(Closed) How do you ever leave the house once you have a pet???

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We don’t go out together during the week? I mean I think its just something you sacrifice with a pet. I think the last time we went out on a Thursday night together I was working from home all day so I could feed him before meeting Darling Husband out. Do you have any friends nearby that would be willing to check on your dog? Or maybe having a dog walker?

Should add, we work in NYC and live in NJ so he’s home alone from 7-7 all week long. For people with shorter commutes/different hours I’m sure its easier

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Is this a puppy?  We go out and leave our 2 dogs alone.  They sleep on the couch while we’re gone.  Of course, they’re both 5 years old. 

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My friends have a pup, they meetup for drinks all the time.  They just have to stop home first.

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Our life is a little different because some week days Darling Husband is off and home with the dog (or at least I really try to encourage him to be) and weekends I’m home, but like PP said, we just don’t go out much on weeknights, at least not together.

We made the decision to get a dog in the first place because we’re mostly homebodies anyway, the most we go out together on weeknights is usually to get groceries for an hour or so. We do go out seperately though, I like to go to yoga and see a movie with friends or my mom here and there, and he has boys nights too.

You kind of have to sacrifice, however when you’re dog gets older, if it is reliable enough to not be crated during the day that will drastically help although someone will still need to be home for external stimulation for the dog. They are pack animals and need companionship.

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I don’t work, so I’m home all day with my dog.  He could care less if I’m here somedays (unless it’s lunch time, then I suddenly have a best friend).  We don’t crate our dog, but he’s fine home alone.  We give him a few good walks each day, and if we’re going to be out of town or gone for more than 12 hours, we take him to doggy day care.


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Darling Husband and I are looking into getting a dog… so this is all quite helpful for me! 🙂 Subscribing for future posts 🙂

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I’m guessing your new doggy is still adjusting to his new life…and if he is a puppy he will naturally be more rambunctions. You do have to shift your lives a little bit with a pet…we go out quite often but just have to run home to let our doggy out before going to do something. I’m off earlier then husband so I usually run home to let him out and feed him, then I come back to town. Sure it’s not the most convenient thing in the world, but with time it just comes a part of the routine. You both and your doggy will get used it!

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It’s a lot different with a puppy.. they are extremely needy! Things will get better as the puppy gets older, promise!

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Our situation might be a bit different because we have adult dogs and there are three of them… if we do go out on a weeknight, one of us makes sure we have time to go home, let the dogs out, play with them or snuggle with them, then we go to dinner or a movie or whatever.

When we go on vacation or away overnight, we have a friend come stay at the house with the dogs.  We have a really hard time finding a boarding facility that is able to house two great danes that we can afford.  It’s just easier to leave them at home, in their own environment, and sticking to their normal routines.

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We are gone all work day and we go out on weekends as well. For that reason, we sprung for a second dog when dog no. 1 turned a year old. When we had one dog, we took her everywhere, but she’s a little one so it’s easy. Now with two, we leave them at home to entertain each other.

If it helps you feel less guilty, dogs spend most of the day sleeping anyway and biologically, that’s how they are wired (though this somewhat varies depending on the breed). It generally varies between 12 – 18 hours, depending on the breed. It’s funny actually because I feel like on days we are home all day, the dogs are looking at us wearily because they’re tired and waiting for us to leave so they can go back to napping.

Darling Husband usually gets home before I do so the dogs get to play with him. Then if we go out for dinner, we usually make it home by 8:30 or so and we spend the rest of the evening with the dogs as we are late sleepers. If we go out on weekends, we leave around noon and return around 4 or 5 for the rest of the day or for a couple of hours before we head back out again.

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We don’t really go out on weeknights together anyways, so it’s never a big deal. My husband works 10+ hours a day and has zero interest in going out after that. I take some fitness classes at night a few times a week or we’ll go to the grocery store together or something. It is a bit of a sacrifice, though. One of our dogs is trustworthy enough to be loose in the house all day, but the other is not, so we crate her. I feel bad leaving her in there more than 8-9 hours though, so I try to give them extra walks and play time when I know we’re going to be out of the house longer than normal.

Also, we had a spare camera around (husband works in home security/audio/video/etc), so I had him install a camera trained on the 2nd dog’s crate in the living room that I can check periodically throughout the day. Seriously….that freaking dog sleeps the ENTIRE TIME we are out of the house without fail. High-energy pitbull my ass! :p

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We leave our dogs and cats at home all the time. We can leave our dogs up to 12 hours if they’ve been walked and gone to the bathroom before. You just have to get through the puppy phase when they haven’t gotten down their bathroom habits yet, and are likely to chew stuff up.

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I have a 2 year old pup (though I’ve only had her for 6 months) but I don’t like leaving her alone for more than 5 hours. I feel SO guilty! She’s potty trained & is 100% trustworthy to be home alone but I hate the idea of her being home by herself for long periods of time, I feel like she must be so bored or sad or lonely lol I’m home now because I’m a student so when I’m gone for class, it’s usually for 3 hours max but when I start working I’m not sure what we’re gonna do. We’ve discussed getting a second animal so she won’t be alone. Also, we’re going to move to a house with a fenced in back yard so hopefully the two pups won’t be miserable while we’re both at work. =/

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We have a cat. We live in an apartment. She can be left on her own all day or overnight, she’s super old and needs meds so we never leave her alone for more than a night (we leave her at my mom’s and my mom meds her if we go on vacation), but when she was younger and healthy we could leave her alone for a week with full clean litter and a couple bowls of food and water and she would never overeat or anything (unlike dogs who will eat until they barf…and then eat their own barf, lol)

My parents have a dog. They live in a large house in the suburbs. When they’re there, they just let the dog out in the backyard, she pees and comes back in. When they’re gone during the day (they do NOT plan their life around her), she stays in the kitchen (they gated in the kitchen) and pees on one of those fake grass patches which they wash out w/ bleach once a week.

I have friends in apartments in the city who pay for doggy daycare or dog walkers. I personally would never have a dog in an apartment, they’re too high maintenance/expensive if you don’t have a backyard or aren’t home to walk them…but as PP say, puppies are harder than older pets who aren’t as needy. 


Edit: We don’t worry too much about our pets being lonely. They’re pets…We keep the window shade open for the cat and she loves to sleep all day in the sunlight and occassionally people-watch out the window. My mom’s dog also just sleeps all day and sometimes barks out the window at squirrels or landscapers. They both seem extremely happy and hold no resentment towards us for leaving them alone 10 hours a day while we go to work, and we’ve had each of them over a decade.

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