(Closed) How do you clean your engagement ring?

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Busy bee
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I just wanted to echo what ToasterCat said…I am pretty sure toothpaste contains little silica particles.  I would think over time there could be some negative effects especially on the metal.

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I use Sparkle Bright: http://www.sparklebright.net/.  Someone here wrote about how great it is and they were right!  I just got a compliment on how sparkly my ring was the other day.  She wondered if it was new because it was so sparkly, but we’ve been engaged for over a year.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I probably use it every few weeks.

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Busy bee
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I use the red jar from Connoisserus too, which like Violete said, has a little tray and a brush. The jeweler gave it to my Fiance for me when he bought my engagement ring.

But for anyone who wants to try it- they sell it at Bed Bath & Beyond, and it’s seriously only about 5 bucks.

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@mandyw, thanks for the info! baking soda is seriously my go-to and i do have a jewelry cloth that i used to use to clean my flute with. works great!

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I just went to the jeweler today and she suggested just using a toothbrush on it when in the shower (obviously don’t take it off),  Never thought of the Windex..so i’ll try that.  When i was on vacation a couple weeks ago and spending time in the hot tub…the chemicals in the water made my diamond so clean it was amazing!  Maybe I should try to convice my Fiance that we need to get a hot tub.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I either go to the place where my Fiance got my ring – there are several around our area.  So every time I walk by, my Fiance says “hey want to get your ring cleaned”? ๐Ÿ™‚

In between stores cleans, they gave me a little jewelry cleaner, so I use it.  I soak it in there and then use a soft brush to clean off stuff.  Then I use a eyeglass soft cloth to clean it.

And inbetween home cleans, I take the soft eyeglass cloth to rub it clean sometimes.

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Busy bee
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I use a toddler size toothbrush (that I bought just for my ring) with a tiny bit of grease cutting dish soap on it – works great.  I do it at least once a week, and I can see a difference in the sparkle when all the soap scum and crud is gone.

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I use toothpaste & a soft bristle toothbrush.

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Helper bee
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Verragio (my ring designer) has told me to not use ANY at home jewlery cleaners at all that vibrate or have harsh scrubbing bristols…..My ring has pave and it can cause the diamonds to pop out and scratch the gold (18k is softer).  They suggested water and light windex…rub with a paper towel and rinse well….I didn’t ask about using a hair dryer to dry it well…but that sounds like a good idea to take the water spots away….

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It depends on how much time I have.  If I’m in a pinch I’ll use Connoisserus in the red container because I like how the little brush gets into the crevices.  My mother has a sonic jewelry cleaner and when I went home a few months ago (right after getting engaged) I cleaned my ring with it every few hours… to the point of ridiculousness.  Guess what I got from mom for my birthday!  Now I’ll use the sonic every once in a while but it’s big to lug out to just use for a ring…. now I’m glad I don’t because I also have a pave band!  Thanks for the tip, BecomingMsWoods!

It was a very inexpensive method that impressed me the most.  When I was looking at wedding bands a woman in one of the jewelry stores cleaned my ring… afterwards,  it was the sparkliest I had seen it in a long time.  I asked her how she did it she told me she used 1 part simple green cleaner and about 3 parts really HOT water.  She made the point that diamonds get really dirty, (something about it being from carbon so it attracts the dirt like a magnet).  To get them their cleanest, she suggested cleaning them in the hottest water I could because it losens the dirt (not boiling but really, really hot).

There may not really be any science behind what she told me but a few days later I tried soaking it in really hot water after scrubbing it with my Connoisserus brush and boy did it shine!

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Helper bee
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My friend is a jeweller and told me that toothpaste with a soft toothbrush is the best way to get your ring clean without having to take it to a jeweller. She even cleans her own jewellery that way when she can’t be bothered taking it in to work for a proper clean. I do mine every few days (yes I am that anal) because the stone is exposed at the bottom and dust gets caught in it and makes the morganite look a bit cloudy. It works a charm and always makes my ring look the way it did when I first got it!



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Helper bee

I work in dental offices, so I just throw my ring into a little bag of soap and put it in the ultrasonic cleaner used for instruments!  (Just a tip for anyone else who works in the dental field…?)  As for home remedies, not to sure, but I would second the other poster who said not to use toothpaste.  You’d probably be scratching up the metal.  I wonder if those effervescent denture tablets would work?

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Busy bee
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I use jerwlery cleaner but when that gets too dirty i stop because the dirt in the water goes in the crevices of my ring so I use dish soap and water and let it soak for 10 min even longer wont hurt then use a soft tooth brush to scrub it then rinse under water for a few seconds and dry it with a soft cloth..

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This way is great if you don’t have a steam cleaner:

1. Soak your ring in a cup of 1/3 mild dish soap (like Ivory or Dawn) and 2/3 water. While its soaking, place a teakettle on to boil.

2. When it gets close to boiling, take your ring out of the soap and scrub gently with a soft toothbrush.

3. Hold your ring carefully with tweezers or a hair clip. Once the kettle starts steaming, set the ring in the stream of steam. Turn at different angles- especially if you have a complicated setting. Do this to get the steam in all the little crevices of your ring.

4. A nice finishing touch is to dip it or rinse it with rubbing alcohol so it dries with no water marks.

It comes out soooooo shiny! And all you need is a teakettle!

You can also do this with an electric kettle or even an espresso steam nozzel. Just be careful not to burn yourself. I called my jeweler and they said its perfectly safe to use steam to clean your ring.

I do this whenever I make tea and it keeps all my channel set stones pretty clean ๐Ÿ™‚

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I told my Fiance about this thread and he told me that his work has an ultrasonic bath which he’ll use to clean it!  One of his coworkers uses it to clean her ring and she swears by it.  I’m excited to give it a try.

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