(Closed) How Do You and Your SO Divide Your Monthly Bills?

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  • poll: How Do You and Your SO Divide Your Monthly Bills?

    We make about the same amount, so we split things 50/50

    We do not make the same amount, but we still split things 50/50

    The one who makes more money, pays a larger portion of the bills

    Other (please explain)

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    When I first moved in with my hubby we had been dating for 5 months. Like you were saying, since he got paid a lot more then me, he paid for a larger percentage of the bills. It was nice, I was able to contribute some, and I still had some money left over.

    I had kind of the same issue with my job. It was extremely stressful, and my hubby (then fi) encouraged me to quit for my own health/sanity reasons. Since then, he’s been paying for everything. I had a good amount of money in savings, so if he ever needed money I contributed that way, and eventually we put all of our money together.

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    Before we were married we shared an account so we just pooled all of our money and there was no “his week” “her week” type of thing with groceries or any other bills. ALl of the money was split equally and if we wanted to buy something we would consult with one another. Of course not small things like lunch or coffee, but something like clothes, shoes, a DVD or something we would call the other and make sure it was okay. Im sure this would not work for everyone but thats what worked for us!

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    We live in a house I bought so FH pays me “rent” about 1/4 of the house hold bills but he also buys food because hes the 1 who eats it all. Even after the wedding we will still do things this way.

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    If you’re sure you’re going to get married, I would really recommend going the simple route and combining your accounts. It’s just so much easier, especially if you make drastically different incomes. I wouldn’t know how to go about splitting up expenses with a significant other I was living with. It’s just always seemed natural to my husband and me to think of our money as our money, even before we were married.

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    My husband and I have joint accounts for everything.

    But if we didn’t, I would have us put in percentages of our incomes in.  So if he made $4,000 and I made $1,000 a month (total $5,000), and our bills were $2,000 a month, I would put in 20% of the bill ($400) and he would put in 80% ($1,600).  Yes, he is paying more but it’s the same portion of the income.  He will have more spending money but he makes more which is more fair to me than me paying 50% of my salary every month on bills and he only pays 12.5% of his.

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    We both make about the same amount, and we split bills 50-50.

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    Our monthly salary is about the same, so we split bills evenly (we have a joint account that all of our joint bills come out of and we put the same amount into the account every month). Technically I make more because I generally get a large bonus at the end of each year, but that money is specifically earmarked for extras… not bills. So out of that we put money into savings, vacations, home stuff, etc. 

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    I make less than half of what Fiance earns. I pay 1/3 of the bills (electricity, water, cable, most of the groceries) and he pays the other 2/3rds (rent, most of when we go out)

    Since we moved in together, we’ve had a joint checking account that we deposit money into for rent, electricity and water. For our joint savings we use a money market account that is low risk, but a little higher return than a regular bank savings account.

    Everything else comes from our personal checking accounts. We each are responsible for our own bills as they relate to us individually (cell phone, gas, student loan payments, etc.)

    Once we get married, I anticipate this will stay exactly as it is. It works well for us.

    I think splitting bills based on a percentage of your income works out pretty well for us.

    Bottom line, it comes down to what makes you and your SO the most comfortable. Only you two can decide that!

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    He has always made substantially more than me so we split the bills 50/50 but he pays the larger bills and I pay the smaller ones. For example he pays the rent and light bill I pay the water and gym. Sometimes I will pitch in and pay more so that I don’t have to pay it the next month or something like that. He also usually gases the cars up because I hate pumping gas.

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    I don’t have a job that makes a whole lot yet but since he’s in school he’s only part time.  So I pay most of the bills but he still pays a large chunk so it’s probably proportional to what we make (he makes slightly more than me hourly but has half the hours).  He also drives his car everywhere when we run errands so he contributes that way too.  To break it down, I pay rent, he pays internet, cable, water, and electric and we split the groceries pretty much by seeing who can cover them or who just offers to that time.   

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    We have decided that we are going to do things based on percentages (since he makes more than I do teaching).  For Example:  He would place 20% of his paycheck into our savings, and I would put 20% of my paycheck into savings. 

    We’re also doing the traditional route of “our savings” and “our checking”.  My parents have always had theirs split, but my fiance is very big into everything being “ours” and not “yours” and “mine”.

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    My Fiance and I have lived together for most of our relationship. When I was the only one with a job he took care of the house while I paid the bills and visa versa. We have always considered it “our money” while together. The only times we had to split it were when we weren’t a couple and then we joind it back up once we were together again. We’ve never really had bank accounts so it was easy to seperate again when we broke up those couple times.

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    We do things sort of randomly. We split the rent and water/sewer/garbage equally but other bills are random…he pays for the internet and gas and I usually get the electric bill (which is small b/c our heat is gas). As for other things, he usually buys all our groceries and pays for meals and most dates. It was important to me that we didn’t formally combine finances until we were married. Call me Suze Orman, but it’s just always something I’ve been cautious about.

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    We don’t really have a plan. The house is technically mine, so I pay most of the house related bills. If I don’t have time to, I can hand them off to him and he’ll deal with it, but I usually just take care of it. He does all the maintenance etc around the house which is worth more than it’s weight in gold to me. He also usually pays for dinners out and the odd time I ask him to grab something I forgot in the grocery store. And he fills up my car with gas every other weekend (it’s a hybrid, I can last that long usually, yay!) when he goes to pick up his son because the gas is cheaper there.  We don’t have any kind of formal agreement worked out and it works for us, LOL! If anything were to happen, we’d pick up the slack for the other, no questions asked. We’ve just settled into our pattern 🙂

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    We split rent 50/50.

    I pay gas, electric and water.

    FH pays internet/cable, which is surprisingly expensive! Even with me paying for all the utilities, that’s still only about half of what the internet/cable bill is!

    We each pay our own cell phone bills.

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