(Closed) How do you avoid suspicions about not drinking before telling about BFP?

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@The_Future_KB:  I’m not pregnant, but if I was in your situation I would just say that you have a headache. Drinking makes my headaches a hundred times worse. That way you could still partake in eating the food. It would work for me. 🙂


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@The_Future_KB:  Eating fatty foods makes it even easier “I want to spend more of my calories on this delcious food!” 🙂

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@The_Future_KB:  The work diet is perfect.  If they ask why you’re not drinking just say that, and most likely that’ll be the end of it.  If someone points out that you’re eating a fatty dish just casually say that you’re having your splurge for the week with that tastey food, but don’t want to totally blow the diet by adding drinks too; or even simpler that you’re cutting back in little ways and it’s not an extreme diet.

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I drink ALL THE TIME and while I am not pregnant nor TTC, I know this will be a huge issue for me when I am. I don’t remember the last time I turned down a drink at dinner or a party or wherever, so when I start doing that it will definitely raise suspicions.

I would order a drink and take fake sips and switch with my husband halfway through dinner. Also, say you are driving so you can’t order more than one!

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@The_Future_KB:  I can’t imagine they can’t make you something that looks like a cocktail but isn’t.  I also suggest somehow getting there early and having them bring you virgin drinks.  This will draw the least attention to yourself.

At a Christmas party I took some wine and faked sipped and snuck to the bathroom when I could and poured it down the sink.  That was at a house though where I could move around different rooms and I wasn’t sitting at a table.

At a friend’s house and at a ski house with the inlaws I got cans of hard cider (people know I don’t like beer) and fake sipped until I could get to a bathroom and then poured out the can and filled it with water.  

Even if you do arouse suspicions the way I look at it is that it’s not like you’re hiding something bad.  You’re just not ready to tell yet.  Hopefully anyone who notices won’t make a big deal of it.

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@soccergal7898:  +1

I had a friend on acne meds that she couldn’t drink with, and I guess when she found out she was pregnant she went off the meds, but no one asked about it because we all “knew” it was because of the meds. Same with antibiotics. There are lots you are not supposed to drink while taking.

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@The_Future_KB:  After you have ordered can you or your husband sneak to the bar and let the bar tender in on the secret? Ask him to switch out your alcohol margarita for an non-alcoholic one. Then no one will be the wiser. Just give him/her a big tip and tell them to keep em coming.

When you are of a certain age and newly married as soon as you start saying no to drinks then the gossip will start. My H went to a friends on Sunday for a swim (it was super hot here) and when he came back he mentioned that his best mates partner wasn’t drinking, which was unusal. First thing I said was is she pregnant. If my unobervant husband can twig that there is something weird with certain people not drinking then I figure the average joe definately would put two and two together.

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Im with the previous posters, get there early and order one non-alchoholic then tell them you are driving and are going to stop at one. 

I was not a big drinker before I got pregnant, but I own a coffee shop and when I switched to decaf in the morning all my employees knew instantly. Never underestimate the power of the seemingly unattentive people in the room. 

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The lying is getting to me.  I keep saying that I have a headache from drinking the night before so I’m taking it easy.  Once I was fake drinking wine, my husband would take a big swig out of my glass when no one was looking or pretend he wanted a sample of it.

It makes me want to tell people before the 12 week mark… or 4 more weeks of lying.

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I would say you are on antibiotics…if they ask you could say its for something like a UTI (though that may be tmi..lol) so that even though you don’t look/feel sick, you still need antibiotics and it’s believable. Most antibiotics and alcohol are a big no-no unless you want to get yourself sick with one drink so I think it’s definitely believable. 

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@The_Future_KB:   In the beginning, I had hoorrrrrribleeee morning sickness, like REALLY bad. I just told everyone it was the flu (which is what it felt like). and when we’d go out I’d tell them I couldn’t stand the taste of alcohol, I’m still getting over the flu. I pulled it off for a couple months! I’m 14 weeks now, so the whole world knows. Honestly…keeping it a secret was hard for me. The lying starts to wear on you, and the suspicious questions keep coming. Plus, you’re like BURSTING with excitement to scream out that you’re pregnant to anyone who can hear you. We ended up telling friends & fam early!

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I haven’t had to say anything so far! We’ve told close family already, so no questioning there. With friends, no one has even batted an eye if I didn’t order a drink, and I’m usually one for at least having a glass of wine or beer. Of course, they may be wondering about it or talking amongst themselves, but no one has asked me “hey, why are you not drinking anything? OMG are you pregnant?”

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I stopped drinking 3 months before we were going to start ttc so I think people suspected I was pregnant way before I was lol. I think I was only asked twice why I wasnt drinking before we told people…mos tpeople wont ask they just look at you suspiciously. But my best advice Ive heard is to say youve started a diet and workout plan that desnt allow for alcohol.

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