(Closed) How do I teach my mom’s dog to come to her name?

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Dont let the dog off the leash!

I have a puggle and she is also food motivated. We started to train her the day we got her treats & kibble work great!

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I would recommend starting at the very beginning.  On leash, have her sit, step in front of her and back a step and tell her “Name, come.”  Reward her when she does (treats, praise, a toy, whatever floats her boat.)  If she doesn’t get it and continues to sit use the leash to guide her to you and then praise.  (I’d work in teaching stay in there too.)  Then make it a longer and longer distance (swap out the normal leash for a longer rope.)  Personally, I wouldn’t trust her off leash unless I was in a fenced yard or otherwise secured area. 

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Don’t let her off leash. No matter how much training you give them, some dogs just can’t resist running and exploring when let off leash. Try putting the dog on a long lead (10-20 feet) and calling her from a long distance. Then if she doesn’t come immediately, call her again and gently tug on the leash until she walks toward you. Praise her and give her food once she reaches you. Try this over and over until you don’t have to rely on the leash to get her to walk/run to you. Then you can try it with a longer lead (50+ feet). Once she masters this, it could take several weeks to reach this point, then you can possibly try off-leash training, but I wouldn’t even think about it before this point.

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Dogs are super food motivated. However, they also love praise. Their goal is to make humans happy- so, call her by her name for a treat, then pet her and say “good girl” after.

That particular mix is very bright. Learning should not be difficult.

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I do a LOT of obedience training, and the easiest way to teach come is to use eye contact.  Put the dog on a leash (it takes a long time and lots of rewards to get recall off leash!) and stand on the leash with plenty of slack in it.  Say the dogs name, when she makes eye contact say “yes!” and give her a tiny treat.  (Think pea-sized treats, like bits of cheese or chicken.)  Repeat this a few times, until you can toss a toy and say her name, and she will return to watching you when she hears her name.   After that, you can send her off using a toy or tossing a treat, then say her name.  When she turns around say YES! and have a treat ready – she’ll come to you to get it!  Before long, you will have a dog who is coming back to you, paying attention to you when you say her name.  As far as the jumping goes, please don’t spray your dog…  typically it just confuses them.  The best way to stop jumping is to either stand on the dog’s leash (she can tote it around the house for a while if you’re training, as long as she can’t get caught), or to cross your arms and turn away when she jumps.  As soon as all 4 feet are on the ground say YES! and give treats.  She’ll figure out pretty quickly that the “food dispenser” only works when she’s not jumping.  (Seriously, when I teach classes the puppies figure this one out FAST!)  Also, if you’re doing a lot of training, use her regular rations as rewards too- dogs don’t have to get their nutrition out of a bowl!  My current dog learned her heel work by following me around the driveway as I doled out pieces of kibble from her breakfast – kept her from turning into a walking bowling ball, lol. 

Good luck!  Let us know how it goes.

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We taught our dog “come” by having two people on opposite sides of a longer hallway.  Then we’d say our dog’s name and “come” and give him a treat.  We’d alternate and he got it pretty quickly. 

Though if we do that now, he just runs back and forth since he thinks it’s a game.  He knows the command now, but will selectively listen to it!

As for treats, my dog LOVES Cheerios. 

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