How do you feel about body hair?

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  • poll: How do you feel about body hair on women?

    I think it is completely fine for everyone

    I think it is completely fine for others, but I remove my own

    I am undecided or ambivalent about the issue

    I find it disgusting for myself, but okay for others

    I think it is disgusting for myself and everyone else

    It is fine as long as it is never shown

    You may not have thought of this, so I'll elaborate below

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    Forgive me, but l think you must have heard the description of no pubic hair as ‘prepubescent’ even if you don’t see it yourself. As for normally grown hair being more itchy and/ or uncomfortable than shaved or waxed , well idk …and the amount of time saved washing a naked pubic area compared to a bare one probably adds up to 3 minutes a year . Seems like your mums idea that body/pubic hair is ‘disgusting ‘ is hard to escape. 

    I grant you the odd pube caught in knicker elastic though, lol. 

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    I’ve had laser hair removal on my armpits and bikini. BEST MONEY I’VE EVER SPENT.

    I have very fine hair on most of my body, but had black, coarse, and thick hair for under arms and bikini area. I have pili multigemini which meant ingrown hairs were a constant terror and waxing wasn’t a great option. Also my pubic hairline felt…well, exceptionally healthy/ample. I never felt comfortable in shorts…or low cut pants tbh.

    Growing up, I just wanted to do everything my older sister got to do. So shaving wasn’t a “have to” rather a “get to.” It was always a choice. I started at 10 because I negotiated heavily as a kid lol.

    My only regret with laser was that I didn’t do it 10years ago. Going on 3 years of hair-free in two areas and it’s really saved me SOOO much time. I value my time a lot and I’ll be darned if it’s going to be spent shaving pubes. My skin is healthier for it, and it gives me great joy.

    Also, I thread my stache if I can see it😉

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    In regard to other people’s body hair, I don’t really have an opinion  but for myself, i’m fair skin, dark haired and pretty hairy but I only shave my legs (under the knee as the hair above it is pretty light) and armpits with any sort or regularity. (I’m not super bothered by leg hair, but tend to feel gross if I haven’t shaved my underarms in a few days.) I also shave my big toes and the random spot on both of my feet that grows hair during the summer, but I usually don’t bother during the winter.

    I used to shave my knuckles and the top of my hand but stopped doing that a few years ago … and I have never shaved my arms.

    I went to an electrolysis as a teenager for my upper lip hair, so that is mostly fine now except for the occasional hair or two that needs plucking. The hair on my chin was also done by my electrolysis though (and at the time there was hardly any) and that was fine for a long time but came back with a vengeance when I got pregnant  … and my son is almost two now and it’s still just as bad so I either shave or pluck those hairs as needed. 

    I haven’t bothered with my eyebrows in years but would like to get them done professionally, and after that I probably won’t bother with them for a few more years. (They’re really not that bad though, honestly people have asked me before where i get them done.🤷)

    Also, I broke & had surgery my ankle a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been wearing a cast on my left leg for the past two weeks, and it’ll be interesting to see what state my leg hair is in when it comes off … it’s not going to be pretty! 

    ETA: Oh, and my stomach and my nipples I only shave when I remember too, which is basicallly never!

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    I really don’t care what other women do with their body hair. I do sporadically shave my pits and legs, and regularly trim my bush. I used to shave my private area when I was young, but then I had little girls and I felt wierd about being a grown woman without some pubic hair. I say I shave my pits and legs sometimes, because I get hells itch when the hair comes back in the next day. It’s pure torture for 2-3 days. My husband really doesn’t care if I shave my body hair or not

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    I find it weird when  people say they don’t like shaved nether regions because it’s “pre-pubescent”. 

    How are shaved legs, pits and men’s faces not, by that same thinking? 


    I answered previously in this thread, but one thing to add I try not to be freshly shaved at the same time  my fh is, causes friction burns. I tend to shave and leave some hair due to this. 

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    I don’t care what others do with their body hair. I shave my legs, bikini area and armpits. I’m fairly religious about shaving armpit hair because I reached puberty early and was embarassed as a kid when someone made fun of me. But I’ve let my legs and bikini area go at certain points in my life because I couldn’t be bothered. 

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    I have a thing with armpit hair and leg hair. I don’t care at all about pubic hair, arm hair, or lip hair. But if I see a woman with crazy armpits or legs I just feel gross. I know it’s all societal conditioning, and I feel bad about that, but it’s just a knee-jerk reaction I guess. 

    I personally am a baby dolphin everywhere except my pubic area and my head XD I take care of the pubic hair if I am wearing a bikini or planning a super romantic night, but otherwise I’m pretty lazy about it. 

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    What a nice and insightful response to my slightly careless post. Thank you so much. 

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