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    @tntrav44:  You made me laugh so hard!  I love the “Elaine” reaction so much!  She’s my favorite Seinfeld character for sure.

    I cried.  I can’t believe it, but I was definitely a crier! 

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    I sat down on Kingy’s lap (he was on one knee) and kissed him! Then had a smile plastered on my face and said yes

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    I cried, for sure. I was already crying (long story), but I started crying much harder after. I’m sure I looked fabulous. lol

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    I picked Other because I was AWKWARD. I was kinda speechless, and then excited and then all “omg omg omg omg, it goes on the LEFT HAND” (even though i GAVE him my right).

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    LoL @ Sienfield reference


    *sigh* this is a regret of mine that makes me shudder.


    YUP!  Never said yes or anything remotely like it until Fiance asked me.

    My Fiance asked me with a beautiful, heartfelt speech gave me the ring. 

    I then proceeded to tell him a speech back about how much I loved him.  And then … the ring didn’t fit so I started talking about that.  I never said yes.

    I feel horrible about this and he did care because we got in a fight down the road and this fact was brought up by him.

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    I knew it was coming, in the sense that we’d been talking about marriage for a while. But my fiance is one of those types of people that is a planner to the extreme, and he had a whole timeline mapped out for his life (and then I came along and messed it all up, oops!), so I was pretty positive that we wouldn’t be getting engaged for another year or so.

    When he did propose, it was late at night after he’d come home from work. We were just lying in bed talking, and I turned my head to cough. When I turned back to him, he was holding a ring and smiling and said, “Will you marry me?”

    I always thought I’d cry, because I’m a big crier. But I totally didn’t. I hugged him and said, “Are you sure?” Romantic, right? I’m still not sure if I ever said yes.

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    i dont even know know what i was… i felt so many things that day…back and forth with excitement, confusion, pushing thoughts of hope aside and then hopes rushing back in….happened so quick and it really wasent a proposal no one knee or anything (my guy just dosent really know how to go about such things which is ok…i know hes shy and not good with words) but it was a proposal and i said yes.
    i was at my grandparents in FL and i was on the phone with him and he said he had a gift for me…i thought it was just a gift…a few weeks prior we talked engagement and figured we would do it when the time was right so i did my best to put the idea out of mind cause it would be a while…..so i thought it was just a gift….said i was excited and couldnt wait to see him when i came home.  the next 2 days was sort of ironic…my grandma asked if we were going to get engaged sometime soon (btw my guy didnt tell anyone until it was time to pick me up at the airport) and i told her no and that we were going to wait a little and that knew i wanted to marry him but just not yet(as we decided). then im on my way home at the airport….i see bridal mags. and thought man i so want to look (i use to get them time to time as “wishful thinking books”)….but i was trying hard to put all ideas of marriage in the back of my head since our discussion weeks before…so i passed it up. then im on the plane (one of the 3 cause my 2nd fight was delayed  due to a problem with the plane got off that plane waited all afternoon in charlotte till another plane was ok and then the one they picked wasent good either so i had to wait more and finally was on my way), this is my first flight out…. old lady sitting next to me was very nice and we started talking and she asked me if i had a boyfriend…told her yes…and she asked if we were going to get married (by this time i was like ok whats the deal with all this marriage stuff…you trying to tell me something God?) told her no but we want to in the future. then we arrived in charlotte to board a plane for PA…that plane was no good so we were stuck. she found another flight out cause she had some kind of special deal card…so we said our good byes and i waited for the next plane. i found people that were waiting for the same flight as me so i waited with them….and one was going…you guessed it!….to a wedding!!! then all this wedding talk started…by then i have wedding on the brain and im really excited to see my guy! get to the airport in PA…its a tiny one so its not very busy….go to get my luggage and i see him walk out of the bathroom and head back up the stairs where he was waiting…he didnt see me but i was so excited an scared…i was fighting this, what i thought at the time was a, fantasy that he was going to propose…so i didnt call to him. i waited with my luggage till he came back down. finally shook off the “fantasy” and he came down to meet me and i was so happy! he told me of how he came down once already only to find my flight was canceled. and then it happened… told me he had something special and shiny (inside thing between us) he handed me a box to me and said to open it. it didnt look like a ring box so for a second my hopes of engagement sunk… but then opened the box to find this pretty diamond band (not what i planned…wasent the ring i showed him but he picked it out so it meant more….and still to this day i swear i wasent even expecting it to be a ring…i go trough it in my head and still expect it to be a bracelet or something). like i said it wasent the ring i expected as and e-ring so i said ” its beautiful…whats this for?” as my hopes started to come back he said  “well its an engagement ring” for a second i was confused then i was shocked/happy…he then asked if i was going to put it on…thats when my parents popped out! on his way back home the first time he tried to pick me up he called my parents and they decided to have dinner and pick me up together… at dinner he told them what he planned and they were excited! so then i was like “mom look!” she was like” i know!!!” i was just wowed! i asked if he would put it on me…and there you have it! we then went to waffle house…lol yes waffle house and i asked him why he did it now….he said me going to FL for 2 weeks was the longest we were apart and that he didnt want me leaving again for that long without knowing we belonged to each other forever!

    sorry so long!!! too many emotions that went with so many things that day….it was like a roller coaster! 



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    All 3 🙂

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    I cried a bit but there was some giggling too haha…. and I was definitely shocked… so I’d say all of the above.

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    I screamed, several times.  Had no idea it was coming!

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    disbelief! i mean, we have been together for a while and i figured ONE DAY it would happen but I didn’t press it. in fact when i saw him with the box and ring i thought it was fake and told him to stop messing with me because it’s not funny!

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    @tntrav44: I hit mine too!!! Glad I’m not the only one, hah!  I didn’t cry…I had a huge uncontrollable smile, started screaming incoherently and then gave him a huge hug and stammered out “yes! of course”! I also may have jumped on the bed. 

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    I wanted to cry…but I was just so excited that I jumped up and down and knelt down with him and hugged him! 🙂 I tried so hard to cry but I was just too happy!

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    I voted other because I did all of the above!

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    I was a hot mess. I cried, and laughed, and was speachless there for a minute. It was a great moment BUT I felt dumb after bc it was such a random mess of emotions. 

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