How did you react to your proposal?

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 2019 - City, State

ysel :  I knew my proposal was coming anytime because I knew he had the ring. I was 99% sure he was going to propose on my birthday and tried to prepare myself so I didn’t ugly cry. Well that was a waste of time because the minute I saw the ring, I was a disaster lol. It didn’t last long, but I definitely did the “face crumple cry” haha. I think as long as you focus on being in the moment instead of controlling your emotions, thats all that matters. You’ll react however you’ll react, no need to control genuinely happy emotions!

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Helper bee

I said “OF COURSE!” and hugged him tight – then looked around at my family and said “…is this real life?”  LOL

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  • Wedding: June 2019 - City, State

oh my gosh. I was DETERMINED not to cover my mouth (apparently it’s a *thing* that happens..)
and what I did instead was squeak “are you doing this NOW?!” when he began what sounded like a speech (I thought at first he was just saying loving things to me..and then it started sounding really serious. and he goes “yes, I am, don’t mess it up” and i buried my head in his chest and laughed, and then went “okay. okay.” and tried to breathe and let him continue. 
Then when he faltered I whispered “you’re doing great!” and he was like “sssstoooop” ๐Ÿ˜› 
and then he accidentally said “will you be my husband” so I said “will I be your HUSBAND?” and he said “oops, wife,” 
and I didn’t realize he had finished asking, so I waited… and he said “…will you?” and I said “oh yes I will, yes”  so the acceptance part was FAIRLY normal..

but then after he had stood up again and put the ring on, I kissed and hugged him and whispered “I’ll be your husband too,” and he said “yes you can be all of it,”

and I know this because IT WAS BEING RECORDED and I had NOOooooo Idea. oh man. so I’ve had to watch it over and over when everyone watches it… 

annnd the microphone he had hidden on himself was so clear, you can even hear when I whispered to him “sorry I f*cked it up…but at least I didn’t cover my mouth!!”

so yeah…just in case there’s a microphone, maybe just don’t swear . lol >.< 

I just know we’re going to play this at our wedding. but I’m sure by then I’ll love every second of it, every squeak and embarrassing mixup, because I can see how happy we both are, and it’s the happiest moment of my life thus far.

so I have no advice except: don’t overthink it. It will be perfect, no matter what happens

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Bumble bee

Looking back, I probably should have known early on that my eventual first marriage wouldn’t work out, but when you’re 21, sometimes you’re not yet who you’re going to become. 

I was annoyed af. I remember every detail vividly. My ex chose a terrible day to propose. I woke up with a migraine, but he had planned a date day for us, so I tossed on a cute dress and tried to look/act presentable. At some point, I spilled fries on my dress when he took a speed bump way too hard. Big grease spots everywhere. I was super upset; it was brand new. Since we were on a timeline (that I didn’t know about), he wouldn’t stop to get shout wipes or a tide pen. It started raining, so we ate our picnic inside my car next to an algae-filled pond at his apartment complex. By this point, I was done with that day. Thennnnn my car battery died. We called AAA. He proposed while we were waiting for the guy to get there… while we were standing on a dock in steamy summer weather and I was feeling like warmed over vomit. At sunset. On a day when we couldn’t even see the sun setting due to the rain. His proposal was faking a proposal. “When I propose, should I do this?” I was so annoyed that I told him to stop messing around and to help me watch for the AAA guy. He pulled out the ring, and I was happy, but it wasn’t at all like I pictured. I didn’t even want to call family to tell them because I felt so physically bad and exhausted. 

Quite frankly, he should have just nixed those plans and gone for a different day. Flexibility is key. I don’t think it’s a good idea to propose to someone experiencing migraine auras who’s about to shove you off a dock because they think you’re mocking them. ๐Ÿ˜‚


ETA: I’m not trying to kill your excitement; I’m sure your story will be absolute perfection because youre with the right person (and congratulations in advance!) 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: February 2020 - Windermere, Cumbria

I said “yes of course you stupid idiot!” then I burst into tears. XD

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2021 - British Columbia, Canada

I froze, then asked if he was lying, then if he was serious, then realized he was holding a ring and asked if he was sure because I’m crazy lol

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2019 - York, ME

I knew it was coming, he was so nervous and I could tell he was trying to find the perfect spot.  He kept moving me around the beach, it was adorable. He also asked a couple nearby to take pictures (he doesn’t know I saw him do this wink).  We were also on the trip to look at wedding venues and to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  

When he proposed, I did tear up and said “yes!”.  I was surprised to tear up since I knew it was coming, I thought I’d have to force myself to be surprised and emotional! I don’t think you’ll be able to plan for how you’ll react, if you are prone to ugly-crying, just tell him ahead of time to make sure it’s private!

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  • Wedding: London, UK

I said “You know I will!” and then we went back downstairs and carried on eating our chilli. It wasn’t a surprise and neither of us are really the sort for big grand gestures that result in extreme emotional reactions. No photos or videos or friends hiding in corners, it just happened at home on a Wednesday night. To be honest though bearing in mind we designed the ring together and had been together ages, even if he had caught me off guard with the moment he asked I doubt it would have resulted in an enormous emotional reaction from me. I mean how surprised can you really be when you’ve been together 8 years. My main feeling was anxiety about now having to tell everyone and knowing I was going to get squeezed almost to death (in their excitement) by my very Jewish family. Everyone else’s reactions were bigger than ours, because in our heads we had been as good as engaged (actually, as good as married tbh) for years and neither of us have ever “dreamed” of marriage. But my parents’ and grandparents’ reactions more than compensated for what a non-issue we saw getting officially engaged as.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2019 - City, State

I’m a nervous laugher. Even though I knew what was happening, I started laugh/crying when he started his speech, to the point where he paused and joked “Don’t laugh!” which made me laugh/cry more.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2019

I knew it was coming soon, but I still cried. We both cried actually. We have photos of the proposal and I love them. The best part was he was so flustered that he asked “will you marry me” when he was standing, and then after went down on one knee.

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