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Sugar bee

I met my Fiance online, on a website called OKCupid. We talked for a week or two before we met up in real life, at a Scottish pub. We talked for hours and took a walk along the water, and have been inseperable ever since!

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Bumble bee
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We met at a mutual families engagement party. I was also SUPER drunk and barely remembered anything about the evening. At one point I grabbed his phone and added myself to his facebook. Weve been together ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

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Blushing bee
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Oh, I love these threads!

I got a random msg on myspace one day from this soldier in Iraq- not a pick up “hey cutie” kinda msg, but just a random convo. We started emailing, then IM’ing, then non stop videos chats lol. 5 months later, 2 days after he was state side, my buddy and I drove 3 hours to see him (we always did late night road trips anyway lol).  1 month to that day, I pulled into his driveway with a car packed with all my stuff! It’s amazing to think that was almost 3 years ago, I’m so thankful I ignored my friends warnings and took the biggest risk of my life! I love my dork <3

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Bumble bee
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When we met, I was dating his best friend. Fiance became good friends while I dated his best friend for 2 years. When I ended that relationship, my ex broke ties (to put it mildly) with my now Fiance because he thought my Fiance had something to do with the break-up. (he didn’t)

After I broke up with ex, Fiance dated a HORRIBLE girl for 2 years. She abused him, cheated on him, stole money from him, and drove him away from everyone in his life, which resulted in him not speaking to me for 2 years. Bitch.

When he finally got the courage to break up with her, first thing he did was apologise to me for giving me the cold shoulder for 2 years. I ALMOST ignored his apology because I was hurt, but in the end I agreed to meet up with him and catch up.

We started meeting on a regular basis as friends, and he confessed that he’d had a crush on me for years. But I still wasn’t interested at the time. Fast forward a year or so, and I FINALLY realised that the man I was looking for was right under my nose the whole time – I confessed that I had fallen in love with him and we’ve been inseparable ever since. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Honey bee
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At work.

I was doing work experience and he spotted me.  I only vaguely remember meeting him but he asked a collegue to give me his number and we started texting.  Met up with him soon after and the rest is history ๐Ÿ™‚

@JessieK: That takes guts, well done you!  Congratulations.

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Bumble bee
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At a mutual friends poker party. I’m good friends with a woman I work with, as well as her husband and their 6 year old daughter (love them all). Well, she invited me to one of the poker parties her husband throws. He invites like 6-10 people over and they play poker, have food and drinks, etc. Well she was always on the lookout for a guy for me hahaha, which I don’t even know why! So she kept talking about the guys that would be there and would name them and then say “nah, you probably wouldn’t like him”, then she finally is like “Then Grant will be there…oh! You’ll probably like Grant”. I was 22 at the time, her and her husband are older than me..mid thirties. SO I was like “How old is he? If he’s older than 30 then no!”. Well she said she was pretty sure he was early 30’s. So in my head, he’s out of the question (Just because I’d never dated anyone that much older than me).

So, I go to the poker party..I’m sitting in her kitchen while she’s prepping food…and Grant walks in. She introduces us and what not…and I am just DYING FOR HIM TO LEAVE THE ROOM. Because as soon as he did, I was like “HELL YEAH!!!!!”. He was so tall and gorgeous, he does NOT look 31 at all (his age at the time), and polite from the moment I met him.

Anyways, after a night of playing poker (him teaching me)…everyone is leaving. I’m talking to my friend and her husband and tell them how interested I am. Come to find out he has a girlfriend of 7 years. I was so sad!!!! Anyways, the next day I wanted to find him on Facebook (yeah, yeah)..but I didn’t know his last name..so I text my friend and I jokingly say “What’s my future boyfriend’s last name”. hahahah. Anyways, fast forward..he finds out i’m interested and breaks up with his Girlfriend. Turns out they’d been on and off multiple times, they both wanted completely different things, every one of his friends hated this girl, and it was just a bad relationship all around that they were both too lazy to end for good. So we started dating, and it’s funny because everytime I’d meet one of his friends for the first time they’d be like “Thank god she’s gone” (the ex).

And now we’ve been together a year and a half, we live together, have two dogs together, we both want the exact same things, and we’re super happy.

Sorry that’s a book!!

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Sugar bee

We lived in the same dorm our freshman year, on a community floor that had a lot of outings and programs so we saw each other a lot. We were friends for over a year before we started dating.

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Blushing bee
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On eharmony. I had been single and at complete peace with it for a year and signed up for the 3 month membership over the summer, thinking what the heck….I would start work again in September (teacher) so I figured I would be ok if the membership expired by then and I didn’t meet anyone.

I was on it for about a month and went on a few coffee dates with guys, nice people but no one I really clicked with. I remember seeing his profile in the morning before work one day, and thinking that if he doesn’t contact me by the end of the day, I’ll contact him. Well when I got home, he had contacted me. We clicked instantly. I was the first and obviously only girl he met on the site!

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Sugar bee
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Aw thanks for starting this thread! I love reading all the stories!

Fiance and I met at a basketball outreach hosted by my church’s youth group. He’s been going there for years but under a different church, then my church took over.

During the course of the night, our youth group leader ran towards me yelling “Nurse Karen! We need you!” and saw him being escorted off the court by his friends. I groaned inwardly thinking it was another rolled ankle, so when I went over to him, I immediately directed all my attention to his ankle. I’m all like “Ok let’s get ice, let’s elevate, blah blah” and he’s like “Uumm, I hurt my knee.”

Well that was embarrassing.

I stayed with him for a bit and we did the small talk. Then when I got up to leave, his friend said “Aren’t you gonna ask her for her number?” as I walked away.

Well that was awkward.

Anyways, from then on we would talk every Friday at the youth group, even though we didn’t know each other’s name for months! We finally got each other’s number because we had planned to find jobs together.

We met in January 2005 and started dating in June 2005. And now 6 yrs later, we’re getting married this September!!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Fi and I met through Facebook. I had just finished creating a group for ppl with my last name (very popular name & yeh I know lame lol), and he sent me a random msg asking me how the group was going. We started talking and 3 weeks later we met in person. The rest is history, it will be 4 yrs this april that were together and in 289 days I say I do to the most awesome man ever!!!

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Helper bee
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Starbucks. He was my customer and he came in all the time when I was working. He would dress up more and more… mind you my Fiance works on cars and there is no reason to be dressed up haha. That was 3+ years ago and we will be married in a little less than 3 months!

P.S. I love these stories! So sweet

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Buzzing bee
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We met on plentyoffish, although only about half the people we know are aware of that. He had just got out of a 6 year relationship (including 10 months of marriage) and I had just moved back to my hometown and left a strange 6 month online… fling? Anyways, we chatted online a few times and then he asked if we wanted to meet up. He tells me now that he was SURE that it wouldnt’ work because I was too young, but he figured he’d meet me anyways. I thought he was nice, but was wary.

Well, when I first met him I fell head over heels. Bright blue eyes, tall, handsome.. I don’t think I could have asked for more. He and I went on our first date and just kept extending it! We went for dinner… then Dave and Busters…. then Yuk Yuks… then we went to my place and watched the Olympics until 3 am. And from then on out we were inseperable!

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Busy bee
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Fiance and I met at work. I had been with the company for about 8 months when he started. We didn’t like each other at all for about a year. Then we were moved into the same office building and started talking and here we are 3 years later, counting down to our wedding!

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Sugar bee
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@SweetVanity: Yay date twin!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Isn’t it funny how things just all work out?

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