How do you feel about body hair?

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  • poll: How do you feel about body hair on women?

    I think it is completely fine for everyone

    I think it is completely fine for others, but I remove my own

    I am undecided or ambivalent about the issue

    I find it disgusting for myself, but okay for others

    I think it is disgusting for myself and everyone else

    It is fine as long as it is never shown

    You may not have thought of this, so I'll elaborate below

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    I think my reaction is similar to yours. Though it grosses me out, I know that’s just a lot of problematic societal programming, so ultimately I choose to think it’s fine. However, I don’t keep under-arm hair myself. 

    ETA: I think I’ve only ever seen this like once IRL. Usually I just see articles declaring young people aren’t shaving their pits anymore and I think that’s an over exaggeration. 

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    @echomomm:  I voted that I’m ambivalent bc although I don’t like seeing body hair on anyone, I totally understand how much work it is to shave, wax, etc. 

    I actually have never understood why women’s body hair is seen as gross and men’s is fine. And overall men sweat more and have worse BO! They should be the ones to shave! Haha 

    I also typically keep up with shaving my legs most of the time. But I have little to no armpit hair so a lot of times I don’t shave. But my armpit hair is like peach fuzz. 

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    I shave my armpits regularly or I get a rash, trim my personal area short for sanitary purposes (but don’t shave–razor burn), and my legs get shaved irregularly. Usually only when I have an event where I’ll be wearing a dress, shorts, or a skirt. 

    My fiancé doesn’t care one way or the other. It’s a treat when my legs are freshly shaved, but he understands sensitive skin and the work involved. 

    Fiancé keeps all body hair, just trims his personal area, once again, for sanitary reasons and comfort. He’s not particularly hairy, but I like chest, leg, and arm hair on a man. It’s attractive. 

    ETA: I answered that I’m ambivalent. I’m not going to be grossed out by someone who doesn’t shave anything. I do kind of look at people who shave everything like “who has the time??”, but that’s more tongue in cheek and it’s still perfectly okay. 

    My mom and grandmothers would be in the “not shaving is gross” category, but they’re a ton more conservative than I am in most ways, so this difference is par for the course. If my mom mentions my legs (which she has), I tell her that I choose not to upset my sensitive skin unless it’s a special occasion (which is true), and she lets it drop. I know she’s still grossed out though. 

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    My fh doesn’t like body hair, I think mainly because he has it. However he shaves his whole body face  and head. 

    Body hair doesn’t bother me, so long as there is good hygiene.  

    I keep my own under control but I’m not obsessed about it at all. 

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    @echomomm:  I dont really mind what others do with their own hair. My extended family in their home country are farm folk, not usually common to shave or whatnot.

    for myself, i am a fairly hairy woman. I hate my facial hair more than my body hair. Maybe because its very visible to others. Its mostly due to my PCOS and hard to maintain :/

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    My mother HATES body hair she’s one of those women that shaves her arms, legs, & armpits every day. My fiancée (female also) thought I was gross when we first started dating because I just absolutely HATE shaving. Hate it! I don’t grow much body hair to begin with so I shave maybe once a month or when I feel like it (I do make sure my armpits are shaved when I see my mom or she has a fit!). I shower everyday so I’m clean but body hair never bothered me. Couldn’t care less about other people’s body hair as long as they’re clean. 

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    I’m a guy. But none of the women I’ve been with were hairless. Degrees of manicuring varied, but they all had body hair. Wasn’t an issue for me. I actually like fuzzy legs, no matter the sex of my partner. 

    I have no idea how my mom feels about it. 

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    Both my mom and I have very light, minimal body hair so it never really came up as a huge deal. I absolutely hate shaving, and prefer waxing. I don’t really care *that* much if it’s a bit longer  though. I probably wouldn’t go to an event with visible body hair, but like during quarantine if I’m just popping out to the grocery store or going for a walk idgaf. I got Pretty hairy during quarantine bc I couldn’t wax lol. I did give in and shave twice but my skin hated it. 

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    I hate my own body hair which is probably because society has conditioned me to think beautiful women don’t have body hair. I’m fair skinned with dark hair and I’m pretty hairy so it’s actually my biggest insecurity, especially my facial hair. I plan on getting laser hair removal on my face and my bikini area for sure and if that goes well I’d probably want to get under my arms done and maybe legs too. 

    As far as what other people do I really don’t care. I don’t care for a super hairy chest on a man which my husband doesn’t have so no big deal there 

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    @echomomm:  I grew up with two Italian grandmothers. They didn’t shave legs or underarms. Neither of them were particularly hairy on those body parts but they did wax and pluck their chin hairs, eyebrows and would be moustache if they allowed their above lip hair to grow. My point is that seeing underarm hair on a woman was fairly normal to me growing up and as a result I didn’t really batt an eye when I saw it on random women in public. I however did associate body hair with older European women. My mum was born in Italy but came here as a small child and she followed custom of here which was shaved legs and shaved underarms for women despite having a mother who didn’t. 

    I also as a child travelled to Europe a lot in their summer and it was common in the 90s to see young women on the beach who were immaculately groomed and had shaved legs and bikini lines (bikini bottoms were very small and high waisted so I assume they landscaped a lot to wear those bathers😉) but still kept their underarm hair. Seeing that as a child kind of made an impression and made me take note because you wouldn’t see young women on a beach where I live with hair under their arms but I only observed it as another difference between cultures. 

    I don’t really care what people do. I personally prefer to remove all body hair on myself but I’m OK with others choosing not to for themselves. It’s everyone’s choice and I think it’s good that younger people are more willing to challenge social norms as opposed to go along with something ‘just because’. I’m very much into ‘you do you’ and I’m glad that the younger generation are learning that and embracing that at a younger age. I wish I’d learnt that earlier on in life. 

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    My armpit hair hardly grows at all but I do shave it once a week or so. I use an epilator for my arms and legs. My leg hair sometimes gets a bit long in the winter. My husband doesn’t care. My mom shaved her legs and armpits regularly. I pretty much only shave my pubic hair if I’m going to wear a bathing suit. 

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    I’m an extremely hairy person and it’s very dark hair too. So it’s a huge amount of effort to keep it up because it entails my armpits, legs, bikini area, snail trail, nipples and chin! Hahaha. Sorry for too much information. I regularly sort out my chin because everyone can see that and I’m super self conscious of it. I sometimes can’t be arsed to keep on top of the rest. I am not going to lie, I do not feel sexy in the slightest when I’ve let it. Haha. I think, as others have said, I’ve been conditioned to think that I can’t be sexy if I’m hairy. Hy husband never says anything and we have still been intimate when I’m hairy, though I would prefer us to be intimate when I’ve sorted if all out. Haha. I wish I could still feel sexy when I am ‘au natural’, haha. If I see another women who is sporting a lot of hair I am like ‘yes! You go girl!!’ 

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    I shave my legs and underarms, and pluck my eyebrows. Will sometimes remove facial hair but I’m lazy about it. I’ve never cared how other women choose to treat their body hair and I think it’s awesome if they choose to leave the patriarchal hair removal cycle, lol. 

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    I like hair on men. I shave armpits and legs. I only shave bikini line if I’m going swimming, which is rare. I know most of my friends get waxed down there and leave either a little strip or nothing. Personally that repels me because a) it seems pre-pubescent and b) I can’t think of anything but how painful it must be (and itchy to grow back)! But it’s the norm where I am. 

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