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However they want, basically. I got the Halo bassinet and thought it was amazing until my Dear Daughter turned out to have reflux and needed her bed elevated. She now sleeps on a reflux wedge in our bed. Best laid plans and all. She’s almost 4 months and not moving to her crib anytime soon! She hasn’t even napped there yet. all babies are different and my best advice is not to get too set on how things will be because their sleep varies massively! The recommendation is in your room for 3 months but in a separate bassinet/crib type thing, but I wouldn’t spend a ton of money on something and just see what works for your baby before you commit. 

I would definitely recommend a sleep sack. Babies are supposed to sleep in cool rooms to decrease SIDS risk (around 68-72 degrees) and pajamas and a sleep sack are ideal for that temperature. Some babies like being swaddled and you can use the special swaddle sacks. Mine hated having her arms restricted so we quit using them early and stuck with sleep sacks. 

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Babies sleep wherever they want to. We have a halo bassinet and he’s slept in there like 4 times. He was in the Rock and play most nights til 4 weeks and then we moved him into the crib. 

I would recommend some kind of swaddle over pjs but I wouldn’t stock up on a bunch of one kind since you don’t know what they’ll like. My guy hates having his arms swaddled and he’s liking his sleep sacks at the moment. I also like the nested bean swaddle because it’s weighted so they think your hand is on them.

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Like the other PP’s, we bought the Halo bassinet.  (Seriously, they aren’t quite this popular).  My DS is going to be 4 months in a week and a half and has been sleeping in it since day 1 great.  Many ladies in my month due date group have moved their LO’s over to their cribs already, but I’m not quite ready yet.  He isn’t sleeping through the night so it’s just easier for me to tend to his needs in a more timely manner.  We use a swaddle at night.  He has taken well to the SwaddleMe swaddles.  I like that they are light weight and breathable for the summer months and keep him nice and tight.  They are recommended for babies until they can consistently turn over, then you can use a sleep sack or just pj’s.  I also recommed looking up “The Happiest Baby on the Block” as far as sleep practices.  

Your hospital or birthing center may have classes to help you with more of your questions as they come up.  

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My son is 4 months: he slept in our bed up until 3 (NOT what I planned,  but what ended up being the most comfortable for us), and is now in his crib. 

Most nights he was just in a footed sleeper. Now that it’s warmer, he usually wears a onesie with an Aden & anais sleepsack, which is made from a thin muslin. 

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She slept by my side of the bed in a moses basket. She was turfed out at 10 weeks old which sounds awful but honestly, she snuffled, whimpered and was fidgety, every tiny noise and I was alert and awake. Coupled with the fact that SO snores and uses the loo in the night, no one was sleeping well! She has slept from 6.30/7 pm till 5.30/6am since she was 4.5 months old. No waking unless she is unwell or has pooed. We did the cry it out method. We put her to bed after her last bottle then went up and stroked her head every 10 mins when she cried. 3 nights of this and on the 4th night we were away! Sleeping until she woke for her night feeds. Stopped those at 5 months then she slept right through. She liked to be swaddled tightly but now has a sleep sack.

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My son slept in a basinett in our bedroom until 5.5w when we moved him to his crib in his room. So glad we did it early. He’s a great sleeper. Otherwise during the day when he was young he slept anywhere! Miss those days lol. Around 10w I made sure he only napped In his crib. He is 6.5 mos and was born in January. Oh and he wore a halo swaddle sack until he was about 10w old then we switched him to a zippadee zip which he is still wearing – LOVE.

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mrsm42712 :  We moved our son from the Pack N’ Play in our room to his crib at 3 weeks (I had to go back to work at 6 weeks). He stayed that way until he had an episode one night where he stopped breathing. He then moved back in because we were freaked (obviously) and slept in his car seat per our pediatrician’s advice. He moved back to his own room at 5 months when his acid reflux had disappeared. I think he was back in his PNP at around 3 1/2 months. He was born in December and slept in footie pajamas. 

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We put the crib next to our bed and our LO slept in it as soon as we were home from the hospital. We kept the crib in our room until she was about 6 months. 

I bought swaddle sleep sacks and footed pjs and she hated it. Turned out she liked bare feet and sleepsacks! She hated swaddled, even in the hospital she’d mange to get her arms and legs free. But I know other babies love to be swaddled! My only advice is to not buy too much as you never know what your LO will like/dislike!

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My babies have blankets in their cot but they are natural fibres (cotton or merino wool) and light weight.

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My Dear Daughter sleeps in her pack n play beside our bed (she will be 6 months on Monday!). I think its recommended that baby sleeps in your room for the first 6 months as its thought to reduce risk of SIDS, but I know lots of people move baby into their own room sooner. Since its summer and crazy hot in our house Dear Daughter is going to stay in our room (with the window air conditioner) until the fall when we’ll transition her to her own room. 

I swaddle Dear Daughter from the waist down with a light blanket, she wasn’t a fan of the sleep sacks and even when its cool enough to just wear her pjs she won’t sleep unless she has some sort of blanket. 

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Ours slept in her crib in her own room from night one. It was awesome, she started sleeping 7 hour stretches at 10 weeks and we all got more sleep. 

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Our Dear Daughter slept in a combo of Rock n Play and crib (both in our bedroom) until about 5 weeks when we went to all crib. Glad we did that early, because some friends who’ve tried to transition later had a tough time.

In terms of clothes, she wore a onesie under a swaddle blanket at first, then we went to the SwaddleMe Velcro swaddles when she started busting out of the blanket a lot. Now that she’s lost the startle reflex and is starting to use her hands to self-soothe (3 months) we’ve started swaddling her arms out and will probably transition to a sleep sack soon.

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Some people use co-sleepers for the beginning. These are like a bassinet that attaches to the side of your bed so they are close and you don’t have to get up out of bed to get to them. 

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Dear Daughter slept in the pack and play in the living room while I slept on the couch (c-section, needed to limit stairs) for the first 3 weeks, then we moved to the bed with her in a co-sleeper bassinet (like a moses basket meant to sit in the bed) till about 5 months, then she slept strait up in our bed for a month while we got the crib set up in our room, moved to that at 6 months.  8.5 months in, she’s still in our room!  She still gets up 2-5 times a night so it doesn’t make sense to move her and be going up and down the hall all night long.

She was a November baby.  We did cotton footed pjs and a cotton SwaddleMe, done under her arms (she hated having her arms pinned, and was rolling onto her side at 2 weeks).  When she outgrew those, we got Halo sleep sacks and she still sleeps in them, in a short sleeve romper or just her diaper since its summer now.  I think we used fleece footed pjs in the coldest part of winter, but only while our heater was busted and we couldn’t keep the house above 64, the rest of the time the fleece pjs were too warm.  The general rule is whatever you’re comfortable wearing, plus one layer, so as long as you keep the house at a reasonable temp, cotton pjs + sleep sack/swaddle is probably good.

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