(Closed) how did you tell your husband you’re pregnant?

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I just blurted it out when he came home. i was so shocked, we weren’t planning on getting preggers that fast, and I had never given an ounce of thought about how I would tell him. Now I really wish I had done something cute. I know this is not helpful, but wahhh I’m still sad about it.

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He was with me when I tested, so I don’t have a fun story to tell this time…

With our next one, though, I’m hoping to announce to our families by sending them a picture of our daughter wearing a “Big Sister” t-shirt!  Maybe something like that would work?  You could wear mear a maternity t-shirt and wait until your husband notices.  Here’s some cute ones: http://www.lalababyboutique.com/funny-maternity-t-shirts-2-ctg/.  I love the bun in the oven shirt.

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@Mrs. Spring: That’s how my SIL told us about her 2nd and 3rd, cute idea!!

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We had been trying for 10 months, so I’ve peed on more sticks than I care to remember, and each time my husband was so disappointed that I just stopped telling him that it was a test day. 

This time I ignored all symptoms, went several days past the test day, and one night we were watching an Office re-run, the one where Pam finds out she is pregnant.  My husband brought up which episode it was, then walked off to take a shower, so I looked at the calendar and took a test in the other bathroom.  It immediately changed color, and I stood there stunned for quite some time.  At the end of the show when Jim and Pam find out, I said “speaking of that….” and pulled out the test.

It was pretty awesome timing since we got married the same time as the wedding episode came out, and despite it being a re-run, I couldn’t have picked out better timing!

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I know of a lady who has a husband who always talks of them be “two peas in a pod”. She quietly presented him with a box with tissue paper. Lying in the paper were three peas. He got it immediately. 

Hope you find a cute way that you like! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I told my wife she was pregnant. She was too nervous to look at it so she left it up to me, let’s just say we were THRILLED with the result!

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I was being impatient and ended up takign the test at 4 in the morning. The line was very faint, and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me b/c it was so late, so I burst out of the bathroom and turned on the light in our room and made him look. We still were unsure, so the next day we went and got a digital test. He was there when I took it.

I know a lot of people buy a cute onesie or something that says “Daddy,” but personally I wouldn’t want to do that. I wouldn’t allow myself to buy anything until after my 12 weeks, and even after that it still makes me nervous.

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I sent him a text message. I had this thing all planned, but he texted me at work and I couldn’t hold it. LOL He guessed right away because he’d wanted one for forever.LOL It wasn’t cute, but I did a cute one for my mom by giving her a grandma book which confused her until she figured it out.LOL

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i made him a baby themed dinner, “baby spinach salad”, buns in the oven, baby back ribs, roasted baby portabellas.  but he came home early and kind of threw my game off, i got super nervous and didn’t really go through with presenting the menu, and asking him to get the buns out of the oven.  So after dinner I dashed in the bathroom and wrote it on the mirror in lipstick that I was pregnant…and not to pass out.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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He had watched me update my chart one morning, so he knew my temperatures were going up, and he was convinced I was pregnant. (There needed to be a few more days of temperature rises to be sure, I kept explaining… I still had doubts and thought my temps would go down the next day or the day after that). So anyway, my temp was still high the next day, so I took a test while he was at work and it came up positive. I wrapped a box in blue wrapping paper, and then put pink tissue paper at the bottom, with the test on top… so it would be inside when he took off the box lid.  But I didn’t think he’d actually want to see the test (“ew, you peed on that” he says) so that was just a back up if he wanted proof that I was indeed pregnant. The real way he found out was that I tied a big ribbon around our dog’s neck  and on the ribbon i strung a tag that read “I’m going to be a big sister” on one side and “Juniper’s little brother or sister coming October 2011”. She always runs to greet him when he comes home, so I knew he’d see it immediately… but again, he was already saying I was pregnant anyway, so he wasn’t shocked or amazed by the news. Just happy to have what he claimed to already know be confirmed.

We used the same thing– our dog with a ribbon around her neck with the tag– to tell his mother about the baby… unfortunately, at first she thought we were getting another puppy. We had to explain that our dog’s little brother or sister would be human, and then she got it. My parents don’t live nearby, so I sent them copies of our ultrasound pictures in a card I made that just said “Baby [last name] due October 31!” inside.  

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They told me I would never get pregnant. Needless to say, when I got a positive test on our second cycle of trying I didn’t know what to do. I sent him a text (he was at a hockey game) that said, “I think you need to come home…” he didn’t understand what I was talking about and when I told him I was pregnant he didn’t believe me. I sent him a PICTURE of two positive pregnancy tests. 

He witnessed three car accidents that night on his way home. What a freaky Friday. 

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I had a little gift box for him…copies of “The Expectant Father” and “What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding” (which I’ve read, and was very disappointed with, I thought it would be funnier!), and a onesie that said “Don’t Panic” and has the the green orb with the hands and the tongue sticking out from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on it (he’s reads a little bit of it to me every night before bed).

I had been planning on sticking the positive pregnancy test in the box (whenever I managed to get pregnant) and waking him up with it, but I’m horrible at keeping surprises from him, and ended up giving it to him randomly one day (we’re still TTC). The good part is he’s been reading The Expectant Father, so it wasn’t a total wash. 

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Well I wasnt very creative or unique because I was in too much shock.  We were only dating for 4 months before I got pregnant.. so you can imagine my shock and my fear of his reaction!  We both worked the same rotation at work so we both got off work at 6am. I went home to my apartment and he went home to his house after work.  I KNEW I was pregnant… you know when people say you just know… well i did. So I got home from work and took ummm 3 okay actually like 15 pregancy tests…. Since we worked all night my boyfriend ( now my Fiance ๐Ÿ™‚ ) was sleeping and since we were on nights he usualy slept until 1-2pm. So I waited impatiently for him to wake up. When he woke up he called me like he normally did and I asked  ” Can I come over?” he asked ” Sure, why?” I think he could tell by my voice something was up. And I just said ” Just want to see you.” and he replied ” Tell me whats going on.” and this went on for awhile and he started saying thing slike ” Just tell me, what did you do? Did somethign happen?: blah blah blah…so I just blurted out ” IM PREGNANT OKAY!!!.” And he replied…. ” Okay, you can come over now” hahah… 

Our daughter is now 2 and she is amazing. We will be getting married in January and hope to have another one nxt year. I will be more creative with the next announcement ๐Ÿ™‚

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I POAS for the first time in my life and I was so nervous that I couldn’t look at the test because I knew the chances were really low (first time off birth control in 13 years, only been NTNP for a few weeks) and I’d be setting myself up for disappointment , so I made him look at it with me after we did a 2 minute countdown outside the bathroom hahaha.

We both saw the dark positive line and just stood speechless at each other with huge stupefied smiles. (I actually took a second test a few days after to make sure I wasn’t seeing things or that we used a dud test and got the same result)

So, no onesie..no cute t-shirt..no big hurrah but but he told me that the private moments that aren’t always storybook moments are sometimes the best ones you can share with the person you love. So true for us. He’s my rock ๐Ÿ™‚

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