(Closed) How do you and your SO show each other you love each other? How often?

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Every day.  We say “i love you”, spoon each other every night,  go out for dates almost every week,  he makes me breakfast every morning, I pack his lunch,   We do all chores together,  he doesn’t shy away from doing dirty work in the house.  All these little domestic things matter, and are a display of love.  Love would die very quickly if my DH was sitting on the couch watching tv while i was cleaning,  cooking, laundering.

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every day we show each other.

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H doesn’t have to do anything to show me that he loves me.  I just know that he loves me.  And vice versa.  But then again neither of us are fans of huge “I love you”gestures.

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I feed him, do his laundry, avoid recording TV shows during football.

Does that count? 


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Pretty much every day, all the time. We hold hands, we cuddle, we verbally say, “you know, you’re awesome/handsome/pretty/etc.” at random times. I prep his snacks for the day in the morning, he preheats my seat in the car. He takes my laundry up the stairs and I make sure my crazy long hair is cleaned out of the drain. We’ll write each other cute notes and let each other sleep in or take naps when the other is tired. We’ll intuit when the other wants pizza for dinner. On big holidays and birthdays we’ll exchange thoughtful gifts, but I wouldn’t say anything crazy big.

We just sort of ‘live our love,’ so to speak 🙂

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everyday! We say it a lot, but show it through actions. I do most laudry, cooking, cleaning, he always tells me how much he appreciates me and never leaves without giving me a kiss.

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All the time, or at least every day. It’s the little things. We dont have many big ones, well he did a couple for me but that’s it. I wish I could do more big ones for him though.

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I am with all the PP’s above. We say “I love you” every single day and usually more than once. Due to our working hours he usually makes dinner, so I always thank him for that and tell him how much I appreciate it. We also share chores. We cuddle on the couch, and in bed at night. Sometimes we leave little notes for each other on the chalk board in our kitchen, or with our lunches, or on the countertop so the other comes home to it after work. We text or email each other sometimes during the day at work as well. He will say things like “how is my beautiful bride-to-be today?” which always makes me smile.

A big thing that shows how much someone cares is if when one of us isn’t feeling well and the other checks-in the next day to see how the other is doing.

Sometimes he will go to more trouble like buy me surprise flowers. But it’s the daily love and affection that we give that matters most. Even if we are grumpy.

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We try and do lots of little things, Fiance suffers quite badly with depression so on days when he is feeling overwhelmed/really really down I will cancel any plans I have (I don’t often have plans…I am boring but still) I will order pizza and we will hide in bed as it makes him feel safe. This weekend we made a fort and stayed in there all day because he has been having a bad few days 🙁 

He shows me by buying me flowers often as I have never had a partner who brought me flowers out of the blue (which I think is romantic) he will give me a foot rub even if I haven’t washed my feet (thats love!) and will sometimes go out and get me a mcflurry if I am having a bad day at work etc. 

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We only tell each other “I love you” when we are really feeling it at that moment, which makes it feel less automated. Sometimes it’s after doing something fun together, other times it’s just as we are laying down to go to bed, or just hanging out on the couch. He runs out and buys me ginger ale and makes me toast when I have migraines and I buy him cashew butter even though it’s $10 for an 8oz jar and he eats it all in less than a day. 

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My SO feels loved by physical touch. So I’ll go out of my wat to just be connected with him. An artm around the waste, a hand squeeze, or grazing his back with my fingers. Especially if we are around my crazy over whelming family, I try to make him feel as loved as possible.

I’ll hide little notes in his lunch box if I pack his lunch. I’ll pick up special things I know he loves at the store. Buy his favorite coffee drinks or Monsters if I know he has an early morning.

He surprises me with my favorite flowers if I’ve had a rough day. One time he showed up with the giant costco teddy bear. He holds me when I’m very upset and crying over family issues. He expresses verbally how important I am to him. And he is always so great about letting me know when he arrives safely to places.. he rides a motorcycle often and we are in CA so I worry about him and he puts my mind at ease as soon as possible.

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We say I love you several times a day, always a snuggle before getting out of bed in the morings, texts throughout the day, he makes my salad for me every day and we shower together a few times a week too. The last few weeks he was working on cleaning up the man cave so I was feeling neglected. I told him so and he said that he’d finish it while I’m at roller derby practice. I cook dinner almost every night and make sure there are leftovers for him to take for lunch, I cooked a bunch this weekend so that he could have a guys night and have friends over for poker and football. I go and cheer for him when he runs races and he comes to roller derby bouts for me. He is usually willing to help clean up the house or even go grocery shopping if I ask. He opens the car door for me almost every time too.

Most of all though, he is kind and loving to my kittehs and to me and I know that I can count on him and he knows that he can count on me.

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kaitie:  We are like this too. We say it when we are really, really “struck” be the feeling. I have been in other relationships where it was more automatic…and turned out it was being said even when it was no longer felt or acted on. Of course every couple has their own way, but I know when either of us is saying it we are definitely feeling it full force.

But we show we love each other in action all the time. We share our appreciation for each other, we listen to each other as we share about our days or our feelings, we take care of our home, we bring each other home little treats (like favourite ice cream) from the grocery store, my husband will take my car to get winter tires on as my schedule is nuts, we hold hands as we go out, he cares for me after surgeries including with washing my hair, I am supportive when he is stressed out, we are physically affectionate, we are kind to each other,  we encourage each other,  we cry about losses together, we choose every single day to be committed to our life together. I feel very loved.

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