(Closed) How do i get started? TTC, Ovulating strips, Basal Body Temp..ETC

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Hopefully you will be one of those lucky gals who get pregnant easily.

Charting can really help pinpoint fertile days though. I would recommend fertilityfriend.com They havea great tutorial on how to chart properly.

The basics are to just take your temp every morning before you get out of bed, preferably at the same time. Log that temp in fertilty friend. Note any other symtoms you have, like your cervical mucous.

Since you just went off birthcontrol, it may be a few cycles before your system becomes predicatble or regular.


…hopefully you’ll get pregnant before you have to worry about that though!


Good luck!

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I suggest signing up with Fertility Friend, it is amazing! Start taking your temp every morning, at the same time, while your still partially asleep. They say it’s better if you aren’t completely awake. Not sure how serious you want to get but you can also get some OPK’s from amazon pretty cheap. They help so you know if you surged or not.

More than anything, don’t stress out about it. You could get pregnant without even needing all this! Good luck!

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I would start off tracking your period so you can know your most fertile days. Just do that for a couple months and you may be one of the lucky ones. Good luck!

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Depending on your timeline and how quickly you’d like to conceive, I’d try NTNP for the first few months.

I found charting and temping to be pretty overwhelming.  When I stopped BC, I used Fertility Friend app to track my period and some general symptoms throughout (never temped).  We were pulling out and the one time we didn’t was on my 2nd cycle off BC (I warned Darling Husband it was a possible fertile time – wasn’t too sure since my period were still regulating after going off BC) and here I am 6 weeks pregnant!

I was definitely nervous reading all the stories about TTC and charting that it would take a while to get pregnant and we’d really have to be calculated about it, but it was one and done for us.  Obviously, everyone is different but I think just giving it a try without anything at first is nice.  Sometimes, you can let TTC get to your head and it ends up being counterproductive.  Good things happen when you least expect them, right?! 🙂

Good luck on your journey! 

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It very well may not take all the “science”.  Honestly we tried to get pregnant for 19 cycles and I still wouldn’t give up those first 4 months of just having lots of sex and fun with it, even if it would have meant it happened sooner.  

But since you asked, I used the fertility friend website and it does some/most of the work for you.  I took temps with the bbt at the same time every morning and input it in the software.  When you see a peak that’s likely ovulation and if it stays elevated or dipWiccan indicate whether you’re pregnant or AF is on her way.  I sprung for the paid version but the free version is decent. 


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I’ve been ttc since April, and while I use Fertility Friend to keep track of my cycles, I haven’t started dealing with all the other indicators–temp, opks, etc–yet. I will if we’re still trying in late fall without success, but for now, this is enough. FF will give you estimated fertile dates based on your cycle length alone, so we try to get busy during that period, and whenever else we want to as well. My body is still regulating after being on bcp for 6 years–my cycles have been pretty all over the place in terms of length–but I think adding in any more factors just wouldn’t work for me quite yet, there’s really only so much you can control.

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I am on my first cycle off of BC and am using OPKs. I wanted to get an idea of when I’d be fertile and if I would be able to ovulate right after coming off of it. So far, I’m a fan.

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@ashleyr0512:  I will probably repeat what others have said, sign up with Fertility Friend and start taking your temperature every morning at the same time. You can also get some cheap ovulation prediction kits (OPKs) from Amazon. I would say these two types of monitoring can be very helpful. If you have more questions, you can join us at the Charters thread. We help each other understand our cycles 🙂

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@ashleyr0512:  I asked same questions to my OBGYN. She suggested ClearBlue Ovulation Kit, the $20 one. Will easily let me know when is the best time to conceive. I ovulated Nov. 9, so we went for it and now pregnant. LOL. Baby due in 4 weeks. I tell everyone ClearBlue Ovulaton Kit, the one with the smiley face.

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Personally I think charting & temps are overwhelming & would make me nuts. I’d probably start with NTNT & tracking AF & if you don’t get pregnant right away then I’d go from there. But I have a friend who uses fertilityfriend and loves it. So I’d check that out if you really want to chart etc. Good luck!

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@ashleyr0512:  There is a sticky under the TTC Boards called something like “TTC basics” or whatever. Tons of great information and breakdown! 

I’m also one of the charters, and I LOVE IT. It’s totally changed the way I think about my body, my health, and my (present/future) family.  ; )

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Get the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility.

Then I would suggest you go the NTNT way for the first 4-6 mths. You just came off BCP too so I would recommend you first get a hang of your cycle. It may take a few mths to settle. 

Start charting your cycles now and also taking temp so you get the hang of it and also start seeing a pattern. But dont try to do TOO many different things at once.

Whatever you do, dont get too caught up in logistics. We are TTC right now as of this July. And the worst thing we can do is become over anxious. In fact, as for me, i am not even temping or charting right now. I have a general idea of when may be my fertile time and i am using that to my advantage. As months progress, i will slowly and steadily add more elements.

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