(Closed) How did you meet/get together with your S.O.?

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We met through Ok Cupid…. started talking in August ’08, and then he vanished for about a month, and came back online around mid-October. We started dating in November, and it took off after that! A few bumps here and there, but now it’s pretty much smooth sailing 🙂 His cousin works with one of my best friends, while his college roommate went to high school with my other best friend from college. I wonder if we would’ve met otherwise. It would’ve taken longer I’m sure, but I’d like to think that it could’ve happened.

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Our moms met through the Bon Jovi Fan Club when we were 6. The first time they met in person, the ran in to Jon Bon Jovi at a New Jersey post office. They took it as a sign that they were meant to be best friends and have been ever since. We met through them. 😀 We didn’t start dating until my senior year of college, though. They’re trying to convince us to dance to a Bon Jovi song for our first dance. 

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I love threads like this!!! They’re so fun!!

My FH and I lived at the same apartment complex. I have a dog (Luke) and he had a dog (Ellie). Every morning I would go outside at right around the same time to take Luke out for a quick walk. And every morning I would happen to run into him. It got to the point where I would watch out the window and wait to go outside until I saw him out there, so I could “casually” run into him!

Well, the dogs of course loved each other and loved playing together every time they saw each other. But my FH and I hadn’t talked other than the occasional hello. Then one night my roommate and I went out to a party in this gated community and low and behold he was the strapping gate man! I didn’t recognize him at first, and then I leaned out of the car and said, “Hey, I think I know you! You’re the guy with the black dog!” He just sort of smirked and waved me through the gate. We kept asking all of the people at this party if they knew him and what his name was. I thought he was kind of a snob, since he gave us a dirty look and waved us through the gate instead of saying anything.

So a week or so goes by and I hadn’t seen him at all. Until one morning he was outside walking Ellie and he said, “I didn’t recognize you at first until you started driving away! I realized that you had out of state license plates on your car and figured out it was you!! Hi, I’m John!!”

And the rest is history <3

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@ mimi06d, that is to funny! I love it!!

I love reading these stories, they are so great!

My Fiance and I met at work. I remember the first day that he walked in my office. I had been working there for about 2 years and he was new. I remember thinking that he was cute, kinda nerdy, but then noticed that he had a wedding ring on. I was “in a relationship”, but it was not the greatest.

After noticing the wedding ring, I of course did not persue any type of relationship with him excpet for a “friend at work” relationship. That being said, I did stilll think about him a lot, and I remember thinking the old “all the good ones are taking!”

Approx. a year after we met, I noticed that “the married stud” ha! was no longer wearing his wedding ring, and he told me that he had bought a little little fixer-upper downtown. So I politely asked if he was splitting from his wife, and he told me that they were getting divorced. They had only been married for about 2 years, and it was kind of a mutual thing (although I think it was more on her part, I suspect that she had someone new in mind). They had been highschool sweethearts, together for almost 10 years, and the next step was to get married. His family now tells me that they did think that he was doing the right thing when marrying her.

 A few months went on…kinda flirty, but nothing major. It was then December, and our company had huge Christmas partys in a super nice hotel in downtown Louisville every year.  Formal attire, sit down dinner and dancing in this huge ballroom. I had recently split with the Boyfriend or Best Friend and decided that I would go by myself and meet my co-workers at the party. Of course I asked the “office cutie” if he was going, and he was. I called him after checking in to my room, just to confirm that he would be there.  

We were flirty the ENTIRE night. We sat beside eachother during dinner, I ate his croutons on his salad (I still do that to this day), we danced and had a great time.

The drinks were plentiful and I have to admit that I had quite a buzz. I decided that I wanted to go to “4th Street” (it is a really cool street downtown Louisville that has tons of bars, pubs, etc. directly across from the hotel). The two of us left the hotel and walked over to one of the bars. There was a DJ of course and the place was packed!! He was standing very closely behind me, and we were “kind of” dancing to the music. I decided that I really wanted to kiss him, and looked back and did just that!

The rest is history! 4 years later (almost to the the day) we got engaged and will be married September 11, 2010! =)

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