(Closed) How do you avoid suspicions about not drinking before telling about BFP?

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I don’t know about at a restaurant, yeah, that will be pretty hard to keep a secret. I successfully a couple times had H drink a beer (from a dark colored bottle) then fill it with water for me, but this was at parties where people wouldnt have noticed what I ordered.

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I tried to hide it, and most people I see regularly worked it out anyways. But, I will say the things that work the best, ie the least likely to seem suspcious, are soda water and lime (say it has vodka in it) and saying you have a hangover. I agree wtih the PP that said the antibitotics excuse won’t work on most people 😉

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@The_Future_KB:  So how did Monday Night go ??

I am looking forward to reading your UPDATE to hear how it all went at the Mexican Restaurant with all the family.

Altho I didn’t comment, I’ve been following your topic with interest, cause there have been similar ones in the past (around Christmas time especially)

Curious what excuse you went with… and how things turned out


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@The_Future_KB:  Agree with PP’s – tell them you’re on medication or have taken pain killers for something. I get chronic migraines and am often on pain killers for that which I can’t mix with alcohol, if people offer me a drink and I tell them that, they never question it!

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To @The_Future_KB:  Thanks for the UPDATE

Glad it went well… I am sending good Wishes & ~~vibes~~ your way for your Pregnancy.

As for your SIL… are you sure it wasn’t a Virgin one ?

I know you said in an earlier post that you called the Restaurant and they said they didn’t do Virgin Margaritas…

BUT honestly, I’ve never been to a Mexican place that didn’t have them…

I mean seriously, the process is the same, you just leave out the Tequila.

And considering most Bars / Bartenders are using those Frozen Mixes and Giant Drink Blenders I cannot see where this is a BIG Deal to provide a customer.

At some point in your Pregnancy, when the cat is out of the bag “Ya I told you all I was counting calories”… and you all are swapping stories you might want to ask your SIL

You could just say “They told me they didn’t have Virgin Drinks… so now I’m curious, was yours a Virgin one ?”

And if needed (she says NO) you can assure her you aren’t judging… cause you’ve read that a drink once in awhile won’t cause the baby any harm… but as you literally JUST GO THE NEWS you didn’t want to jinx anything.


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@The_Future_KB:  Is it OK to drink a Diet Coke (with Aspartame) when you’re pregnant? I had heard that you couldn’t, but I’ve never been pregnant, so I don’t know.

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I hate the lying. Today I had lunch w/ a coworker & felt like crap. I had soup & ginger ale and just told her I felt like I was coming down with something cause I couldn’t hide my misery. I think she saw my button undone on my pants though. Now she might be suspicious. Lol


And as for fam, we’re staying with my inlaws while some work gets done on the house so we ended up telling them on super bowl Sunday. They kept offering me a beer and I felt bad making up excuses. (My tactic was to say yes enthusiastically, then at the last minute change my mind and get a soda. Kinda like a fake out. Terrible, I know). It’s been a relief since we told, especially since my m/s has gotten worse. They were like, no wonder you were always sleeping! They would have thought I was crazy the way I’ve been eating and acting lately.


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When out for dinner- go up to the waitstaff discretely and tell them-


Im going to order a cocktail, Can you make it a virgin without telling my friends?




The staff are usually delighted to be in on the secret and I promise wont mess up!

Then order an elabourate cocktail in front of everyone and noone will be with wiser!


Also get your Significant other to go to the bar for you, ask for a  vodka and coke or something- he will return with a coke and no one will be any wiser!

Ta dah!










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I tried to use the DD excuse a few times, but people know that I can have one or two and still be fine to drive.  Everyone suspected it 🙂  It sucks that they don’t make virgin drinks there, cuz that’s the best option to fool them in my mind. Maybe you could be the first to arrive and have a seltzer with lime and cranberry?


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Theres a few ideas you can do…..a) your fighting off feeling sick & taking some meds, b) your driving, c) try to get the waitress to not put alcohol in it (or if they have to “charge” you for the drink full price/dont do virgins because they loose money tell her to double up hubbies and keep yours booze free?? a lot of places say they dont do it because they take effort to make and its a “waste” if they’re not making money on the alcohol…. just tell DH “he’s gettin tipsy tonight” lol), d) order something you can “pass off” as a drink thats not a marg and say your stomach was a bit funny so your not in the mood for something that citris/fruity…get a short coke with a lime and say its a rum and coke……

For other gatherings like at houses, etc you can just take a drink like a beer or wine and just hold it and put it up to your lips pretending your taking some…then dump a little out when your near a sink lol.


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I think you’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions. Just chiming in for what I did:

– I fake drank. Anytime there was a drink in a bottle at a party, I’d take one, pour it out, fill it with water and then sip away. I also fake drank beers at a restaurant when I was with a lot of people — no one paid attention. At weddings, I ordered drinks from the bar that looked alcoholic (Diet Coke instead of rum and coke, sparkling cider instead of champagne).

– I invited people to do things that didn’t involve drinking. Coffee shops, movies, manicures, anything.

– I stopped attending some events. It sucked, but people later understood why I was ducking out so often.

– I pretended to be getting over a cold. Ginger ale and water do not look suspicious when you’ve been sick.


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My advice isn’t very helpful at this point because I have been playing the long game.  Every third or fourth time we hang out with friends or family, I forego drinking alcohol and cite that I am cutting back on calories, recovering from a cold, or just not in the mood to drink.  I’ve done it long enough now that nobody notices or cares when I don’t drink at get togethers.

Get there early and order a Diet Coke or Sprite before anyone gets there.  When the waitress comes back around just say “I’ll have another one of these.”  If someone else orders you a magarita, take a sip and then tell them your stomach hurts so you’ll sit out the sweet drinks tonight.

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