How do you deal with rude salespeople?

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That dude sounds like a peach… At least it was brief! 

I’ve had a problem with the local Noodles & Co getting my order wrong more often than right, and it was always take-out, so too late to fix once the problem was discovered. The mistakes are so basic that I couldn’t even believe that they were happening at all, let alone so often. Like sending out a spaghetti and meatballs without meatballs. I’ve written in about it twice, and both times I got an apology, though nothing has changed at the restaurant… 

I also wrote feedback to PeiWei (P.F. Changs’ more casual cousin) telling them I love their food and especially their cookies, I just wish they didn’t run out so early in the night. It was more complimentary than a complaint, and I wasn’t expecting an answer, but I got one anyway. People really do read those things. 

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I usually say something sharp to them, and then say it to their manager as well.  I will NOT be treated like crap.

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Wow, what a tool 🙁 

I have not been treated THAT badly, but I have brought things to the attention of a manager if I felt like I had not been treated as well as I expect. 

One time, a group of about 8 people were meeting for brunch after a 10k road race, and since we all finished at different times, we all showed up to the restaurant at different times.  Someone went ahead to get the table, and by the time I got there the waitress seemed irritated that we were kind of trickling in.  We were waiting on two more people, and her attitude was just too much so I said to her “Since it seems like it’s such an inconvinience for us to be here, we’ll take our food in to go boxes and we’ll just share it with the last two members of our party.  Thank you for your time.”

In her defense, it IS kind of annoying to have people just sort of pop in at their leisure when you are trying to turn tables quickly, but her attitude was just bad.

On the other hand, when I have an outstanding experience, I do try to call a manager and let them know when someone has gone above and beyond.  I was shopping for a dress at Macy’s and a sales lady was incredibly helpful, so I made sure to call the next day and let her manager know.

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I would also complain, in writing or by telephone, depending on how bad the service was. Your experience was pretty bad! I’ve had mixed results with responses to complaints that I’ve made in the past. Pizza Hut? Completely ignored me! Safeway? Personal call from the store manager and a $25 gift card. I wasn’t expecting anything free but it was nice.

I work in Customer Service and my ass would be grass if I didn’t respond to a customer complaint or take it seriously. When we receive a complaint it automatically becomes #1 priority.

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How do I react? I stop right then and there and ask for their name and the name of their immediate supervisor. Then, I go and find said supervisor and complain in person. 

That behavior is unacceptable. I worked in retail a long time too and you just don’t treat people like that.

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I used to work retail as well, and I can see both sides of the coin. I had one woman call me a “snobby b*tch” since my store (A&F) didn’t sell a skirt in her daughter’s size, and I didn’t want to go looking for something I KNEW we didnt carry.

Dealing with rude salespeople, I am nice as pie, and go out of my way to say thank you, since that really seems to irritate them. Sometimes they turn it around with a little bit of kindness. Then, I promptly call the store manager when I leave. If you’re not capable of putting on a shiny happy face, get out of a customer service role.

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Oh I also had a sales person at Home Depot laugh at me once while I was trying to describe what we were looking for. It was clearly not good-natured or a laughing-with-me kinda thing, I instantly felt belittled. Afterward Fiance told me I didn’t even say anything incorrect or stupid. I didn’t do anything about it, except we stopped shopping there and moved on to Menards where we’ve spent a few thousand in the 3 months since buying our house. I guess that’s kind of revenge, right? 

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I will call/email companies…..but i also do that to praise wonderful service 😀

That guy definitely sounds like a tool….and really, wtf takes so long to choose tires????? usually i just get the cheapest and that’s that….

I would definitely call walmart back…there may be other issues with this particular employee… mom once got a call after being at a restaurant and the manager was asking very specific questions about the service from their waitress…..turns out they had had a LOT of complaints about her….so they were following up with most of her customers (they had my moms phone number since it was a large party she had reservations for)…..


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Since my husband hates to cause a scene, I usually wait until I get home to write an email to the establishment.  Unless it’s really bad, and I’ll say something right to them.

A few years ago when we were buying new furniture for our new place, we went into several “high end” furniture stores to see what we could find.  You wouldn’t believe some of the looks, lack of service, etc. that we received.  Now we go into those places on the weekends or evenings, so we’re not dressed in work clothes, usually jeans and a hoodie or something like that.  So clearly, we don’t have money to afford any of those things….right?  That really irked me because we ended up spending over $10,000 on new furniture within just a few days. 

 In one case, we got treated so badly at one store that was about $200 cheaper for a table we wanted than another store where we got great service, so we paid $200 for the service…sad, but true!!!

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I was out to eat with a friend and we had a server who was trying to rush us out. When she asked if we wanted boxes immediately after receiving our meals I couldn’t take it. I replied, “we haven’t had any time to eat so, no, I don’t want a box yet.” She rolled her eyes. A few minutes later, she seated a couple and immediately asked them what they wanted. The husband replied, “umm we haven’t even looked at the menu yet.” We were rolling. I should have complained to the manager but when the other couple snarked at her I thought that was enough.

In the past, I have wrote complaint letters or spoke to higher ups. After an awful experience with Kay Jewelers, I was able to get a full refund by complaining about the service. On the flight from our honeymoon we had a horrific experience so I complained to AA. I received a call from their executive office and we were compensated with $400 in travel vouchers. 

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I do not tolerate stuff like that. Depending on the situation, I’ll either talk to a manager then, or call/email later. 

One of the things that pissed me off the most was last Christmas. It was I think December 21, and I was ordering SO a giftcard from Nike. Their website said “free shipping with guaranteed delivery by dec 23 on ALL orders.” the word all–as in every single order. But since I was getting a gift card I figured maybe I should call and confirm, so I did. The first person I talked to said yeah no problem, so I went ahead and ordered it online. When I got the confirmation email it didn’t say anything about delivery so I called back to confirm. This person informs me, no giftcards don’t have the same shipping rules. I talked to 3 different people, each one with a different answer–yes we will fix it, no we can’t, blah blah blah, I was so pissed. I spent like 2 hours on the phone and their best offer was for me to redo the order, and pay for expedited shipping myself and I could file a request to have it reimbursed after the fact. Ummmm, no. I hung up super mad and found an email address for a VP of something or other (don’t remember) and sent him an email with screen shots and all. The next morning I got a call from corporate that they would be sending my gift card that day for free. The agreed the website was incorrect and my customer service had been very subpar. 

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I usually have the opposite problem… Rude customers!! lol  I am always very nice and polite but some of the people I have had the umm pleasure of dealing with…  well.. they are lucky I take my job as seriously as I do. 

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