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I just put the crib in my room so she was used to it from day one.  Then when I was finished with her sleeping in our room (5 months) I moved the crib to her room.  I plan on doing that for this baby.  Otherwise, I would use a pack and play.  I just don’t see the point of a bassinet- they don’t have a long lifespan so you can’t use them very long.  I’d rather have less junk taking up space so I would multipurpose (use a crib or pack and play). 

Personally, I would swaddle the baby at first, until they are capable of rolling over.  Use something like a swaddleme or miracle blanket (my favorite thing).   Once they can roll over (either way), switch out to a sleep sack.  We did this when mine was 3 months.  I kept mine in a sleep sack until 2years +.  She can’t climb out of the crib in a sleep sack!  You should also know that SIDS deaths are higher in the winter I think, that is because people overdress their newborns.  If your house has heat, you don’t need to bundle them up like they’re going out in freezing temperatures.  Keep in mind what you keep your house temperature at.  For my April baby we just did a onesie and then the cotton miracle blanket.  #2 is due basically end of November so I will probably do footed sleepters with the cotton miracle blanket.

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I’ve heard every baby is different, and so far we only have our son (he is 1.5 years old now) but for him what worked was a bassinet until he was 5 months old. This was kept in our room for easy access. During the day he slept in a rock n play for the short naps and then at around 3 months I started doing some of those day naps in his bassinet and then around 4 months I started putting him down for some day naps in his own crib in his own room. At 5 months we started putting him down for the night in his crib in his room. He did really well. We used a little elephant that vibrates and plays a song for 10 minutes, his pacifier (although he loses it during the night, but eventually learned to find it on his own) and the room is really dark, so he got used to putting himself to sleep very early (we did all of these things while he was in the bassinet as well). It was rare for him if he took longer than 10 minutes to fall asleep and he rarely cried when we left the room, so we never really had to CIO because if he did cry, it was always less than 5 minutes.

When he was a newborn we tried and tried to swaddle him the way they showed us at the hospital. We sucked at it. He always got loose. So we bought these swaddlers that made it easy to get him in there: https://www.amazon.com/SwaddleMe-Original-Swaddle-Woodland-Friends/dp/B016MP5IZI/ref=sr_1_1_s_it and we kept his arms out because he was more comfortable that way.

After he started rolling over (at about 4 months) we switched to a sleep sack. I have several of those in different materials – cotton, muslin and fleece. The muslin ones are the ones we use the most and he sleeps in that to this day with pants and long sleeve top pajamas or footed pajamas. 

Here are a few of the ones we like:




We live in California, so it doesn’t get too cold and we keep the thermostat at around 74 degrees fahrenheit. In the last few months we also throw in a knitted blanket in case he wants to cuddle or gets cold, but he just kind of lets it go to the side or he sleeps on top of it. Knitted blanket: https://www.amazon.com/Pickles-Diamond-Knit-Baby-Blanket/dp/B001TK32IM/ref=sr_1_1_s_it

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We had our son in his crib, with just a fitted sheet on his mattress in his own room from the first day he came home (we have a video baby monitor). He was born in January of this year. We put him in a sleeper (like a footed pajama) an undershirt and we swaddled him in a carters swaddle blanket (they’re light breathable and stretchy). We didn’t start putting him in his sleep sack until he started rolling (thats also when we stopped swaddling). We think it helps prevent him from sticking his legs out through the slats of his crib lol.. 

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mrsm42712 :  he was 2 weeks old when we moved him into his crib in our room (before that he was in the pack and play bassinet in our room.)  He was 3 months when he went into his nursery on his own.  We used a halo swaddle sack and later a swaddle me (both with footed pj’s underneath) until he was 5 months.  He’s almost 10 months and still sleeps in a sleep sack. 

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We had DS in a co-sleeper next to my side of the bed until he was about 3 months (which is when I went back to work). He moved to his crib in his room after that. He’s a great sleeper, but he cries / talks and moves around a lot in his sleep – he kept waking Darling Husband up, so it was time to move him. One of my best friends got us a Snuza Go to monitor his breathing – he had some sleep apnea problems for a day or two after he was born, so I’m paranoid he’s going to stop breathing. If he stops breathing (which he hasn’t since he got out of the hospital) the Snuza will alarm, which we can hear on the monitor – I made sure to check if it was loud enough. If we didn’t have the Snuza, I would not have wanted to put him in his own room yet.

We also transitioned him to sleeping in just footed sleepers when he was around 3 months old. He was in the NICU for 9 days after birth and they used halo swaddle sacks, which were really nice for the colder environment but our home wasn’t as cold so we used SwaddleMes. There were a couple times he slept in just sleepers early on when there were no clean SwaddleMes, and those were pretty horrible sleep nights because he kept waking himself up! We’ve got a couple sleep sacks for him to use when it’s winter and he needs more covers. I don’t want to put any blankets in with him until he can reliably take them off his own face, which he isn’t doing yet at 5 months – right now, he’s more likely to put something over his face and then fall asleep (I sometimes give him a lovey when he’s having trouble going down for a nap, and I always have to take it away after he falls asleep because he puts it over his face).

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mrsm42712 :  Hi there! We recently transitioned Dear Daughter to her crib. 

We started off with this Graco Bassinet (which WE LOVED, it flips over safely to a changing table to which definitely came in handy!). http://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/graco-reg-dream-suite-trade-bassinet-in-paris/1044976750?Keyword=bassinet


Transitioning babies to a crib depends. Our bassinet guidelines were the baby had to be moved out of the bassinet when 1 of the 3 events occurred:

1) Baby reached over 15 lbs

2) Baby is able to sit up on hands and knees on their own

3) Baby reaches 3 months old


We moved our daughter a little before she reached 3 months so she had time to get adjusted. We were extremely lucky and she went in with no issues.  I will say that we honestly sleep better now and its good to have the room to us and our pup again!

As for keeping the baby warm…she was an April baby, but we put her to bed in a sleep sack every night. She started with the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddlers and then moved onto the regular sleep sacks when we realized she did not want to be restricted. Udnerneath the sleep sacks we just keep her in her diaper and one of these snap undershirts with mittens on them so she cant scratch her face at night:


They have sleep sacks and other similar products for the colder months as well (we have a fleece one waiting for her for that time, at that point we will also put her in a full onesie pajama). We felt more comfortable with the sleep sacks as opposed to any types of blankets. It gave us more peace of mind.

As your baby grows you will understand his/her needs and likes.  It’s all trial and error! GL!



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Our Dear Daughter just cried when we tried to put her in the bassinet, so she has been sleeping in our bed since she was a few days old. She is 21 months old now and still sleeps with us but we now have her crib ìn a side-car configuration with our queen sized bed, so we all get way more space. If we have another baby we’ll do that from the beginning to avoid being cramped, but still being able to easily roll over and nurse. 


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mrsm42712 :  My son slept in the Halo Bassinet until he was just about 4 months old, then I moved him to a pack n play next to the bed and around 9.5 months we made the full crib transition. He just wasn’t ready to move, but then one day he wouldn’t sleep at all if he was in my room or in bed with me, so w gave it a shot and it worked in our favour!

Im in Canada and it’s really, really cold where I live in December. We used the Woombie over footie Jammie’s and since he didn’t like having his arms in the Woombie a light swaddle blanket on top 😂 

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