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eating better was my biggest lifestyle change when is came to TTC.

i wanna say paying down as much debt as possible (ie student loans) is another big thing im trying to accomplish while TTC as well.

We are currently still TTC, been trying for 10 cycles.

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I’m focusing on losing weight (lost 25 already and want to lose another 40) and just being healthier in general. I’m eating better and exercising more. That’s the biggest thing for me. I want to be as healthy as I can going into pregnancy.

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I put on weight to make a healthy BMI and thus continue to eat healthy. I also cut back my alcohol consumption from a 6pk/day to 6/week. I am going off birth control over the holidays this year end so I started prenatals to get the vitamins in my body and nutrients flowing since I was so underweight before. 

SO is cutting back on smoking and needs to lose weight but thatʻs my next battle.

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Planning on TTC in the next 6 months or so 🙂

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We are going to start TTC by February 2018. We had financial goals to make sure I could be a Stay-At-Home Mom. My husband is doing great and has got a butt load of raises. We already own two houses between us so we really need to consolidate that to one which will be done next spring.

Health wise I’m always trying to lose. I don’t drink or smoke so I’m okay there. Had extensive blood work done recently that showed I’m healthy and ovulate. Hubs could be a bit healthier but it’s nothing dire.

Really want to take a trip ASAP. I’m in waiting hell currently.

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 DH and I plan on TTC at the end of 2019, since we’re both currently about to start our graduate schooling. 

However, my plan that I have already tried to set in motion is to eat healthier as well as get in shape. While I’m not overweight, I do have a crazy sweet tooth, and being in a desk at school all day isn’t the best for my athleticism. I want to be able to carry a baby without wanting to die or snap in half! Haha. 

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I cut back on my alcohol consumption, stopped using my acne prescription, went off BCP, and started taking a pre-natal vitamin. I wish I had gone off BCP earlier to regulate my cycle, but I waited until we were actually trying. I already eat very well and exercise regularly so I am continuing to do so. I am currently in the process of shifting my exercise from heavy weight lifting to yoga so that it is less stress on my body.

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We had a plan prior to TTC. 

1. Pay off all student loans.

2. Save up 6 months in an emergency fund.

3. Save up $5k for covering out of pocket max/start up costs of a baby.

4. Travel to Europe for 3 weeks.

5. Get promotions in our positions.

6. Get healthier (exercise and diet).

We were lucky to accomplish all of those goals prior to TTC. We got married about 4 years ago and started working on them at that time. We accomplished all of them by last October, which is when we started TTC. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. 

It took us until our late 20’s/early 30’s to be truly ready and stable for TTC, but we do not regret it. We had plenty of years together to build our relationship and be in a position to be fortunate not to have to stress about money/debt/careers, etc.

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Start prenatals yesterday!

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I started eating better, taking prenatal vitamins, and worked on losing some weight. I’ve learned that I have to be a certain weight (under 175 lbs) to get pregnant, so that was my goal.

One thing I advise is start temping and charting your cycles about 6 months before you start TTC. It will help you determine if you’re ovulating or not and exactly when in your cycle is your most fertile time. It’s really valuable information that can help make your TTC journey short and successful! I will say that some women find that it stresses them more. But for me, it helped me feel more in control and like I knew what was going on with my body. I have 3 girls (5 pregnancy total) and dealt with infertility for several years TTC our first and last daughter.

Here’s some info on temping – http://www.whattoexpect.com/groups/m/trying-to-conceive/discussion/28624199

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mtlgirl :  2018 is the year for us! I don’t know exactly when the TTC will commence, but I’ll be going off the pill at the end of the year. I take a multivitamin on the days I don’t drink my Shakeology but I may switch to a prenatal when I go off the pill. I’ve been trying to incorporate regular exercise back into my routine but have been slacking lately, although I do walk a good amount. I don’t drink much as it is and have never smoked. 

Financially, I’d like to save up to make sure that my expenses covered for maternity leave. I get 12 weeks unpaid and can add on as much sick/vacation time that I’d like to or request more unpaid time off. We want to take at least one more big trip and are looking into Spain/Italy/Greece for next year, but we’re also open to other destinations. 

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We plan on starting to TTC in about one year.  What we want to have done first:

-Buy a house (planning for in the spring)

-Pay off Loans (done)

-Save Emergency Savings (will be done in the next year)

-Pass my professional exam (done!)

-Go on Trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, and out West (half done, have the other half planned)


My plan is to get off the pill next spring and start taking prenatals then.  I also have lost some weight in the past year, but that wasn’t really for TTC, more so just because I wanted to.

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We wanted to: 

-Be established in our careers (done)
-Buy a house (done) 
-Get married (done) 
-Pay down debt (down to 2 student loans left for DH; did pay off his car but then added a new car loan for me – but will last us 10 years and plenty of space for kids) 
-Travel (got to do our honeymoon, an overseas trip this past spring, and have 2 more upcoming trips in the next month)
-Have a few months of “alone time” as a married couple (started NTNP around 6 months after wedding, and actively TTC 2 months later) 
-Build savings (currently working on and will continue to do so. Have a decent emergency savings and now working on savings for medical costs associated w/ pregnancy and birth and to make up for lost wages when out on mat. leave)

I also started prenatals, and have been reading for better awareness/info about TTC/fertility. Started with TCOYF, and now currently into The Impatient Woman’s guide to Getting Pregnant. I stopped my birth control pills right before we started NTNP, which I would recommend as long as you are prepared to get pregnant within that first month OR are committed to using a non-hormonal BC such as condoms. Coming off the pill that I’d been taking 12+ years I was nervous about what my cycle was going to do and it hasn’t always been super consistent so it may be good to watch your cycles for a month or two to see what’s going on 🙂 

I want to say I’ve been exercising and eating healthy but that hasn’t been super consistent. Back on the bandwagon now, though, and trying to utilize my Fitness Pal app for tracking food (keeps me more accountable for not eating like shit) and my apple watch for counting steps/activity. 

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