(Closed) How do we say – Kids will be given "kid's meals" at reception?

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  • poll: Feeding The Children "Kid's Meals" - What would you do?

    Assign all kids the children's meal option

    Let parents choose

    Starve the children

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    @LilRhodyGem:  you will never make everyone happy lol but I think giving at least 2 options is a wise move. Maybe one meatless and one with meat? or maybe see if the caterer will do smaller versions of the main food choices? Either way, I would try to avoid just “assigning” a meal option. As for the age, I can tell you that at 12 I would have been really disappointed with eating a kids meal.

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    If there are too many kids to call / ask the parents directly the I would suggest adding the kids meal option on to the RSVP card, but actually listing the item “Chicken strips and fries”.  That way you dont have to worry about the 10-12 year olds getting an innapproriate meal.  My 13 year old cousin was a super picky eater and actually preferred the chicken strips over the meat or fish option.  And my sister chose to just feed my 3 yr old nephew from her plate as well as some snacks she brought.  I doubt you’ll have many kids (or parents) picking the adult option when they won’t eat it.  I think if you could do two choices for kids it would be a bonus.

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    I always get a bit miffed when I see kids 12 and under being served a kids meal.  Is a 12 year old receiving the same portion size as a 4 year old?

    I think once you hit 10, or absolutely 11 you need a regular meal.  My son was just about 6ft tall at 12.  I would have traded him meals if he were served a kids meal because a kid that big has a hearty appetite – a grown up appetite.  

    I understand not spending a bazillion dollars on a kid’s dinner BUT the meal has to be appropriate to the age and size of the kid. A 12 yo should NOT receive the same portion as a 4, 6, 8, or even maybe a smaller 10 year old.

    Please reconsider lowering your age requirement to 10.

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    I don’t see a need to spell out what exactly the kids’ meal is in advance. Just like with adults, if the kids have allergies (celiacs etc), the parents should know by now to contact you or make other arrangements for food. I wouldn’t specify what the kids’ meal is any more than I would the adults’ meal. 

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    I think that children are guests and as such is not “spoiling” (really?) to provide the option of an adult meal. 

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    If those are your options for a childrens meal I would only make it madatory for those under 8.  Yes, some kids are picky but some parents don’t allow that.  I was eating a diverse diet by 5/6 years old, and yet when we have gone out to dinner at very nice restaurants, there are 10 year olds eating buttered noodles…

    Not sure if there is a way you could make it mandatory for under 8/10 and optional for slightly older children.  There are definitely tweens out there that would rather eat your children’s options than the adult options. 

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    @musician32992:  +1, for being right and funny (little Timmy, love it).

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    @LilRhodyGem:  If it’s a buffet, don’t say anything. If it’s a sit down and guests are choosing their menu on the RSVP card, I’d put a blanket statement.

    However, I wouldn’t say “kids meal or childrens meal” it sounds too McDonalds to me. I also wouldn’t print it on any cards for those without kids. I would say something more along the lines of, Children 12 and under will have a meal of Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs specially prepared for them. I mean, it doesn’t have to say that or whatever just make it a little more sweet and exciting than “I’m serving your kid kid food.”

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    @bebero:  +1

    I would offer them a choice. Maybe you could ask the caterer if you can offer a “kids” option like chicken strips and fries, and also a smaller portion of the normal food so that the parents/kids can choose. 

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    @jennmariee:  Thank you! It just makes me so mad when parents demand an expensive meal for their child, who probably won’t eat it in the first place, on someone else’s dime. The bride and groom are shelling out $20,000+, your kid does not need to add $120 to the bill just because you feel like he’s entitled to it. 

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    i don’t understand the logic. why is an adult worth a $120 meal but a kid who you decided to invite isn’t? and the argument of “the child won’t it eat”???  most wedding food consists on some pretty basic combination of protein+starch+vegetables, nothing very sophisticated or weird

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    It might be “safer” to say something like “chicken fingers available on request for those under 12,” and hope the parents have enough sense to not order the steak their 4 year old won’t eat.

    I agree that 11 and 12 year olds might be a little too old for a mandatory kid menu.  But yeah, a 4 year old does not need a full adult serving.

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    Yeah, we had a seven year old order the steak. I’m trying to reach that pre-wedding ‘zen’ state, but this still kind of pisses me off if I think about it.

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    A few points…

    – Some kids need bigger portions. Especially boys who are almost at puberty.

    – Plenty of people have allergies and intolerances. Now, they’ll tell you about the allergies, because they’re life or death, but what about the intolerances? I’m intolerant to lots of additives and preservatives found in processed food. It won’t kill me, but it will give me vomiting and diarrhoea. I was exactly the same as a child…. spent ages being sick after school dinners, and it took years to work out what it was. Maybe the parents will not expect food with additives at a wedding, so they won’t tell you of intolerances? Just a thought.

    – I recommend half portions of the adult choices for the kids, and full portions for ages 10 and over. It won’t cost you so much more, but it will save you a world of hassle!

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    Just another one suggesting maybe lower from 12 to ten. I have been teaching kids around 12 for years, and, even though they can often act like children, physically they tend to need more food than adults. It’s also the stage that for a lot of them, they HATE being singled out as children (not that this should affect you, but just to be aware)

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