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Honey bee

Well only you know what you can afford to spend on a honeymoon. I would only recommend make sure its payable in cash (no debt)

So first I would figure an outside limit for budget, (you dont have to spend it all)

Then make a list of all the places you have always wanted to go and figure out if you can go there in the time you have off (IE 4 days, 2 weeks)

Then determine which of these places will work for your time of year (some places have hurricane season, or too cold etc)

Then check some basic online reviews and flight prices to get a general idea what each will cost.

That will give you a good starting place.

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Sugar bee
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We talked about things we’d never done/places we’d never been, and then kind of mapped out what we wanted to do.

Of course, then we figured out that we can’t afford it. So we’re going camping instead, and our honeymoon will be an anniversary trip. 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I’d always known where I wanted to go for our honeymoon. The budget was the hard part…Fiance and I did not see eye to eye on how much we should spend, but we eventually met in the middle. So sit down with your Fiance and figure out how much you’re both willing to spend before you start throwing darts at a map.

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Helper bee
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Fiance and I neither one have ever gotten to do too much of anything. He’s been to the beach in Gulf Shores a couple of times, and I’ve been to Ireland, but THAT’S IT! 

We were tossing around ideas, and he said he’d be cool with something tropical, and he wanted all-inclusive. That way, one price for everything, and the honeymoon caters to YOU! We’re not adventurous types who want to go exploring on our own. 

A Carnival Cruise it was. 

It’s cheapness too. I think we’re gonna skip out on excursions.  

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Buzzing bee
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We are looking at Belize too!  Originally we were set on the Caribbean but I feel like from the US the Carribean is so accesible and affordable.  I see the honeymoon as a chance to go somewhere we would not think of vacationing normally.  Belize and Costa Rica(lots of people have recommended CR) are both great choices.  🙂

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Busy bee
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I hear ya on the honeymoon decision!

At first, we tried to come up with places we wanted to go. Fiance wanted warm weather so, with it being January, that really narrowed the field (which was super helpful!). We originally thought about the Caribbean but felt overwhelmed with the choices so we settled on Hawaii. Then we went to all the online deal sites (like Priceline, etc.) and found a deal that fit our budget. I think another consideration is what sort of vacation you want. Do you want a chill-out/relax vacation or one where you are seeing things and going places constantly?

Personally I think that while the honeymoon is special, for most folks it’s not going to be the most extragavant trip of their lives. So why blow big bucks on it when you are just starting out? I mean, of course it should be a little more special than an average vacation but maybe pick on what you spluge on whether that be location, hotel, or excursions. That way you can have a good time and not worry about the bill when you come home.

I don’t know if any of that is helpful.

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Bumble bee
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For as much as I would love to be laying on a sandy beach with the sun beaming on my face, a warm breeze dancing across my skin and a foo-foo drink with an umbrella in my hand it wasn’t financially dooable. I would camp in a tent with my husband as long as we’re together (nah, I hate dirt therefore I hate camping).

So, that brought us to where can we go on our small honeymoon budget and San Francisco it is!!! My son is giving us 6 days at his time share so that’s a huge savings, we can do more and see more. I’m excited to go to Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39, a night time tour of Alcatraz, restaurants, Chinatown and riding on a cable car.

I think Belize or CostaRica sounds awesome. Are you a warm weather kinda girl? If so, then you’ve made the right choice. 

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Helper bee
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I feel like I could’ve written this post.  I’m currently trying to decide where to go and it just seems like there’s so many options.

Like you, I’ve decided I wanted to go to the Dominican, Cuba, or Jamaica but I have no idea why.  I do know that I want to do an all inclusive.  My Fiance and I have traveled quite a bit and been a lot of places.  I like the idea of just relaxing on our honeymoon and not worrying.  From that decision I’ve been reading a whole bunch of reviews on tripadvisor for good resorts.  I think Couples San Suici is winning right now, but last week it was something more isolated.  I change my mind often.

Maybe you need to start with what you want to do? You mentioned kayaking and snorkeling, which is pretty easy to find in different places.  The seeing animals thing is what’s going to set apart what you want.  So I’d start there 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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We knew right off the bat where we wanted to go for our honeymoon.

My husband and I are both architects and have wanted to backpack through Europe since…ever. This is beyond the fad of going to see Europe. This is about seeing the buildings we have studied in school for semesters in person. The moment I stood under the oculus of the Pantheon in Rome was euphoric. I studied that darn building for 6months! Did pencil drawings, built models!

That being said, we knew we wanted to be frugal and really backpack. No 4 star hotels for this couple! It was hostels, apts, b&bs all the way. Whichever was cheaper. Trains, ferries, planes.
It took a lot of planning but it was well worth it!

We went for 21 days and spent just under 8K for everything (travel, lodging, food, etc). I was shocked to see that was much less than what some paid for a one week “beach” vacation.

I think it’s important to start off with what kind of honeymoon you wanted. Do you want sightseeing? Experience? Relaxing at a beach? Start from there then look at your budget.

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Busy bee
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I would start by looking into places sthat you are interested in going and that will have the kind of weather you are looking for for the time period you want to travel.  Then you can get cost estimates on the hotels & flights and decide on your budget.  You don’t know if you can afford somewhere until you check it out, right?

We decided on Costa Rica.  My Fiance works for Starwood Hotels so I have the great benefit of the employee discount!! It truly is a great perk!!  So how we decided was looking at all of the Starwood properties in warm areas in January.  Westin just opened a new all-inclusive in Costa Rica in May so we were all over that!  Choice #2 was Westin Grand Cayman.

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