just ate that entire bag ofchips, now la de dahh…what to do… i took up knitting and crafts so i do that instead, drink lots of water and crystal light, dont fill up drinks for your calories for the day leave that for food

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Sugar bee
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I started to eat healthier.  Whole grain wraps for lunch, fruits and veggies for snacks as well as smaller portions for meals.  I also exercise anywhere between 3-5 days a week.  I alternate what workouts I do.  MWF I do a class that combines cardio with strength training.  Thurs I do all all weights class.  Sat morning I do a Yoga/Pilates hybrid class.

I limit myself to one soda per day (I love my pop) and the rest of the day I drink water.  In fact I have a 1/2 gal water cooler at my desk all day that I drink from.  I fill it up again before my workout class.

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To be honest, for me exercise is the only thing I ever do to lose weight. During the summertime I rollerblade around my small town lake here in MN. It’s about a 6 mile skate around once and somenight I will go around about 4 times (total of 24 miles non-stop!) I always seem to drop 20-30 pounds, but, alas. It’s not a workout that I can do all year where I live, so over the winter I seem to just gain it all right back… Now that my wedding is one year away, I want to try to change things this coming winter and focus on drinking water, not eating out, no donuts (my weakness) and avoid bread like the plague. Also going to start working on using my fluidity bar more regulary to tone up… Hopefully it all pays off!

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Busy bee
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Reilcal:  There is a group of bees on MFP. I highly recommend joining us! We have a group called “Bees for Weight Loss”.

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I joined Weight Watchers and started doing Cross Fit and lost 12 lbs and toned up quite a bit. WW works very well and I still do it to this day 🙂

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julesbeeb:  thank for this thread!!! I am really trying to lose 15 lbs for my wedding in 4 months. Eek!! I’m also joining the MFP group.

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