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Ooooh gosh…embarrassing haha. We actually met through reddit. There is a local Vancouver subreddit. He had organised a hike to try and find a treehouse that a guy secretly built near Whistler. 

It turns out that he lived two streets away from me and had a spare seat in his car. So we met up and he tells me that I won him over right away. I was still getting over a previous relationship and didn’t want to get involved with someone knowing that my visa was ending eventually and I was going to move to Europe for a few years after that.

We started hanging out as friends and he asked me out every day, and pointed out that it was only one date. 

And now he is comign to Europe with me and we are getting married! ๐Ÿ˜€



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At a bar in Philly called Fox & Hound. My friends Bianca & Mike were taking me out for my birthday. While Bianca brought friends of ours that I aware of, he had a mystery friend coming. That turned out to be Brian and it was also his birthday at midnight (May 9). He also just became roommates with Mike as his old one went to jail (Coincidence?). We talked a little bit, but, I mostly just conversed with my friends.Couldn’t deny he was totally fuckin gorgeous, though.

We decided to leave the bar 1, 1:30-ish to go back to their apartment and get some beer. Mike put us in charge of going to get the alcohol and was gonna have alone time with Bi (he had a major crush on her since April). All drunk and having silly conversations, we went out of our way. Brian stopped to answer a text or something and as he was putting his phone away to start walking again, I decided to be brave and take a chance in hitting on him. Simply I said,”Can I tell you something…I don’t wanna seem weird or anything but you’re really hot.” “Aw, thank you.” “Do you mind if I kiss you?” “Sure.” After that, we were just being flirty and just getting to know each other. We finally found a bar to get 2-6 packs from and got Coronas…albeit,he didn’t want help carrying one and there were 3 casualties on the pavement. Oops..

What happened after that? We finally made our way back to the crib, with Mike making comments about where we really went. We drank some of the Coronas and decided to just cuddle in bed…got to 2nd base. Stayed overnight and just chit-chatted, exchanged numbers over freshly brewed coffee the next morning. When I decided to leave, he actually gave me $20 for a cab without me even mentioning anything.

We began texting here and there, but, didn’t really hit it off again until the end of the week. Me & Bianca came over for some wine and to hang out. Myself and Brian majorly hit it off that time, especially when I saw he was happy to see me again. I wound up staying that weekend and we dubbed ourselves “cuddle buddies”…until we slept together for the first time. The morning after, we became official and have been together ever since.

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My fiance and I met online as well, through a 3D virtual chat program. I was in an abusive marriage at the time and he’d gotten out of a bad relationship as well, so neither of us were looking for anyone. A mutual friend introduced us, and the chemistry was there. We met in person about a month later, and clicked. After a particularly nasty fight at home, I ended up calling him in tears, and about a week later, he drove 6+ hours from his home to pack me and my 2 kitties up, took me back to Jacksonville, I got my divorce shortly thereafter, and haven’t looked back since! We are now engaged to be married next October. Smile

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@knash004:  “he didn’t want to date me, he just wanted to marry me.” – this is the sweetest thing! <3


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@itsmle:  love this <3 it’s like something out of a movie!


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@MissFormaldehyde:  I love all of your little emojis lol! 

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We met when I was 14, my high school best friend was dating his high school best friend and we were set up. We dated until just after I was 17 then broke up when I moved away with family. We spoke off and on while apart but would both end up sad about it and then not talk for a while.

Four years later I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and moved back to my hometown right as Fiance was overseas breaking up with his girlfriend. 

We decided to meet up and haven’t been apart since.


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We met in October through OkCupid. After a string of bad luck, I had decided to close my account for a while but when I logged on to do so his profile popped up in my “quiver” and he sounded really interesting so I checked him out and ended up sending a message… we went out about a week later and it was the BEST first date ever. After that, we were pretty much inseperable.

What’s funny about us meeting online is that we went to college at the same time and have since discovered that we took 5 classes together, had a number of mutual friends, his freshman engineering partner lived next door to me so he was always there that year, and I also likely met/spoke with him a number of times when he was working for the Students to Elect Obama campaign in 2008 (our junior year). But we never really “met” until we found each other online, haha.

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We never spoke to one another but we have friends that hung out with the same group of ppl until …one day unexpectedly…we met at the gas bar …he pulled next to me while I was pumping gas lol…he started a conversation about the prices of gas lol we didnt exchange numbers or anything….until the next few days i bumped into him at the grocery store deli area haha we both love our meat..from there we exchanged numbers and the rest was history.. Smile

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We met in our final year of uni in 2006. He was on the same course as a friend of mine from school. We were introduced one night at the student union and I thought he was hot so started making ‘my moves’. He went to ‘get a drink’ and never came back! I was a bit bummed but my friend told me he was shy. I started seeing him around the university (our departments were housed in the same building) and totally got butterflies when I saw him walk into the computer room or the library. Whenever he was with someone I knew I would go over for a chat but never really spoke to him. He seemed really ‘cool’ and wouldnt say too much (later I found this was just him being shy!). Finally one night I bumped into him again at the students union and he was in a much more friendly mood, and we kissed! He invited himself over to mine the next day and we watched March of the Penguins which is now ‘our’ film. He admitted the first time we met and he ‘ran off’ he thought I was our mutual friends gf and didn’t want to cause trouble! When he realised I wasn’t he said he was gutted. Luckily I am persistant ๐Ÿ˜‰

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DH and I met on the second day of our freshman year of high school in September 2004. He had just moved to NJ from AZ. Most of my friends were guys, so at lunch I sat with all of my guys friends. As I headed to our table on that second day of school with a friend of mine, I noticed a new face. I asked who it was, and my friend just said, “He’s new from Arizona.” So, I went over, introduced myself, shook his hand, and asked what his name was. He was kind of shy and soft-spoken, so I didn’t hear his response the first time. In fact, I didn’t hear it the second or third time either, so I pretended as if I had caught it and planned to wait it out until someone said what it was. It was about a week later when I finally found out what it was. Soon, we also found that we were on the same bus. We quickly became friends, and were often found together. We walked to lunch together, and the bus, and even stayed after school with one another on occasion. But, I was oblivious to what was right in front of me.

