(Closed) How do I get my Southern Baptist husband to be to convert to Catholic ?

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Please go chat with your priest about this.

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funny, I’m Southern Baptist and I don’t know how you catholic people think either.

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  1. Pray…and listen for God’s answer
  2. Take him to church events, ministries, etc. that are NOT mass…in my parish, we have many active ministries, some in which, if you’re not constantly moving, you’re run over from the action, which should counter his ADHD.
  3. DEFINITELY talk to him about faith…yours & his. 

OP…I’m a bit confused by your wording: you start off claiming your SO as Fiance (fiance/future intended), then change to ‘husband’ in the next sentence.  My advice for #4 is dependent on whether he is your Fiance or husband, but: if all of the above don’t work & being married to a Catholic is THAT important…leave your fiance & find someone in the church.  If he’s your husband already, you’ve signed up for a lifetime of repeating #1-3. 

NOTE: While I DEFINITELY agree with PPs that no one can force anyone to change faiths, I don’t believe in the whole “you can’t change someone” argument…I believe my every action & interaction with any person has the ability to change something in them.  That’s everyone’s role on in life…we’re each here to change someone’s life, whether it’s as simple as influencing their meal choice at a restaurant, or as profound as their choice in a major or occupation, any or all of these choices can be life-changing (hey, it happened in Sleepless in Seattle…”I got his lettuce & tomato on white, he got my lettuce & tomato on whole-wheat, which of course he was allergic to; the rest is history”).  So, while I can’t FORCE my husband to convert, the fact that we go to mass together every week, that he goes up for a blessing at the time of the Eucharist, that he understands that even when we’re on our honeymoon in Paris we’re going to mass, all these actions of mine (that he takes part in now) may change his mind about Catholicism.  I don’t force him…if he doesn’t feel like going one week or one month, he doesn’t & I don’t make a thing out of it.  If he’s called to the Church, he’ll convert on his own…but a girl can pray & dream.

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So…from this thread I have learned what Made-Up Drama means…hmmm

Talk to a priest or couples counselor who can help guide you through this decision. If this is the dealbreaker you portray it to be, then you should carefully consider your decision to get married to this person. Conversion is  deeply personal choice that can and should be supported, but not foreced.

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To be honest I haven’t read all of the responses, but keep this in mind. I am kinda an expert on the subject because my FH is Catholic and I am Southern Baptist. If he calls himself Southern Baptist but did not get baptized and become an actual member of the church this next statement will not apply, but if he HAS been baptized keep in mind that he does not have to convert to Catholicism, but agrees to raise your children Catholic, you can partake in a sacramental marriage recognized by the Catholic Church. You cannot force anyone to convert to a different sect of Christianity, but what you can do is pray that God’s will be done in the situation.

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I do not think you should expect your finace to convert his religion; you obviously knew you had different beliefs and practices previous to this and if it was not a massive issue then, then why should it be now? 

My fiance is a practicing catholic and I am agnostic (although I suppose others would call me an athiest, it will depend on your definition).  We are, however, going to be married in his Catholic church with the blessing of both our families and his priest.  I even attend mass with him occasionally. 

I would never dream of converting, much like one of the comments above, I could never honestly believe what a religion would require of me and I am certainly not going to lie about it.  However, I do find the occasional mass at my fiance’s church interesting and I can always learn something from them, whether I agree with the subject matter or not. 

I think it is healthy to have differences of opinion in a relationship.  Our children will probably go to church with my fiance and they may even attend Catholic school, which I am happy to support… but when they come home they will also be educated on other religions and on the fact that some people aren’t religious – and they will be free to make their own decisions.

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MrsPinkPeony :  I’m in the same position as you. We discussed everything and while we aren’t engaged yet we will have a Catholic wedding and raise our children catholic as well. We also agree that it is important to raise a family with two parents who support each other. However, he wants me to go to his baptist church once a month and I worry that it would confuse our children when we have them and in not sure how okay I am with not recieving reconciliation on those sundays. I definitely don’t want to try to convert my boyfriend or force my religion on him but I’m not sure where to go from this point. Any advice from something that helped you?

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catholicchristy :  This thread is 7 years old and these users are no longer around.  You need to open your own new thread if you would like relevant advice.

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