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@ladyamalthea:  Even though we don’t yet have kids and we aren’t yet TTC, we just figured them out.  The boy name was easy and came up during casual conversation.  We both like very traditional names that are not used often, so we both easily agreed on Tobias with a nickname of Toby.  We ended up mulling over a girl name for months because we knew if had a boy name picked, we would end up with a girl and no idea what to name her.  So after months and months of back and forth we agreed on Claudia.  Funny enough, both are after characters on the tv show The West Wing.


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Our main concern when naming our children was that their name be an appropriate adult name. They will be adults a lot longer than they will be children. 

That said… both their first names have shortened versions/nicknames that “grow” with them.

Our son’s name is a very popular first name but we both love it and, honestly, he’s only known a few others with his name. His middle name is my father’s first name.

Our daughter’s first name was my paternal grandmother’s first name. Her middle name is DH’s paternal grandmother’s first name… love the “symmetry” of that. Although, since she began high school (she’s now a Sophomore), she has chosen to be known by only her first initial… M. Apparently, she’s too cool for a first name…ROFL!!  

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#1 – It was the only name I could remember after he was born. He was my first, an all natural birth and then he was taken to the NICU, I had trouble thinking straight in those hours after he was born. His middle name starts with “G”, as does my dad’s middle name.

#2 – I had her named picked out for months and months. I loved it, it just gave me all good vibes. Her middle name I just love and it starts with “E”, as does her father’s middle name. She has a second middle name, it is my grandma’s name.

#3 – I had a completely different name picked out and when she was born she looked nothing like it. So I picked a name based on what she looked like. She had blond hair and brown eyes, I used to know a cute, little blond haired, brown eyed girl and the name just fit. Her middle name was the other first name I was considering and also starts with “E”, as does her father’s middle name. Her second middle name is her aunt’s name (my SIL at the time).

#4 – I picked a name easily said in both Spanish and English, I liked the name and my ex wanted to name hims Sebastian and I did not. His middle name is his father’s first name.

5# – I had the name picked from the time I got pregnant. It was also easily said in Spanish and English. I didn’t care what his father wanted, I just said point blank, his name is N******. His middle name starts with “J”, as does his father’s first name.

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I searched books/online for months and months and months.  I really liked Wyatt but it wasn’t quite right to me. Then I thought of Ryatt, and I loved it, a combination of Ryan and Wyatt, (at the time I didn’t even think of RIOT haha). So that’s how I got my sons name.

For the current baby I have Everly Rose for a girl, I actually saw someone on here asking if people liked the name Everleigh, and I LOVED it. So I stole it, sorry whoever that was but it’s happening.

My FIs middle name is lee so I feel like it fits, and my sons name is Ryatt Elijah so they’d have the same initials lol.

I haven’t decided on another boy name, I really like Embry and Colby. I’m pretty sure I just heard those somewhere.


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We practiced on dogs first.

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Not ttc but we wwould just randomly say what names we like. So far we have 2 names for a boy and three for a girl. Now to narrow it down :p

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Im not pregnant or ttc but one day I was walking up the hall, looked into our spare room and just imagined this name being written on the wall with those letter tiles. Creeped me out a little but now I can’t forget it and love it. 

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I had specific criteria and just brainstormed. I wanted something that wasn’t made up, not extremely common (not in the top 150 or so names according to the social security list) easy to say and spell and professional sounding. I’m not sharing it just yet but the first comment I hear from 95% of people is “that’s such a strong name! I love it!” We were very close to naming him Reid but it became a spelling issue- Reed or Reid and I realized I was breaking one of my rules. His middle name is his dad’s last name and he will have my last name since we are not married. 


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@ladyamalthea:  We have a few names picked out but I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone so they would stay original! Nobody will know until the kid is born! Hahahha! We have a list of very traditional boys names. Two boys names that we have absolutely agreed on and that we adore adore adore. Our girls names are much more unique. Three in particular that I LOVE..

Hopefully I can convince him we need four kids.. Right now, we’ve decided to have three.

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My eldest was named after my favourite Disney character – Ariel.

My second child was originally going to be Kiera (like Kiera Knightly) but Fiance kept pronouncing it Kyra so I just changed it to Kyra.

My baby girl took forever to come up with her name. We had a middle name, just couldn’t think of a name to go with it. One night I happened to be watching America’s Next Top Model and it flashed on the screen – Alasia. Hopefully she won’t have too much trouble when she starts handing out resumes ( I had to use first initial middle name before I even got callbacks when I switched from call center work to the legal field.)

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@mamadingdong:I had specific criteria and just brainstormed. I wanted something that wasn’t made up, not extremely common (not in the top 150 or so names according to the social security list) easy to say and spell and professional sounding.


I love a lot of names and am very indecisive in choosing a favourite, whereas SO is very yes/no, so when I was pregnant (we later miscarried) I made a list of all the names I loved and he went through and crossed off all the names he didn’t like. Unfortunately that did help me to see that I was really attached to some names (Daisy, Violet and Sebastian for example) because SO doesn’t like them at all and after they were found to not be an option, I was upset.

We still have our list and will probably brainstorm of it once we’re TTC and then pregnant. Middle names will be family names and have special meaning, so they we’re/will be, easy to agree on.

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Like some other pp’s, we’re not ttc yet, but have talked about it. 

 We just want to stick with our same initals. A’s, M’s, and G’s….then we narrow it down from there. The middle names are going to have more meaning. Example, my grandmothers and great-grandmothers name. And it has to go well with the last name. The name needs to sound professional, beautiful, and just flow together. 🙂 

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I chose my daughter’s name based on rarity and meaning. I grew up with way too many friends named Ashley, Jennifer, etc. So I wanted my daughter to have a unique name that no one else would have.

I really love names that have great meanings, so the meaning of the name was important to me, too.

So those were pretty much my only criteria. My daughter has a beautiful, unique name that means “divine strength.” I love it 🙂

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