How do you drink your coffee?

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Vanilla Biscotti K-cup black with one stevia packet and a scoop of Warrior Strong Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth powder – which smooths out the bitterness of black coffee and adds 14 g. of protein per scoop. I’m a vegetarian but this is only dip back into the carnivore world. This stuff is amazing (non-GMO, grass-fed, USA-made, soy and gluten free). My nails and hair grow like wild fire, my skin looks amazing, and my recovery from workout is measurably shorter when I’m using this stuff. Not at all what you asked but it is a staple in my coffee and I even make sure I bring some when I travel.  

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gray15 :  I currently have a little Delonghi 15 Bar Pump espresso machine. It’s not a bad little machine, but doesn’t retain heat very well and I usually have to wait a few minutes after I steam milk to pull the espresso shots. Otherwise no real complaints! We are going to upgrade to an Ascaso machine when we get married. (happy marriage to us! Lol) 

I usually use New Harvest (out of RI) for coffee, espresso and cold brew. They have a variety of roasts and are local to my area. We have a Toddy system that we use for the cold brew. 

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I love it! It’s my favorite present I’ve ever gotten. I mean I picked it out but still. The pods are so good and the milk frother is awesome. Sometimes it’s a pain waiting for pods to be delivered, but there’s a lot of non Nespresso pods out there too.

gray15 :  

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Don’t usually drink coffe but when I’m in the rare mood it’s always heavy on the milk and light on the coffee (decaf when available) lol For home, I just use a drip machine or French press or old school in the Corning Ware carafe on the stove. Out, I get dunkin’ iced lattes. I would totally drink more coffee if it didn’t bother my stomach so much :/

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Home: I make pour over into a Brumi bottle and drink with milk. I have a Bodum burr grinder and use Kicking Horse coffee. 

Work: Starbucks dark roast in the winter and iced espresso the rest of the year.

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Busy bee

we have a good coffee maker. we also have a milk steamer/frother.

daily coffee includes steamed milk, sugar free vanilla syrup for sweetness, and a little mexican chocolate for flavor, topped with foam.

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We have a latte maker, I drink mine strong with no sugar.  While out I normally get an iced macchiato.

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We have an espresso maker and I drink a latte. Otherwise I get a flat white or a latte in a cafe.

Darling Husband and I couldn’t believe it when we were in USA.  Coffee is so weak and full of vanilla or caramel. What’s creamer and why not milk?

We struggled to find good coffee 

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I’ve had an Aeropress, a French press, a Chemex, and a Hario v60, so I can do some comparison.  I hand grind my coffee with a Hario Skerton, FYI.

French press is the most sustainable, you use a metal filter to push down the grounds to separate them from the water.  A bit messy to clean up, you get a very full flavor because you get all the oils from the coffee.  Sometimes tends to be a bit harsh.

Aeropress is an excellent cup and easy to clean.  The paper filters make a smoother cup of coffee.  Best value for brewing a single cup.

The chemex was awesome for brewing 4 cups of coffee at at time.  Well balanced cup of coffee, the paper filter took out all the acidity.  I was sad when it broke, but I ended up replacing it with…

The Hario v60.  Looks like half a Chemex, thinner filters let more of the coffee flavor through In My Humble Opinion.  Easier to clean, makes 2 cups of coffee at a time very well or just one.

Finally, if you like lattes, I highly recommend one of those electric milk frothers that warms and froths the milk.  Nothing like having a great latte for a tenth the cost!

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I drink coffee creme if I’m at home, or bringing my coffee with me, French press coffee at work.

Or Turkish coffee. 🙂 

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My husband and I are big big coffee drinkers. We go through about 12 cups a day…at least. 

I use a $6 nice coffee (drip) maker that I bought used. I make just plain, black coffee. We are watching what we eat so M-F we just drink black coffee. I prefer mine room temperature and my husband likes it cold. 

If I treat myself to something (rarely) I’ll get an iced coffee, an iced cafe latte, or really any espresso drink. My favorite drink at Starbucks is the White Chocolate Mocha. It’s full of sugar though 🙁 Which I’m trying to watch. So I get it for special occasions 🙂 

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gray15 :  When I’m at home it’s normally with lots of milk. People tell me it’s more like coffee flavored milk. When I’m out, I usually order an iced latte or cafe au lait. Are they the same thing? I don’t even know.

eta: never mind, they are two different things. I just googled it.

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French press. 

But I want to go back to a coffeemaker I can set the night before, so I can get to my work much faster in the mornings. 

Basically: I drink my coffee any way I can get it, and far too often. 

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gray15 :  bold decafe latte with 2% milk, a dash of cinnamon.  I have the Keurig latte machine. I love it.  I find it better than Starbucks, Starbucks is hit or miss depending on who is making your latte. 

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