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We figured out what I could afford to contribute based on my income (I live on a student stipend that’s about 1/5 of what Fiance makes). It’s a flat rate month to month. The remainder leaves me some spending money, gas money, and money for my bills. If I have extra (say on a 3-check month), I give him a little more.

I also contribute by buying the groceries.. sometimes we split, often I buy. Once in a while he buys.

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We did and do put 50% of our income into a joint account to pay for shared expenses. What that means is whoever makes more pays more, which I do think is fair.

The problem with 50/50 when their is a discrepency in earnings is that the person who makes less would not necessarily be making the same choices if they were to live on their own (or say a roommate where it is 50/50). Cheaper housing, cheaper restaurant.


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my Fiance also makes ALOT more than i do. I make good money but no where near the amount he does. We kind just go with it. We switch off on stuff. when bills come we sit down at our table, bust out our checkbooks and get to it. I mean they have to get paid….and his money is mine and vise versa.

I do think that its is kind of not fair that you only pay 1/3 of the amount that he does. you both live in the house/apartment together and you make good money….maybe he doesnt want all of his money to just go to bills. you guys need to sit down and communicate how you are going to break everything down.

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we have seperate bank accounts but we have never split the bills – he would never hold a bill and say your share is 43.9% honey and i never hold tickets for a vacation and say your share is $4K honey.  he pays the household stuff & investments, i usually do the groceries/furnishings/vacations etc

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He just gives me money and I pay all the bills.  We don’t split them.  I guess you could say his money goes into my “pot”.  

With my ex husband, certain bills were in my name and certain bills were in his.  I paid mine and he paid his.  The person making the most money (which changed a few times over 15 years) paid more and/or all of the mortgages which were in both of our names.  


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We put about 75% of our money into anoint account. We use this account for everything, bills, mortgage, food shopping, dinner out, insurance etc. The rest we have leftover is ours to do what we want with, buy clothes, books, games for him. This works well for us!

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My Fiance and I do not live together and we probably won’t until we are married but with things like going out to eat, buying things for the wedding and stuff like thet, we just kind of ….do it. Sometimes he’ll pay and sometimes I will. Mostly him though because he makes A LOT more than I do, I’m a student working at a preschool 20 hours a week. But he has said many times before that he would like me to quit my job and focus on school when we get married and he will pay all the bills. We have the outlook that everything that is his, is also mine so money isn’t a big deal nor is doing everything 50/50. He isn’t the type to say “okay, you get the grocery bill, the water and half the rent and I get the rest.”which is very nice In My Humble Opinion. It puts a lot less stress on me since I only work part time and it makes him happier because I’m not stressing any more than I have to.

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He gives me his check and I pay the bills.  It shouldn’t matter who makes more. 

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I’m still struggling with this.  I make more than DH.  Right now all the money goes into one pot and all the expenses come out of it.  What it’s doing is allowing us to spend way more than we should… which we need to figure out a way to come terms with it.

A friend of mine tried what you described – pay a percentage of what you make, reflective of income – but that would only work if your SO was on board!

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FH and I recently joined our finances.  Everything goes in to one pot, and all of our bills our paid from that pot.  Even debts that I have that aren’t his. In the same, its all “ours” anyway, and any money that I put toward my debts still come out of our money, so really, it’s all the same.  

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This is why we have joint accounts, just makes it so much simpler. We have Two Chequing accounts (one for bills, one for spending), and 4 Savings account, all with automatic monthly transfers set up according to our budget, makes everything crystal clear.

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Fiance makes more than I do, but we keep the rent/bills pretty even.  We lived together pre-engagement and split everything 50/50 for the rent and bills.  However as of late we split rent 50/50, I pay the apartment bills, and he pays insurance on the car and apartment.  I think I am paying slightly more on the bills, but he does 90% of the grocery shopping, and sometimes buys gas even though I do 98% of the driving (I have a long commute).  So far it has worked for us.  We will probably just continue as is once we are married.

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Right now I pay all the bills beings I make all the mula (DH is in school).  Once we’re a two income family again, I’m sure all the money will go into the same account.  We’ll each get our mad money and the rest will be allocated to whatever savings/investments/bills/etc we have set up. 

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We share all our finances, so we don’t have to deal with this. Before we combined, we would split things according to percentages of our income; he would pay 60-70% of the total bills and I would pay the remainder, since he made way more than I did. 

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