(Closed) How did your pregnancy compare to your moms?

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MrsCallalily:  I wonder about this too! My mom has 3 kids- no morning sickness, gained <20 pounds with each pregnancy, no complications. I know she had some tearing (4th degree with me- oops!), but other than that it was easy. I hope I have it so lucky!!

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My mom had 4 kids. No morning sickness, no stretch marks, no complications.  Her kids were all right on time, or a few days early.  No tearing with any of them either. All natural, unmedicated births..  all in all – she had it very well.

I had no morning sickness either and no complications. I did get stretch marks though – a good amount of them.  I also had to be induced because I was a week overdue and they said my fluid was low. Which meant I had pitocin and I did have an epidural. And I had a second degree tear. So other than both of us not having morning sickness, I guess mine was definitely different.

what’s funny is my mom said with her girls she craved potato chips and salty foods. With her boys, she craved sweets.  When I started having cravings, I craved sweets. So my mom had me convinced if I was like her, I’d be having a boy.  Nope, I had a girl 🙂

ETA – She had no issues with breastfeeding any of her kids either. I did with Dirty Delete. And she bounced right back to her pre-pregnancy weight, where for me it took me months (and I had to work for it. Lots of diet and exercise).  Reading this back, my mom had it pretty damn good!! lol

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I’m wondering the same thing! My mom also has 3 kids–she only gained 8 pounds when she was pregnant with me, and not much more than that with each of my brothers! She said her only craving while she was preggo with me was grape bubblegum (yuck). She is 5’11 and very slim so she was all belly with each pregnancy, and I don’t ever remember her having morning sickness with my brothers. With her last 2, she worked pretty much up until the time she delivered, with no issues. She had me when she was 18 and started college 5 days later. No stretch marks, 2 natural births and 1 epidural, she was in labor with my youngest brother for all of, oh, 2 hours (natural birth). She carried us all to term. It’s like you would never have known she was pregnant if she didn’t have the baby to prove it. I am so hoping I inherited whatever it is that she has!

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MrsCallalily:  I’m my mom’s only child, but I’m pregnant with twins so our pregnancies don’t really compare.  While she got a little morning sickness, I was riddled with it until month 4-5.  I was late and delivered by emergency C-section, while I’ll probably have a scheduled C-section at 38 weeks due to the fact that I’m carrying multiples.  In fact, the only other person in my family that has had twins is an unrelated (by blood) aunt.  That being said, everyone in my family has gone back to their pre-pregnancy size relatively quickly.

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Your Mom’s pregnancy/labour time is no indication as to how you will fare. Unfortunately, pregnancy differs so much from woman to woman (and even from pregnancy to pregnancy in the same woman!) The only thing that is genetic are stretchmarks and a few other conditions I think…?

My Mom doesn’t talk much about her pregnancies. I just know that she had a bicornuate uterus, which meant we were smaller babies and born a little early. She was moderately morning sick but otherwise had no complications. Both labours were quite long (24 hours+). She never got any stretchmarks.

My pregnancies were totally different. First pregnancy had very minimal nausea and threw up maybe 3-4 times. Had kidney complications and required many surgeries. Daughter was IUGR at birth but I had a nice, 7 hour labour. No stretchmarks from that pregnancy.

My second (current) pregnancy, I was sick and throwing up multiple times a day from like, week 8-24. Kidneys are both acting up again, and baby looks to be IUGR again as well.

You really don’t know what to expect until you get there!

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MrsCallalily:  for me so far, somewhat different. i’m 35w + 4d today.

by the 7th month, my mom had stretch marks and i don’t have any. she said she gained 50 lbs. i’ve gained 35 at this point.

she said her neck turned really dark and her nose was noticably wider. my neck is a little darker but apparently i’m the only one who can tell. my nose looks the same but my face is a little fuller.

i’m doing things a little differently than her. i exercise, i don’t work on my feet (she worked in retail), and i’m married which helps a lot. my biological father wasn’t very reliable when she was pregnant with me. he was still around but things were falling apart. my husband wakes up everyday and says “good morning! i love you. what can i do to help?” so that’s a big difference.

hoping to have a natural childbirth experience with very little intervention. mom had every intervention known to man, a c-section and didn’t nurse me. so hoping things work out differently for me.

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MrsCallalily:  My mom had a med-free labor/ birth, no MS, no stretch marks, never sore. She described her pregnancies as being very easy and very quick labor (under 7 hours for both my brother and I).

I had a very emotional pregnancy due to stress, but no MS (no vomiting I should say). I did get stretch marks a tthe very end of my prgenancy, and I was sore. My labor was, I think, still quick, and it was fairly uncomplicated.

While there were some similarities, I don’t think I could rely on how she was when she was pregnant to figure out how mine would go.

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I’m not sure I’d count or rely on anything!

My mom had pretty easy pregnancies (me and twins).  She says she had no MS with me and only a bit with the twins.  Her water broke with me and she didn’t realize it, so they gave her pitocin with me.  Both vaginal deliveries, and they used forceps on all of us.  She wanted an epidural but they wouldn’t give her one.  I was 2 weeks early and twins were born around 37-38 weeks (not considered early for twins I guess).  No stretch marks from any of it, but some of the post-pregnancy belly (don’t know what else to call this!) from the twins.  I’m not sure if she returned to her normal weight (she was underweight when she became pregnant with me) but she is still within a normal weight range today.  I think she gained 30-ish lbs with me and about 40-45lbs with twins.  I gained 40lbs-ish with my LO.

I had an easy pregnancy, but I did have MS from weeks 8-16.  I was induced at 41 weeks and had an epidural (and pitocin obviously).  I don’t have any stretch marks either, and I am about 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and baby is 3 months old today.

And we both got pregnant very easily I guess.  Though, I think my moms side is super fertile…everyone has tons of kids.  She had no issues BFing with me (I had breastmilk only) but did supplement formula with twins, I think she got tired of doing nothing but feeding and said they were just hungry all the itme.  I’ve had very few issues BFing with my LO.

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