How did your dog adjust to your baby?

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(Following thread for possible future!)

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I have cats, but have been working on introducing my mom’s puppy to my 1 year old.  We have been trying to keep the atmosphere as calm as possible, teach how to pet, be gentle, no jumping, etc, and they are both learning.  Just take it one day at a time with supervised interaction.  And try to get some solo time in with your dog too, which is way easier said than done with a newborn!  Other new parents have been fine with dogs and it just takes some time to adjust. Even my cats rearranged their alpha status once I had my baby!  One is fiercely protective of me and the baby now, much to the chagrin to my super cuddly beta cats.

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yep, i need advice on this too

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Has your dog ever been around young kids or babies? I think the best advice is to always watch them around each other. A baby or child could hurt the dog and the dog could snap out of instinct. I would recommend having a dog trainer come to your home if you do have problems. I don’t have kids but my dogs have been around my nieces and nephews as babies and toddlers etc. I think at the end of the day make time for your dog make sure they still get love and attention to. 

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I can’t help with introduction to baby as I don’t have kids, however I just wanted to say that barking when other dogs are barking is completely normal (although annoying) and that pulling on the lead is often a breed trait and not a dominance issue. (My dog also pulls really bad, it is DEFINITELY a breed trait as they all do it, we invested in a front/chest clip harness – best thing ever!)

Your dog doesn’t jump up, steal food or jump on furniture, it’s sounds like your dog knows his place in the family. Just make sure you continue this with baby I guess so that he knows baby is above him in the pecking order? (e.g. don’t let the dog lick babies face or pinch babies toys.)

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ne11y23 :  we didn’t do anything special to help the dog transition. He seemed to understand what we brought home immediately. As baby got more mobile, he just moved away… seemed like he worried about doing something wrong. As baby started ‘petting’ we worked on “gentle touch” and the dog has handled it all well. He’s had fingers up his nose and in his mouth. He’s had more Cheerios than he’s ever dreamed of. He’s been run over with a wagon and walloped hard on the side when we weren’t quick enough. He’s handled it very well. 

Two bad things: he got excited at the prospect of a ride and leapt in the car when husband opened the baby’s door. And he scares the crap out of him if he barks suddenly (ups truck and thunder usually). We just make sure the baby doesn’t equate that fear with the dog by giving them an immediate positive experience. 

Dog is a mutt, 65 lb, 10 yo

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what about cats? they don’t seem to care, do they? lol

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