How do you clean your baby's bottles?

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Helper bee
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We’re on our third kid. Our bottles go into the dishwasher.  We use the Dr Brown bottles and hand washing all of those parts got old real fast. Occasionally, in a pinch, I’ll hand wash one- hot water etc. with our first baby- we hand washed and were more contientious.  Same thing with my pump parts- hand wash occasionally, but mostly into the dishwasher.  I think our dishwasher has a sterilize mode, but I’ve never bothered.   

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Busy bee

For the first 6 months we sterilized twice a week, then we did once a week and after 12 months we do dishwasher 75% of the time and sterilize every month. I was doing it after every use but I read in an article that it breaks down the plastic way too much so I stopped doing it so much. 

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Bumble bee

I don’t have kids yet but I don’t plan on sterilising. Wash properly and make sure it’s clean yes, but I’ve seen research suggesting that kids are developing more allergies these days compared to decades ago because they’re not getting exposure to the necessary germs in the first 12 months of their life that need to colonise in our bodies or help build our immune systems. I certainly don’t believe in zero germs.

And besides, growing up in China, there’s a lot more germs and bacteria and all kinds of nasties (eg you would not drink tap water there), no one sterilised anything, and it’s still not the done thing now I don’t think. And believe it or not, I rarely get sick as an adult.


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Bee Keeper
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monicageller :  I have a bottle brush with a nipple piece. Easy Peasy. Babies are smothered in germs all day long, building a strong and healthy immune system. I honestly don’t see the point of sterilization beyond paranoia. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind washing breasts before feeding either, as if they get all filthy wrapped in a bra all day long. I’m a big believer in germs. 

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Busy bee

I clean bottles in hot water in a separate bowl using a dedicated bottle brush. I EBF so we don’t go through bottles often but I’ll sterilize nipples only in boiling water once a week. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I sterilized before the first use and during the first few months I would do it like once every couple of weeks. That got old real fast and since it’s been hot soapy water w/ bottle brush and drying on a rack.

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Busy bee
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We run them through the dishwasher every night. Not sure if that counts as sterilizing. In a pinch, I wash with hot soapy water, but we have 12 bottles so that rarely happens. 

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Busy bee

Irishbee here, we do it the same as the UK. I wash the bottles after every use in hot soapy water & then sterilise them in a steam steriliser. This is done every day, after every use. Soothers (pacifiers) are microwave sterilised once a day. 

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Busy bee

monicageller :  I used to sterilize every day. Washed with soap and water plus boiling. Probably stopped some time after 6 or nine months.

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Helper bee
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My first, I sterilized every day, sometimes twice, for an entire year. So tedious.

With the second kid, I sterilized before the first use, and have only used soap and water since then.

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Bumble bee
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US bee here.  I handwashed my bottles and pump parts, and then put them in a steam sterilizer after every use until my baby learned to crawl. (Except on vacations when I didn’t bother to bring the sterilizer.)  I had an epiphany when we were at the zoo one day and my kid was randomly licking the glass on the sea lion exhibit.  I realized the time of protecting my kid from environmental germs had passed and I was wasting my time. I stopped sterilizing bottles at that point. I continued to sterilize my pump parts until I stopped pumping at 14 months, because I felt the steaming helped get them cleaner and prevented residue crusting in the hard to reach areas.  I would have sterilized bottles again had she gotten sick, but she never got sick as a baby at all so it was a non-issue.

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