Not long after we met, I started a relationship with someone else, which fizzled pretty quickly. I was devastated, but life moved on. Yet, still I was blind to my true feelings. So, months passed by, and soon it was the week before Valentine’s Day 2005. DH and I were walking to lunch, when he asked me what a girl would like to get for Valentine’s Day, because a girl in one of his classes basically told him that he was her Valentine and to get her a gift… Umm, my first reaction was, “WOW, that’s stupid…” But, then I was overcome with heartache. I just told him, “I don’t know, I’m not like most girls,” and I remained silent the entire lunch period. That Valentine’s Day, I played hookie from school.

I couldn’t get him off my mind. My feelings for him just hit me like a ton of bricks. So, as any true teenage girl would do, I wrote him a note, several versions in fact; and, a few weeks later, I finally got the courage to give it to him. After lunch one day, I slipped it into his hand, said “read this,” and scurried away as quickly as I could. I avoided him the rest of the day and didn’t ride home on the bus, as it was the first day of softball practice. That night, after I got home from practice, I was really worried that he might not feel the same way and that it may ruin our friendship. So, I called him up, and said “please disregard my note, because I don’t want it to hurt our friendship.” Luckily, his response was, “why would I do that?” He explained he had liked me since the day we met, and I was SO happy and relieved. A week later we went on our first date to see a terrible movie, but fortunately, the date went better than the movie was. And, the rest as they say, is history!

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I live in Indiana, and i was actually planning on moving to Florida. Well my mother was like oh you should try this dateing site and needless to say a bunch of old pervs! Well my cousin said you should sign up with yahoo personals, i was unsure as i never did the online date sites and all. Well thats when Stephen contacted me. He sent me his number 3 days later, as he had paid for the website i had not, and we talked for 3-4hours! Stephen the asked me if i would like to go on a date and needless to say his clothing choice did not impress me lol. He looked like a serial killer, he was wearing a baseball cap, a sleevless shirt he had cut the sleeves off of, and a pair of motor oil stained kacky pants. I had my hair done, nice jeans, high heels, dress shirt. I secretly snuck a pair of flats in my purse. Went to chillis and the movies. Needless to say he asked to come over the next day and fix my car, i said yes and we have been together ever since and was married in 4months! been together now 5yrs and 2 lovely children!

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We met at work in 2006, on my first day actually. I was being shown around the store and the girl showing me around was like, “That’s Coach. He’s REALLY cute.” And he is! He was super shy at first, but finally opened up and we became bffs while we dated other people and then finally started dating in 2008.

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we met at a tractor pull at our county fair. as soon as we saw eachother we couldn’t keep our eyes off of eachother, it was literally love at first sight. he was there with my cousin and since he was too shy to approach me, he asked my cousin for my number. we hung out the next day and have been inseperable ever since! we had went to high school together 5 years before, but we had never talked.

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Work! He was head editor at an animation studio, and I was a brand new animator. I had the HUGEST crush on him for a year. Aghhh. My first words to him were, “You look like Tobey McGuire.” and he gave me this face, like he was super annoyed. But he wasn’t!

Then we became friends and one day, we just kissed! It was awesome because it was everything I imagined. He is seriously the best man ever for me. We are like each other’s other halves. We never argue and we always talk about everything. It’s been 5 wonderful years, I feel like we’re still in our honeymoon phase!

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  • Wedding: May 2013

He lived across the hall from me my junior year of college. On the second day of school he knocked on our door and asked if we had any beer pong balls to which I lied and said no because I wasn’t giving a stranger my beer pong balls.  He invited us (my roommates and I) over for “refreshments” that evening, where we learned him and his roommates were 21 and we were all 19  ๐Ÿ™‚  The rest is history ๐Ÿ˜‰ a great story for our future children, I know

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  • Wedding: December 2012

As some of you wrote about meeting online, my husband and I did as well. We are newlyweds having been married on December 1, 2012. Just as I sat down at the computer to close my account on a social networking site because I was tired of the same old thing…nothing but dates with guys who were “weird” in one way or another. Well as I said I was about to close my account but there was a message that caught my attention from a man who I had written to  before but we lost touch for a while. We now decided to meet. The first time I laid eyes on him I knew he was different! We were so attracted to each other and spent nearly every day together. A year and a half later my son was walking me down the aisle to marry this man! The most amazing part is that I had thought that part of my life was over and that I would never meet the right person so I gave up. It was very sad to feel that way. But, true love can really come when you least expect it!! When my son said a toast to us at the wedding he stated, “My mom thought that she would never get married, until she met Michael. I knew that she would so I just want to say that I was right, for the record…” How cute! Because of my happiness and having had such a beaufiful wedding with such a beautiful person I am adding a picture ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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