(Closed) How did you meet? Or what was your favorite date with your current OS, FI or DH?

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Wow, what a sweet meeting story. That’s amazing that you clicked so easily from the very beginning!

My Darling Husband and I grew up in the same small town (on the same street), but met in college in another state. He’s a few years older than me, and I’d had a bit of a crush on him in the back of my mind for a while. His aunt teaches at our high school and she and I remained friends after graduation. We were hanging out while I was home for the summer and she suggested that we might like each other (I of course immediately agreed). Her words were actually “You should marry Mr.C” 🙂 When we got back to school she asked her daughter to arrange a meeting. So we met over dinner at his cousins house (her husband makes amazing pizza) and now we live around the corner 🙂

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FH and I are from the same town and when I was in 10th grade I transfered to the high school he went to. We met a few times in the hall, but we didn’t start actually talking to each other regularly until my junior year. Honestly, I didn’t think he was my type or that we’d ever date each other. After graduation we starting talking on Facebook and realized that we had a lot in common. One weekend we were both in town at the same time and he invited me to come hang out with him. We spent almost all night talking. Six days later we started dating.

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Darling Husband and I met through eHarmony. We were both in our late,  40s and previously had been in bad relationships. We both were burned out from dating and were getting to the point of giving up hope that we would ever meet “The One.”

He joined eHarmony a few months before I did. I was reluctant to join but my cousin kept nagging me and pushing me to give it a try. So just to shut her up (LOL) I joined just after Thanksgiving 2009, on Sunday night. Well, when I came home from work on Monday to check my eHarmony account, lo and behold, there was Darling Husband in my inbox. He was literally my first match.

We chatted online for several weeks — we had a one week black out because one night I spilled a glass of wine on my laptop and I had no internet for a few days until I could get to Best Buy to buy a new one! But we finally met face to face on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009…. little did I know that that would be the day my life would never be the same. We were very interested in each other from the beginning, so we started dating.

I guess if I had to choose my favorite date, it would have been two months in. It was Valentine’s weekend, 2010. It was also our first sleepover. Darling Husband took me to a romantic jazz concert at a local botanical park. We had a romantic picnic by candlelight at the park with champagne, etc. Darling Husband brought me a dozen red roses, a romantic card, and a heart-shaped enamel box as a present. We spent the night at my apartment and the whole weekend ended up being so passionate that Darling Husband, who is a lawyer, ended up forgetting that he needed to be in court first thing Monday!

I remember we were having breakfast on Monday morning when the judge’s secretary called Darling Husband on his cell phone and asked where he was. LOL! I have to confess I took it as a huge compliment that Darling Husband was so taken with me, he forgot he needed to be in court! Normally he is very detail oriented about those things!

We ended up getting engaged after a year and a half of dating, and we got married on Dec. 19, 2011, the two year anniversary of meeting each other.

This month we are celebrating 10 blissful months of marriage. I adore him with all of my heart, and every day I thank my lucky stars for having met the love of my life. Even if it took me a long time to find him, it was worth the wait!

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We met at Kroger. My mom needed to go shopping, I tagged along, lo and behold… cuuuuute check out boy! I remember it with weirdly vivid detail, and I thought about him nonstop for weeks afterwards.

He started coming to my tiny private school a couple months later and I recognized him. He recognized me too, I think. And the rest is pretty much history.

The whole story is even longer, but it’s my favorite story to tell. 

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Well I have known my Mr.R’s great grandmother all of my life. She was one of my teacher aids in elementary school. And I seen her off and on up until college. Mr.R worked with my older brother and one day I made a comment on my brothers Facebook post and Mr.R said something back to me.. And he would pick with me off and on(keep in mind I had no idea who he was) One day my friend and I were out at the movies and ran into my brother and his friends and yes Mr.R was with them. Well Mr.R and I hit it off and was together from that day out.. And as time moved on I got to meet more family and found out not only did I know his great grandmother, but she is best friends with my grandma.. And my mom knows his grandmother rofl and I know like 5 of his friends.. So we have been in each others lives for ever and people always says we were meant to be together

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We were on a dancefloor, packed in on New Years Eve, and I followed my friend onto the dance floor.  She left, and I started dancing with my now husband.  But he was AWFUL!  Like, he was backward dancing into me – I had no clue what he was doing, and I was sober, to make it worse!  But, midnight comes and he grabs my hand, but then he doesn’t go for a kiss or anything.  5 mins later I can’t find him.

Within a month, we connect on FB, I send him a happy valentines day message, and then we met back at the same bar on St. Patricks day.  Later that weekend, we went to the teddy bear factory and a beer factory, and then to a romantic dinner.  Been together ever since – inseperable!

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My favorite date with him, was one of our first ones. He picked me up and we went to go see the movie Tangled. It was during a week day so the theater was empty. During the some of the songs we decided since no one was there, we could go dance in the asiles. 

It was so silly and so much fun =)

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@Klein2bReidy:  well lets see there are a few but id have to say in the beginning of our relationship his birthday. he was so shocked at the way i treated him i didn’t say a work i took him to this Japanese steak house for dinner and they had a birthday cake for him after dinner and then when dinner was done i took him to the beach at night we had drinks at a beach bar and went on the beach and just drank and enjoyed the stars and moon and talked he told me that no girlfriend had ever did anything like that for him ; ) and i told him to get use to this kind of treatment. then i gave him his birthday present which was a expensive watch that he had been wanting. it was awesome just the two of us on the beach. it was a magical night.

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