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Pics? And what kind of products/treatments do you use on your hair/how do you wear it usually? Also, how often do you get it cut? Sometimes hair at the ends can become damaged if it isn’t trimmed every 6 weeks or less. Also wavy/curly hair can tend to be on the dryer side, maybe look into some moisturizing treatments or hair products that moisturize. I’m a cosmetologist and please feel free to pick my brain! Hope that helps!

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@cdncinnamongirl:  I have similar hair to yours (I have a lot of it but its fine and naturally curly) I do straighten it most of the time and on the plus side mine does grow super quickly but I think you should probably speak to a hair dresser/stylist and get their advise.


There are heaps of treatments and products that can help stimulate growth and also pump up your hair to give it hold and volume and make it easier to style (I use these, love me some big hair!) I would try and ride out the awkward mid-length stage if you can, it can be even harder to style short hair and there’s not a whole lot you can do with it if you cut it and you’re still not happy!


PS I wouldn’t worry too much about a few shorter strands, hair breaks off, it happens! as long as your not doing anything damaging to your hair which it sounds like you arent, a few broken off hairs here and there won’t make a difference 🙂

PPS also try giving something like Silicea gel a go (google it!) it’s great for skin, nail and hair health!

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There is actually no way to make your hair grow ‘faster’ – the speed of growth is genetic. Some people grow really fast, others don’t, but there really isn’t anything you can do about it! You can, however, use products/treatments to keep it healthier as it grows, so it doesn’t look/get as damaged, which can make it look thinner/dryer/etc. Diet is a big factor, as is stress, in your hair growing not-as-healthily from the start,


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I take 2000 units of D3 vitamins a day for health reasons. but because of it, my hair and nails have gotten healthier and my hair has grown like crazy the last year. I had an inverted bob last year, now its past my shoulders.

PS.  My daughter has beautiful long hair….I said to her a year ago…”I wish I had nice long hair like you!”.  She said “STOP CUTTING IT!!”…best advice from a 10 year old LOL

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I find that the more water I drink, the stronger my nails are. It might be something to consider as it may be beneficial to your hair as well.

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1. Never brush your hair when it is wet. Only us a large toothed comb. Start from the ends and work your way up. Rushing it and combing from top to bottom will damage your hair. 

2. Limit the amount of time you wear your hair up, and never sleep with it in an elastic. 

3. Drink lots of water. 

4. Consume lots of omegas. 

5. Use all natured cold pressed organic unrefined coconut oil to keep it soft and smoothe. I do a coconut oil mask at least every two weeks. 

6. Comb/brush your hair every day. If you allow your hair to get very tangled, you will inevitably break your hair.

7. Sleep on satin pillow cases if you want to be extra careful about breakage. 

8. Use higher end hair products. I find that using cheap hair products can destroy my hair in only a week or two. For leave in conditioner/detangler, I love It’s a 10!

Unfortunately you can’t actually speed up your hair growth, but you can take better care of what hair you do have. If you can limit the damage to your hair, it will appear thicker, healthier, and overall nicer as you grow it out. 

Good luck!

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1. prenatal / biotin 

2. Deep conditioning with natural hair masks – Ie coconut oil and eggs.

3. No poo method 

4. No dyes heat or chemicals 

5. Healthy diet and lots of water 

6. Wash as little as possible

7. don’t use hair products – gels and sprays

8. cut it every 6-8 weeks just a trim

9.  Brush morning and night and in the middle of the day if you can 

10. Try to be gentel when pulling it up – invest in a satin head wrap ? 

My hair is almost to my waist I have been growing it out since 2005

everyone has a block point where your hair takes years to pass once you get past it it will grow grow grow! Mine was right below my bra line and once it passed it’s been rapidly growing! but it took about three years to pass 


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Long hair… my favorite subject!


I have been growing my hair long and chopping it to donate for 17 years now (I’m 31), so I know a little bit about what it takes to get there. Currently, it is down to my butt crack.


I agree with the tips PP’s have said. Treat your hair like it is your baby!


If anyone says regular trims will stimulate growth, they are misinformed. 


I also take Biotin. It usually takes about 6 weeks to notice any changes in growth rate, but when it happens, it’s like an EXPLOSION of hair and nails!


My best tip is: don’t give up! Growing your hair out takes time. There will be plenty of “awkward” stages, but once you get past them, it will all be worth it.

ETA: I also eat a diet rich in dairy. I am unsure if that helps at all… maybe I should do some research. 


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@shortie1848:  respectfully disagreeing on trims. My hair was the same

with a yearly Trun so I tried twice a year and it was a little better 8 weeks ia by far the best for me although sometimes it’s up to 12 weeks before I can get in. I only get 1/4th of an inch off But it has helped so much! 

Maybe the very most I have very thin hair and I curl it almost every day.

I also have to wash every other day if not more so i have to trim 🙁


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@alishaloo:  Cutting the ends of one’s hair does not affect the folicles, which is what stimulates growth.

Trimming the hair regularly does indeed make one’s hair look more appealing and healthier.

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Are you sure they’re broken off, and not just new hairs growing in?

That being said, a few years ago my hairdresser noticed some shorter hairs at the nape of my neck. That hair, on me, is very coarse and brittle, so there’s not THAT much I can do about it; hair just breaks sometimes. But, my hairdresser knew right away, just by looking at the broken hairs, exactly where I wore my ponytail every day, even though I hadn’t worn it in to the salon! Hair ties can cause breakage. They’re just a necessary evil sometimes, and you have to put your hair up. But she recommended I move my ponytail around, to prevent a bunch of breakage from happening in the same place.

Now, I try to mix it up. Sometimes a low ponytail, sometimes, a really high bun. Sometimes I wear it off to the side, or put it in two braids… the key is mixing it up, if you’re doing it the same way every day.

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@alishaloo:  Yes! I am at that block point!! It gets just under my boobs, bra line? and then it basically stops. I’ve started taking biotin and getting more regular trims. Let’s hope it works!!

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Just checked into it and I think shortie is right about trims… they don’t affect hair growth because they don’t affect the follicle. I actually took a class in regenerative medicine, so I should have remembered that hair follicles experience 3 phases that they cycle between. All 3 phases happen simutaneously on your head, but only one at a time per follicle. The three phases are:

  • Anagen (growth) – this is the longest phase and can last anywhere from 2-6 years. It’s mainly determined by genetics, but diet and supplements can help. Shortie is right here again in that the longer that your follicle is experiencing the anagen phase, the faster (and longer) hair will grow.

  • Catagen (a transitional phase for follicle renewel) 

  • Telogen (a resting phase where the follicle can be dormant for 1-4 months). 10-15% of the hairs on your head are undergoing telogen at a given time.


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