(Closed) How do I ask my neighbour to stop without sounding rude?

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@DelilahDiamond:  I don’t think it’s a reasonable request. He probably is doing it before he goes to work.

Have you thought about wearing earplugs to bed? I used to work shift and wore them all the time.

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I would just NICELY ask him if there’s any other time he could do it and explain that it wakes you up too early and then you’re tired for work and while you think it’s a really nice thing what he does, that maybe he can do it in the evening when he returns from work instead of at 530 in the morning – but I think your Fiance is right, he likely does it before everyone gets up to go to work.

Can you turn on some white noise in the morning to block out the beeping and stuff?

Also, I can’t believe the noise ordinance is exempt right after a snow fall. WTF. lol

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@julies1949:  +1.  I would not ask him to stop.  

@futuremrsk18:  +1 I would absolutely invest in some white noise (a fan or air purifier work great for me) to drown out the sound from his plowing.


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@DelilahDiamond:  Unfortunately I have to agree that it’s not reasonable. I live in the far north, and without fail the plows go through before midnight and then again around 5am.  

He’s plowing at this time because people need to be able to leave for work between 6 and 8am. He’s been probably asked/told to do this by the people who own the apt. buildings and pay him.  I know it’s unfortunate for the 3rd shift workers and I definitely can understand the noise annoyance. I too would suggest white noise to attempt to block it out 🙁 sorry bee.

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I’m not sure you can, especially since it’s a giant favor for everyone. I’m sure he’s doing it before there’s traffic on the street / parking lot… I think you gotta just suck it up and wear earplugs when it snows. 

(I feel your pain. We live across the street from a giant shuttle parking lot to the local university, and they plow at 4 am after it snows. I live in Wyoming. It snows a lot. I was pissssssed when it happened the first time, but now I just keep earplugs on my bed stand.)

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I have to leave cor worm at 5:30 am so shen those streets don’t plowed til later I and many other first shifters are screwed. I suggest earplugs. I would kill for a neighbor who would be out there like that.

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Sorry, but you should just be happy that he’s doing it so you don’t have to,  and I’m sorry it’s not like your working until 3 am… being up an hour while he’s doing this won’t kill you…

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Your neighbor sounds like a super nice guy who is doing everyone a favor by plowing before the workday starts. I think it’s unreasonable to ask him to cater his volunteer plowing around your schedule. I know if I got up super early to do that for my neighbors and someone complained about it I would probably stop. It sucks that it’s early and wakes you up (it would frustrate me too!) but I definitely wouldn’t say anything!

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@DelilahDiamond:  We have the same issue with our next door neighbour. But he only does his own drive way and scraps and hacks at it with a shovel and a pick or something. We aren’t bothered by it too much as our window faces the other driveway but our roommates have yelled, swore, written nasty (and hilarious!) letters, reported him. I haven’t heard too many compaints this year though. 

I didn’t know the noise compaint is except after a snowfall! That is very interesting. I would drop a baked good or something like that off as a Christmas present and mention the amount of snow lately… then mention how noisy it can be sometimes in the morning… 

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I know others have recommended white noise, I just wanted to add you can even get it as an app on your phone or find 10 hr ones on youtube 🙂  It’s been a life-saver living in an apartment!

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What he is doing may not be fair to you, but as pp mentioned it is helpful to numerous other tenants and motorists. Unfortunately, dealing with that kind of thing is part of life up north. 

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The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.

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@DelilahDiamond:  Have you already tried the previous suggestions like ear plugs or white noise? 

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