(Closed) How do you deal with having so much money on your finger?

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I make sure to carry insurance (I use Jeweler’s Mutual, as it is the most comprehensive) on my valuable rings.

Sizing is very important – it is okay of if it your ring requires a bit of a wiggle to come off or you have to “walk it off”. That should ensure it won’t slide off even if wet or your hand is cold. I like speed bumps in mine as they provide a secure fit, but also leave room for swelling.

If I take rings I am wearing off, they go somewhere dedicated – I have ring dishes/holders in my house in the bathrooms, by my bed, as well as one at work if I need to put on moisturizer or sanitizer. I also have a ring box in my handbag though I RARELY remove my rings when on the move like that. If I am going somewhere I know I would have to remove them (eg.scuba diving, nail salon, the gym to lift weights, even traveling some places) I just don’t bring them at all, or maybe just wear a plain band or a less valuable ring. But it is there if say I am running to salon straight after work.

But honestly, while I take care of them, I don’t think about them that much. It is my belief jewelery is meant to be worn and enjoyed, not locked away 🙂

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claire345 :  I’m weird and I turn my ring around when I feel a little uncomfortable with it in public, other than that I wear it VERY proudly!

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Insurance is important as is making sure we buy it outright. No credit cards, financing, or debt, or huge sacrifices in other areas of life. It has to be treated like any other run of the mill expense. Something saved for but not causing strain. Only then can I wear it with a clear conscience. 

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claire345 :  Buy jewelry with a warranty and have good insurance coverage that covers you for theft and loss 🙂 For me the shock wore off quickly; it just becomes a part of you.

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Oh something else I do which is kind of weird – if I have wet hands and need to give them a shake (like after I wash them, little flick over the sink, then a hand towel) I touch the tip of my ring finger to the tip of my thumb. My ring doesn’t slip off easily, but it’s just peace of mind that it won’t shoot off and end up down the sink or whatever. 

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Enjoy it, wear it with pride, mine comes off for shower and cooking but other than that, flaunt it…..why not 🙂

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claire345 :  both my ering and wedding band are insured and over time it just becomes part of you to wear them although I still feel a little heady about it, especially out and about my thumb constantly finds its way to my ring finger thinking about how valuable these rings are and that I’m just walking around with them on my finger and how insane that seems but then you just take normal precautions, on public transport I might spin them around to cover the big stones in the palm of my hand and I have a procedure for taking them off, for example having a small velvet pouch to put my rings in the zip compartment of handbag or in front pocket of my jeans if I’m having a manicure, I have a small box in the bathroom to put the rings while I use body moisturiser, when cleaning the rings I close the drain hole of the sink, never take the rings off above an area where they could fall down (such as not above an open sink) etc. While I use hotel safes for my other jewellery I feel more safe to constantly wear my rings than leave them behind in the hotel room safe.

They also fit very snug, I can’t just pull them off my finger easily, it takes a bit of spinning and twisting and force with liquid soap and water, so there’s never any risk of them just randomly falling off or anyone simply grabbing my hand and slipping them off my finger!

I don’t use any stand-in rings.

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I have my ring insured but reading this thread has made me wonder if it’s worth it.  Maybe since the ring isn’t the most expensive thing I own I don’t feel the same way?  Perhaps as time goes on and you buy houses, cars, etc, you’ll feel differently. Our riding mower, LASIK, braces, were each all more expensive than the ring!  

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Just never really thought about it and it is insured.  Yes, it’s a lot of money, but not so much that it would make or break me… I’ve easily spent more on medication not covered by insurance.

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What the Grid said:

1) bullet-proof insurance: make sure you are insured for replacement value and not value;the minute your payment goes through on a new ring it loses a LOT of value as pre-owned. 

2) have ring trees or dishes in any room you might take your rings off in and only ever put them in those places. For me that’s kitchen and en-suite. 

3) don’t take your rings off outside the house. I’m a clean freak when it comes to my rings and I hate washing my hands with them on in public washrooms but I force myself to and I’ve mostly got over it. Almost all losses happen when people take their rings off and eithe drop or know how them, or forget them.

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Insurance, take it off very little, have a designated place to put it when you do take it off, inspect regularly, and turn it around when in seedy areas 

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Like the others have said I got it insured straight away and I have photos of both rings individually for insurance purposes. We also have rig holders around the house and I have a purse with two components for coins so if I need to take them off while I’m out I will put them in the spare coin compartment. I’m looking at buying a plain necklace for them to sit on occasionally because I never realised how often my fingers swell until I had my rings, particularly if it’s warm. The other week we were out hiking and it was a warm day but my fingers got really swollen making my rings quite uncomfortable. However because we were out hiking I didn’t have my purse with me so I had to just keep them on and wiggle my fingers a lot. Plus if I have to put my rings in my purse I compulsively check that they’re there, which will probably lead me to lose them at some point and I’m thinking a necklace is a safer way to compulsively check on my rings.

You forget you’re wearing your rings really, unless you’ve taken them off and then you’ll probably have a panic because you can’t feel them. I still catch my hand on things and feel my rings catch. I swear and inspect them to see if I’ve done any damage and I’ve done no damage yet *touches wood*

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Insurance and make sure it is the right size.  I was a little nervous too, but after about a week, I never really thought about the price.

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Insurance and don’t take it off outside .. But on the real I don’t think about the price tag cause if I did I don’t think I would ever wear it lol .. 😂😂😂😂 . We go through jewelers mutual they are pretty awesome .


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