How did you prepare your body?

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My folate was super low so I’m getting that up. 

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I really wouldnt’ cut down on the wine at this point! If you get past the 6 month mark or so of TTC and are feeling anxious you could then look into lifestyle changes like that if you wanted to, but personally, as a wine-o, there’s no chance in hell I’d be limiting that before I had to. Like maybe don’t get wasted, but a glass of wine a day is 100% fine imo. Once you get pregnant it’s gonna be a long-ass 9 months before you can drink again! And with breastfeeding, I do drink but I feel anxious/guilty if I drink enough to have more than the mildest buzz, so still limiting consumption a lot at 7 months pp. Just my take on it – of course you should do what you feel comfortable with!

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I started pre natals a few months before our planned TTC period. Went to the doctor’s for a Pap smear and general check up for vaccinations etc (rubella in particular that you can’t get during pregnancy and should be vaccinated against). Also been to the dentist. Not that you can’t do dental work during pregnancy, but good to do it before hand if needed. 

Im trying to cut down on alcohol as is DH. We drink quite a bit and I’ve read many medical articles that suggest it can affect fertility. Also if you ARE actively trying, def should not be drinking because you can be pregnant and not know it till weeks later. That being said I imagine I’d still have one drink if it’s outside of the fertile period and I’m positive that I’m not pregnant (on period for example).

I’m also trying to exercise more and generally be more healthy. 

Thats pretty much it.

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The only things I’d say are take prénatals and get any vaccines (like MMR). 

I wouldn’t give up drinking because it’s a long damn 9 months without it. Don’t suffer until you have to. 😢😢 I personally don’t think alcohol impacts fertility so enjoy that glass of wine. I’d sell my husband for a nice glass of white or rose. 

Try and eat healthy but also enjoy food while you can lol. 

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Take prenatals. Folic acid is most important for neutral time defects but also check for calcium and iron content. I also take CoQ-10 and DHA. 

I had dental surgery before and got my MMR titers checked because if you need the booster you’ll have to wait 1-3 months before TTC. 

Remember if you go to a Zika zone for vacation you also have to wait 3 months. 

Eat healthy and exercise. Track your cycles. That’s about it!

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sandiegobee :  Never been pregnant but I’m following for when DH and I are ready to TTC and your response made me LOL, literally. 

I only wanted to chime in because if I drink semi-excessively to the point where I consider myself drunk you can almost guarantee I’ll be nauseous and over the toliet until at least noon the next day. I don’t know if its because I have a sensitive stomach or what but DH and I both joke that it’s going to be HELL when I’m pregnant if I’m that bad just with a hangover. And TBH, I don’t even have to drink a lot to feel like that much shit so I dread the 1st trimester of my future pregnancy. 

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First pregnancy: starting taking prenatals as soon as I came off the pill.. that’s about it. 

Just found out I’m pregnant again and I didn’t start prenatals until the day of my BFP. 

I already eat well and exercise, etc so I didn’t do much to prepare. If you smoke or drink a lot, maybe this is the time to slow down on it or stop. 

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jemmlove12 :  I’m not quite TTC yet, but we plan to be in the next 12 months, so I have been preparing my body. 

I was previously pretty unhealthy.  I had to quit smoking (60 days smoke free now) and I drastically reduced how much I drink.   I don’t drink at all most weekends now, and the off one I do, it’s only 1 or 2 glasses max. (This isn’t necessary for TTC but something I wanted to do to improve my health for TTC)

The only other thing I’ve started is light ab excercises on top of my normal cardio and weights routine, and pelvic floor muscle excercises.  I have a sedentary job so I’m incredibly weak in this area ATM

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Also if you have a hot tub make sure your hubby limits his use of it – too much regular time in the hot tub can affect sperm production ! 

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