(Closed) How do you base your tipping?

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  • poll: How do you decide what you're going to tip?
    Based on my bill. : (150 votes)
    32 %
    Based on my service. : (145 votes)
    31 %
    Based on my food/drink. : (14 votes)
    3 %
    How long I sat there. : (23 votes)
    5 %
    Combination. : (115 votes)
    24 %
    I don't believe in tipping. I shouldn't pay you extra to do your job. : (12 votes)
    3 %
    It varies. : (15 votes)
    3 %
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    I start at 10% (bare minimum) unless I was completely treated like an asshole.

    15% comes easily with average speed, quaility and friendliness.

    20% comes only to a server whom we “hit it off with”

    21%+ comes when the server was awesome AND we got free stuff or discounts

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    In all honesty, I start out tipping a server 15% then I raise it or lower based on service.  I will also raise my tip by an extra dollar or two if I choose to sit there a bit longer than an average customer (but not if it’s because I am waiting on the kitchen.) With really good service I tip 20-25%.  With bad service I tip 10%.  If service is extremely exceptional (even if the kitchen is awful) I have been known to tip 100% of my bill.

    Some people say you should tip 15% regardless but I disagree.  If you are giving poor service then I want you to know and if I tip 15% you won’t know that I thought your service was poor.

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    @Twyla_Smith:  I’ve also worked food service so try not to think I’m the worst person alive when I say this:


    Your job is NOT hard, I tip based only on the service you provide, the food being shitty or great is not your fault, I will tip up to 25% (more if there was a discount applied to the bill) for excellent service and I will tip $0.01 if you’re the worst server I’ve ever hard.  I don’t give a damn if receiving that penny means that you have to tip out of your tips from other tables, because you ruined my dining experience.  Although I will say that I don’t agree with pooling tips.

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    @Twyla_Smith:  For me it’s a combination. I will not tip for bad service, ever; bad food would be less likely to make me not tip provided the service was still good. If I am tipping (and TBH I can only think of maybe 3 occasions where I haven’t tipped, because the service was just appalling), I base my tip mainly on the bill, and tip anything from 10-20% depending on how good/great the service/food was (10% is the customary tip in the UK).

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    I tip 15% unless the service was absolutely awful.

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    @Twyla_Smith:  …it honestly depends on the server, it’s not like I showed up at their house, barged into their living room and told them to feed me and Mr. 99….this is their job, and I get they paid crap and rely solely on tips, I was a bartender, when you’re living on tips, its your job to make sure you get a good one….and you do that by being friendly, attentive, accurate and professional….anything less than that I feel no pity for the paltry pittance I’ll leave on their table.

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    Meh/Average service: 20%

    Bad attitude/slow because you’re busy on your phone by the bar: 15%

    Good-great: 20% and way up


    I was a server/bartender for a very long time and I am notoriously slow to shaft a server. I’m way too forgiving.


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    Darling Husband and I start at 20% (for both lunch and dinner) and move up from there if it’s really exceptional. We don’t tip usually for to-go orders (unless they went above and beyond in terms of packing, efficiency, and service). We typically don’t tip for coffee places unless it’s one we go to frequently. Then we’ll do one big tip every so often rather than daily.

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    I typically tip 20% unless my server is downright bad. And by bad I mean rude. I understand mistakes happen and have made my fair share buy when someone is rude I can get pretty angry about it.


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    I give at least 20%, more for great service. 

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    I do it based on the service first and foremost. The tip is for the server, whereas even if I get a horrible salad I still have to pay the $10 that it states on the menu. What I usually do is go to my Frommer’s Travel Tools app and click on the tip calculator section. I put in the bill amount and then I can adjust it based on 10%, 15%, 20% etc. I usually tip about 15% standard, and wlll go up if the service was amazing. If you service sucked, you were rude, etc. then I will do 10% or less. One time I got in a humongous fight with a restaurant that was forcing me to tip them 18% (included on the bill) even though the service was TERRIBLE and they brought me the wrong order and wouldn’t take it back and give me what I ordered. I was annoyed because even though I was still going to tip I sure as hell wasn’t going to leave one at 18%!

    I have been a waitress before in a family business where my employer refused to hire more than two people working at a time and there were no bus boys so we had to do that + some small stuff in the kitchen (like prepare the garlic bread if a customer ordered something with it). I don’t even know if our working conditions were legal, but she was a monster. I really do get that the job can be difficult, but if you’re going to be doing it, then you still need to do it well. Teaching is extremely difficult but I’m not let off the hook just because I may get a class with behavior issues. If my teaching is not up to par I will pay the consequences. 

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    I go off the amount of the bill and the level of service. My standard is 15% for decent/okay service and I tip more for better service. If the service is really terrible, then its more like 10%. 

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    I start at 20% and if the service is terrible I’ll knock it down to 15% (doesn’t ask me if I want water, never checks in on me, forgets things I ask for). For a truly special experience I’ll go over 20%. I do not take into account the food as I do realize the server is not back there cooking 😉

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    I generally tip high.  If the service is really awful, I will tip only 10% or not at all.  That rarely happens, but for example we had a waitress at Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia who brought two waters to our table of four, took off, and sat with friends to smoke a cigarette.  We had to go over to her to get menus and service.  This happened repeatedly with her and other waitresses and to other tables as well.  So we did not tip.  Dock Street sucks for service, though.

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